David Siegel

How a liberal vegan hippie environmentalist switched from climate proponent to climate skeptic

David Siegel writes in a guest essay at WUWT.

Given he asks to highlight his essay and spread it as afar as possible I have copied his introduction and posted it here in the hope that some people in the Media Party and in the government might actually read a well researched dissenting voice in the climate debate and stop taking what the warmists say as gospel.

My name is David Siegel. I?m not a climate expert; I?m a writer. Early in 2015, I became interested in climate science and decided to spend the better part of this year trying to learn what I could. It didn?t take long before it was clear that there isn?t likely going to be any catastrophic warming this century. What was clear is that skeptics are losing this battle, and I want to tell you why.

For thirty years, James Hansen and Al Gore have been building their PR machine along with David Fenton, the wizard of nonprofit PR. They understand that the messenger is more important than the message. People don?t easily change their minds. People get their opinions from ?experts? and brand names like NASA, MIT, Harvard, TIME, The Daily Show, etc. Fenton knows the game is about credibility and repetition, not science. As long as we are trying to convince people with the facts, we will lose.

So I did my homework and wrote a 9,000-word essay aimed at liberals who have a voice, who have access to media, and who might take 30 minutes to educate themselves.

I submitted my piece to every liberal publication, from the LA Times to the Atlantic Monthly to National Geographic to Huffington Post and many more. They all turned it down. Now I?m launching it myself and hope you will read it and help spread the word.

I ask you to help get the word out through social media, links, and the press, to the liberal audience I?m going after. Links really help. If you can help reach Bill Gates, Jeff Skoll, Jon Stewart, George Clooney, and other influential liberals, I hope to help them understand that the science is not settled. I think this is the best way to tip the scales back to reasonable, impactful environmentalism. If you can help move it on Reddit, Voat, Quora, NewsVine, etc., I would appreciate that.

I?m going to ask people to leave comments here, rather than on my page, because I can?t manage the comment spam there. I will, however, read the comments here and will respond if I can.

My work is aimed at your liberal friends; please send them to read it. ? Read more »