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Auckland Council to become a property developer?


Development Managers at Auckland Council Property Limited – ever envious of the corporate and private developers – have come up with an idea to venture Auckland Council into property development.

Tomorrow?they will put a proposal to Auckland Council to step ACPL into a development role supplying housing and in town centre regeneration.

ACPL wants approval from Auckland Council to significantly expand the scope, scale and speed of its involvement in the supply of housing in Auckland and create value for the Council through town centre regeneration by using Council owned properties. ? Read more »

What is the relationship between Hone Harawira and Kim Dotcom?

David Rankin has issued a press release:

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira has been involved in negotiations with internet tycoon Kim Dotcom over funding for the Mana Party, and a possible role of Kim Dotcom in the Party.

This is according to Ngapuhi kaumatua David Rankin, who says he is frustrated after having repeatedly asked Harawira for the past week if there is any truth to the allegation.

?Everyone knows about the meetings. ?Even Whale oil?s Cameron Slater has been informed and wants to break the story,? says Mr Rankin, ?and my nephew Hone has suddenly gone quiet whenever I mention Kim Dotcom.?

Mr Rankin says that unless Harawira explicitly denies the allegation that he sought funding from Dotcom then the Mana Party is in trouble. ?Mana will face a major credibility crisis,? says Rankin, ?and the longer he keeps silence, the more suspicion grows.?

What David Rankin says is true.

My sources deep within the mansion have been telling me for weeks about an “arrangement” between Hone Harawira and his Mana party and the nascent and unlaunched Internet Party. There have been meetings held around the boardroom table at the mansion and serious discussions amongst those associated with Dotcom, some even suggesting this is wrong, only to be hectored and shouted at by Dotcom.

I also know that Mana party advisors and confidantes have been meeting extensively as recently as two weeks ago to discuss these details with some privately sharing with WOBH that they are concerned about the future of the party should this deal go ahead.

Their strategy from what the sources have told me is cunning, though I’m not sure voters will appreciate the subterfuge necessary for this scheme to work.

There is provision in the Electoral Act for component parties.? Read more »

Whale Week What Was

QC7kkThe blog started Saturday by having a look at a number of Christchurch?people taking pictures up women’s skirts?at malls. ?And wouldn’t you know it? ?A teacher was arrested as well. ?Iain Lees-Galloway shows he is a slimy git by opening a Burger King and then refusing to take a bite, preferring to preach sensible food choices. ?Cam then called for nominations for Worst Political Journalist, and Barry Soper and John Campbell appeared hot favourites. ? Next we had a vote on Best Political Journalist, which Larry Williams took out with a massive 47% of the vote. ?Graham McCready withdrew?litigation?against John Banks because it made no sense to anyone – as in – they couldn’t understand what it said. ?Whale then claims a win on his Hekia Parata predictions and wonders why Key has let this train wreck happen. ?We raise our eyebrows about Nelson looking for a scooter riding bottom pincher and then watch a video of what happens to a pig at the bottom of the sea over 7 days. ?Next a post where Greens are fighting Greens over the Google solar plant. ?On the one side: solar energy. ?On the other? Turtles. ? Charles Krauthammer explains why gun control alone isn’t the solution to mass shootings. ? A MENSA spokesperson calls people with low IQs carrots and the BBC feels they have to apologise. ?There is a property for sale next to Kim Dotcom‘s place. ?Cam suggests the GCSB or the US should have bought it to set up spying operations. ? WOBH is calling for The Whale Army to send in their holiday snaps, in a new feature called Snapped! ?Cam takes a brief look at who will enter parliament if Tim Groser leaves for the WTO. ?To close the day, a?WhaleTech post looks at a the cull-de-sac that’s the QII roll-up keyboard. Read more »


David Rankin reckons that Maori are not the indigenous people of NZ

Maybe David Rankin is on to something here, if he is, can Maori please refund all money they have claimed under the treaty, as its obviously the proceeds of crime, given that it was received for the land they claimed they owned, but probably stolen from previous occupants…..

The status of Maori as the country’s indigenous population could be in danger if research, which suggests previous civilisations lived in New Zealand before Maori arrived, is proved true.

Ngapuhi leader David Rankin said books by authors such as investigative journalist Ian Wishart and historian Noel Hilliam presented “clear evidence” that some of New Zealand’s earliest residents might have arrived before the Polynesians.

He pointed to numerous Maori oral histories which referred to people being here when the first Maori arrived, including fair-skinned people.

“If we believe our histories, then we as Maori are not the indigenous people of New Zealand.”

The archaeological evidence in some research was a potential challenge to the status of Maori as indigenous, which was why he believed no other Maori was prepared to speak publicly on the issue, Mr Rankin said.

Details of much of the country’s past was being concealed by academic historians, he said.

“I would say it’s a conspiracy. They are worried that their own research will be exposed so they have worked hard to ridicule and suppress any Maori history which disagrees with their views.

“However, the tide is turning and more people are now seeing that there is a whole history of our country that has been concealed and which will have major implications for Treaty settlements for example.”

The Air we breathe will be next

As predicted Ngaphui are trying on brownmail over the wind…the air we breathe will be next along with the rays of the sun for solar power:

Ngaphui have formally lodged a claim at the Waitangi Tribunal for commercial use of the wind.

