David Slack

Our Friends: Cameron and John Slater, by David Slack

Now, don’t be shocked?or anything, but David Slack just regurgitated a 2010 METRO hit piece on me through my father.

Just in case you were wondering where he stood. ?He’s also posted it to the Kiwi Journalists Association Facebook page (couldn’t even find a friend to do it for him – self promotion – so ugly), so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me showing you too

Credit:  Daron Parton.

Credit: Daron Parton.

John:?The boy?s not an embarrassment, not at all.

He can get a bit confused, though. But then he grew up with cabinet ministers traipsing through our house and hitting the gin. Let?s be honest, our people can be a bit confusing.

First, we think you should leave the Yarpies alone, then we agree apartheid was terrible. First, compulsory saving is communism, then it?s policy. First we like the warships, then nuclear free?s the way to go. Except at lunch in Washington, of course!

And of course we think the gays are perfectly okay these days, although the boy still gets a bit toey about that.

He?s 40 years old but some days I look at him and I still see the kid who came home from school with a sore bum and a story to tell.

He was 11. Some little bugger had copied his work and they?d both got a D. I said to him, ?Did you put around some rumours about him? That?s how we do it in the party.? He said, ?No way. I whacked him, then I got on his desk, pulled down my trousers and dumped on his books.?

Well that wasn?t my way, but I thought good on him. He got stuck in.

He?s had a bit of bad luck, of course. Read more »

Impertinent question

The other night when Kim Dotcom?was talking to David Slack, he said that people should 100% believe Nicky Hager’s book.
How would he know it was 100% true without having seen the source emails?

Herald and Bryce Edwards manufacturing news again

Bryce Edwards is always one of the first to climb into me…on almost anything, like most sanctimonious commentators he should perhaps remove the log from his own eyes.

Here he was two nights ago begging for bloggers to write hit pieces against the National party.

So there wasn’t any copy for him to use on his chosen topic so he went out and begged for it…to create the impression that there was over confidence and arrogance amongst National. He had nothing..and so begged for copy. And so his dutiful obedient left wing followers all piled in to help him with his column.



Bryce Edwards was then able to announce his column yesterday..which was on guess what? ?? Read more »

Will Christchurch get Steven Joyce to pay for light rail?

Probably not. As David Slack says:

He perpetually wears the smile of the father who won?t let you have a puppy. One day when we?re all grown up, we?ll understand.

Someone should ask Len. He has tried all the tricks, pleading this, business case that, temper tantrums, begging for justice, future proofing Auckland and Steven Joyce remains unmoved. No puppy for little Len and Auckland.?

Road Trip Map

Here is a map of our road trip. Remember we did this in 19 days, 15,000km's and 1 speeding ticket.

Alcohol ban for Aboriginals

John Howard has grasped the nettle and decided that the government must act in dealing with the growing problem of abuse in the Aboriginal community.

He has announced that alcohol and pornography will be banned in indigenous communities in Australia's Northern Territory as part of a dramatic response to widespread child abuse, which was yesterday labelled a "national emergency". He has also called on the other states to join in as well.

Of course the bleeding heart liberals say that this breaches the right of the aboriginals, but I watched John Howard last night on TV pour one of those bleeding hearts right back in his bottle by blaming him and his ilk for letting aboriginals get to the state they are in through some sort of liberal ideal that clearly hasn't worked.

Part of the measures includes quarantining welfare payments so that half must be spent on food and accomodation ensuring that not all is spent on alcohol, and payments will be conditional on children attending school.

Parents will be required to pay for school meals. All children aged under 16 will also be medically examined.

Having spent some time in Outback Australia over the last three weeks I can tell you that these measures are absolutely necessary. These measures have been met with broad support and I predict that the majority of Australians will support these measures.


Water, whats the big deal?

I forgot to tell you about a funny episode when I was up Castle Hill in Townsville. There were a couple of Aussie tourists up there, taking photos of all the water in the ponds, dams, rivers etc.

They kept on raving on about how much water there was, and taking more photos.

Fuck's sake, haven't they seen water before, they were acting like it was a complete novelty.?

China Wall and Old Halls Creek

I went sightseeing this afternoon to China Wall and to Old Halls Creek.

Educating Australia

Last night I discovered the secret behind Australia's education system.

XXXX Beer has cunningly used the bottle caps on their beer to educate Australians.

Inside the bottle caps are questions like;

Q: What is the closest Related species to the Platypus?

A: Echidna


Q: What Aussie Icon was unsuccessfully renamed Parwill?

A: Vegemite?

So there you go readers, it isn't their education system that is advancing Australia fair, rather it is their beer.?

This is a must see

I'm going on a road trip in June. I am going to drive right round the outside of Australia,14,000km's in 25 days starting 1 June. We are travelling clockwise and I now have a definate must see on the list for Brisbane.

I welcome any other suggestions for my Round Australia Road Trip.