David McKenzie

Do National’s Aspiring Candidates Represent Modern New Zealand

The National Selection season is under way, and word from?around the country is that National has a lot of candidates?whose pet issues are not the issues of middle New Zealand.

The left will likely call these candidates and they will be?largely right.

Candidates that oppose trends may appeal to the old, white?and socially conservative National delegates. Staunch?Christians should be allowed to practice their faith but?they shouldn’t be pushing their faith on the rest of us. ? Read more »

National Selection Update, Ctd

Readers should remember this blog does not take sides in selections and always encourages people willing to run to have a crack. The only time it will take sides is to highlight unethical or immoral campaigns by dodgy candidates who think they can rig a selection.

Waikato: – ?Lindsay Tisch has stared down the party so far and will run another term. He was told he should spend more time with his family but his family are better at kicking doors down and shaking the shit out of people so when they told him to run again he thought he had better listen to his family.

Napier: – Some poor sap is going to get badly beaten by Labour?s Stu Nash. Nash has the earliest campaign hoardings in living memory.

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