Spokesperson David Rankin says the tribe is making a pre-emptive move before any wind farms are set up in Northland.

He says the wind can be classified as a protected ‘taonga’ ? or treasure ? and Maori should have a say in how it is used in commercial power generation.

“Like fish in the 1980s, and water more recently, wind will become a property right and its commercial use will be a tradable commodity,” says Mr Rankin.

He says non-commercial use of the wind will not be affected, and that any criticism of the claim is “flatulence”.

Last week?Mr Rankin told Firstline?that Maori had claim to the wind under Article 2 of the Treaty of Waitangi.

“Everything is rolling on because of the privatisation of our power companies? When there’s a commercial value placed on the wind, then we have to question who owns it.

“We can actually prove we’ve had a connection with wind since the beginning of time.”


Do Maori own the Sun’s rays too?

Because if they do then they are to blame for this. Given David Rankin thought that solar?power?was?the?next target after wind it is highly likely they are?responsible:

New Zealand has the highest melanoma rate in the world, yet fewer than one in 10 men wear sunscreen every day they are outdoors.

The figure has alarmed a cancer professional who says Kiwi men take a “she’ll be right” attitude and don’t respect the dangers of the sun.

The Melanoma Foundation of New Zealand’s interim chief executive, Kylie Williams, said people needed to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day all year round.

“We’re just too blase in New Zealand. We’re just not made for this sun, we’re not made for this lack of ozone layer,” she said.

All ’bout the money, Ctd

David Rankin confirms that the brown-mail continues and the gang-like standover will continue…this time over wind.

Maori are now going to try to claim the wind….seriously.


Is this satire? Claiming the Wind?

Since this press release is form David Rankin I suspect it is satire, though with Maori claims these days I suspect it may not be. Still the parallels between water and wind are the same…unfortunately even if it is satire it is highly likely that some iwi (I Want It) out there will lodge a claim.

As the Government prepares to negotiate with Maori over ownership of rivers, a Waitangi Tribunal claim is being finalised for Maori to earn a dividend for the use of wind for commercial electricity generation.

Ngapuhi political commentator and Hone Heke Foundation chairman, David Rankin, has been approached by a cohort of hapu representatives to act as spokesperson for the claim.

?I?m not yet convinced about the full merits of the claim,? says Mr Rankin, ?but in my preliminary discussions with the hapu representatives, they make some good points and I am hopeful that they will be able to get their claim finalised over the next few months.?

According to Mr Rankin, the planned claim will insist that a pan-tribal body be established to manage shares in commercial wind-generated electricity, and to exercise a casting vote on where wind turbines can be located.

Mr Rankin says that Maori entitlement to the wind can be justified under article two of the Treaty of Waitangi, which guarantees Maori full and exclusive ownership of all their properties. ?Traditionally, the wind was regarded as a deity in Maori society, and Maori do not consider the Crown have the right to use it without Maori consent.?

Mr Rankin is encouraged by the recent Tribunal claim for water, and believes that the claim to wind will lead on to other areas of property rights such as aerospace.

UPDATE: It isn’t satire…David Rankin is deadly seriously…in a batshit crazy kind of way.

“Pure Greed”

? Scoop.co.nz

David Rankin, the?outspoken Ngapuhi leader, has criticised the claimants in the current Waitangi Tribunal water claim for acting out of what he labels ?pure greed.?:

?These claimants need to be honest. What they are after is a slice of the pie. This is not about culture, it is all about profit and personal gains,? says Mr. Rankin. He points to the Sealord fisheries settlement 20 years ago, and says ?after two decades, the vast majority of Maori have not seen a single fish. It is only the elite few manipulating the masses who get to enjoy the money that flows from these settlements?.

In the case of the current claim over rivers, Mr. Rankin points the finger at Maanu Paul and Annette Sykes. ?These two,? he says, ?are silent when one of our children is bashed, silent when one of our children is raped, silent when one of our children is murdered. But put some cash before their eyes, and they jump up and down pretending to be concerned about Maori rights. It?s disgraceful.?

Mr Rankin said that the claimants obviously put cash before culture. ?Traditionally, we all shared the water in rivers. There was never any sense of ownership, only a link of identity. That?s why there is the phrase: Ko wai ahau??

Mr. Rankin also questions the mandates of Maanu Paul and Annette Sykes. ?What rights do they have to speak on our behalf?? he asks. ?What is their whakapapa, and who do they really represent? These are self-appointed leaders ? known among Maori to be ?Claytons Leaders?, that is, the leaders when you don?t want a leader.?

Is Joris de Bres the most useless public servant in New Zealand

First Hone, now this.

In an email to Mr Rankin, Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres said although he deplored Professor Mutu’s suggestion that New Zealand should discriminate against white-skinned people from certain countries, the Bill of Rights Act allowed people to speak their mind.

Mr de Bres also quoted the Education Act, which, he said, respected the freedom of academic staff and students, within the law, to question and test perceived wisdom, to put forward new ideas and to state controversial or unpopular opinions.

Professor Mutu, who is also head of the Department of Maori Studies at the University of Auckland, claimed Maori were generally supportive of

Or is the rule if you are Maori you can say what you like and get away with it?

Imagine if an academic had used academic freedom to say we should not allow jews, arabs, afghans or eskimo in because they didn?t play rugby. Joris would have had kittens.