David Henderson

After days of skiting about his new big stories it all turns pear-shaped for Matt Nippert

Matt Nippert has been cock-a-hoop about his two big stories in today’s NZ Herald.

He’s been boasting on Twitter.

Firstly, about his story of Ella Yelich O’Connor buying her first house.

Nippert skite

And then about his story involving David Henderson, Rodney Hide, Xero and the Official Assignee.Nippert skite 2 Read more »

Alarming incompetence at the Insolvency Service

Rodney Hide relates a case of dreadful incompetence at the Insolvency Service:

My mate Dave Henderson (?Hendo?), nonetheless, decided to have a crack and took the Official Assignee to court.?Hendo has a shocking catalogue of failings to choose from but was determined to chew off just a small corner.?It was very wise of him. He had to take the case himself.?And he?s no lawyer, having failed every paper at stage one law.

The Official Assignee flew down from Hamilton a hot-shot barrister well-versed in insolvency law and another to observe from the Hamilton Crown Solicitor?s office.?It was David and Goliath.

I covered the case from the media bench.?And also served as paparazzi.

Hendo?s case was simply the wrongness of the Waikato Region Official Assignee, Les Currie, in refusing his application to travel overseas.

Hendo lost. But in his June 12 judgment, Associate Judge Osbourne found the following:

First, that the Insolvency Service?s Guidelines reflect the 1967 Insolvency Act, not the 2006 Act, and ignore the 1990 New Zealand Bill of Rights Act.?Think about that. That?s the guidelines for staff.?The Official Assignee?s own guidelines don?t follow statute.?It should not be surprising that Official Assignees don?t.

Second, ?Mr Currie clearly proceeded upon an understanding of the law that requires a travel decision to be based on the proposition that a bankrupt should not in the normal course of events go out of New Zealand during bankruptcy in the absence of a ?good reason?.? ? ? Read more »

Bigger than Harry


Rodney Hide’s mate Hendo’s experience at the end of unlawful police action gets top billing in The Press. ?We can only hope van Beynen notices this before he goes on this next fiction finding tour.

On the Wharf with David Henderson

Money makes the world go round so when the tipline received these shots of a man who made the money stop, we felt the public duty to mock senselessly the poor and needy.

This is David Henderson (Auckland). He owes a lot of people a lot of money. Some owe finance companies a lot of money who owe little people a lot of money whom everyone seems to have paid to bailout.

Henderson’s assets don’t seem to be frozen. He’s living it up at Euro wearing an outfit that could have only come from Worzel Gummidge’s tailor. From the creased linen look jacket to the white mafia look cum car-dealer shoes it makes you wonder how early he got up to choose that shirt.

Henderson should apply for a wharfies position. He sits around on his fat lazy arse on a wharf enough. Owing money everywhere and bullying those who try to do free business. He’s on the phone long enough to fund the split between Telecom and Chorus.

All our tipster said about the man was “cash upfront”.

Random Impertinent Questions

While Trevor Mallard is flat on his back in hospital consuming tax payers resources in hospital he may have time to answer this – Why on the 4th March did he ask 445 Parliamentary Questions about the NZ Artificial Limb Board?

If we assume that it costs $500 to answer each one, why was it necessary to spend $220,000 of taxpayers money asking the questions and was it worth it? ?Maybe if they chop his broken leg off he might like to see what a great job these guys actually do.

What was Shane Jones doing at David Henderson’s (AKL) party at the Princes Wharf penthouse?

Will Judith Tizard finally make it back as an MP?

What are the electoral laws surrounding list MP replacement anyway?

How would this affect iPredict stocks on Judith Tizard?

Why would the Labour research unit be spending an awful amount of time talking to people in Samoa?

Are they mad? I mean seriously, do they know who they are playing with?