David Tua

Mana and Maori Party vying for Tua

David Tua is tossing up between the Maori party and Mana in order to facilitate his entry to politics.

Audrey Young reports:

Former boxer David Tua is in hot demand – he has talked with the Maori Party about entering politics, and Hone Harawira’s Mana Party has talks scheduled with him next month.

Tua, a Samoan-born New Zealander, met Maori Party officials in Auckland this week.

Mana, a break-away from the Maori Party, has him in its sights too.

Both see him as a potential drawcard for thousands of Pacific Island voters in New Zealand.? Read more »

Has Peter Goodfellow sat down with David Tua?

I doubt it, he is more intent on running around threatening people with travel bans and non-association orders and telling people who they can and can’t have as friends.

Meanwhile people who have professed a desire for political office outside of the party are ignored.

The Maori Party is seeking talks with retired boxer David Tua to discuss the possibility of his standing for the party at the next election.

But it had better get a hurry on. While Tua told the Herald he was more than happy to have talks with the Maori Party, he was also happy to sit down with Mana and the Conservatives.

“I’ll sit down with anyone. Anyone and everyone … I’m not going to close the door on anyone.” ? Read more »

Tua to start a political party, O for Oarsom

David Tua is thinking about a new career…I’m not sure he has thought this through…a new party is very hard to get going, and if he is focussing on South Auckland he has to fight the Labour party…and they fight dirty.

Boxer David Tua wants to set up a Pasifika political party and says he has a burning desire to become an MP after hanging up his gloves.

The heavyweight fighter revealed his political ambitions to media today ahead of his comeback fight with Belarusian heavyweight Alexander Ustinov next month.? Read more »

Photos from the Fight Night

Cedric Kushner, David Tua, Roger Bloodworth post fight

Cedric Kushner, David Tua, Roger Bloodworth post fight

Paula Bennett and Don McKinnon

WRP, 63, unemployed of no fixed abode (I think he was standing on a box)

The Whale and John Key

The Whale and John Banks (Scott Campbell is tits at taking photos)

John Banks and Inga Tuigamala

The Whale and Lisa Lewis

Bob Harvey and Lisa Lewis

Porkchop blocking John Key’s view

The Whale and Layla McCarter and Christina Tai

The Whale and Jameson Bostic (Jameson challenged the “Olympian”, by name to the entire crowd and live television, for the”Olympian” to quit hiding under rocks and stop bashing women and come out and fight with real men. I wonder if he will be charged. I felt honoured when he and his manager sought me out in the press room for a chat.

Oscar Siale and a black eye

The Whale and Robbie Berridge

The Whale and Clarence Tillman

The Whale and Leamy Tato

Isreal Garcia with wound stitched after being head butted.

Friday the 13th and Lewis Tapia post fight whining like a baby about the loss

On way to boxing

I am on my way to the boxing tonight, I will be live Tweeting most fights, including the Tua v. Friday the 13th fight.

Any suggestions for # tag?


Tua fight undercard announced

The full boxing card includes:

– Cruiserweight 6 rounds: Jameson Bostic (USA) vs Oscar Siale (NZ)
– Light Heavyweight 6 rounds: Robert Berridge (NZ) vs Areta Gilbert (NZ)
– Heavyweight 4 rounds: Clarence Tillman (USA) vs Leamy Tato (NZ)
– Main undercard: Heavyweight 8 rounds: Israel Garcia (USA) vs Solomon Haumono (AUS )
– Main Event: 12 rounds: David Tua (NZ) vs Friday Ahunanya (USA)

Entertainment includes:

– Peter Urlich of ?The Dudes?
– Dane Rumble
– Smashproof

Every general admission seat is elevated and will enjoy stunning views of the boxing ring.

Nothing beats being there live – Book now at: www.TicketDirect.co.nz

For corporate table enquiries visit: www.ducoevents.co.nz


LIVE Blog #WFOTC #BOXING Tua/Cameron

Have arrived at Hamilton Mystery Creek, the stadium is setup brilliantly, Duco Events have done a marvelous job. The crowds are queuing and the prime seats are filled, dinner is being served right now.

Plenty of glitterati here, Inga the Winga, my mate Will Hinchcliff, Lisa Lewis looks stunning, John Rowles and Gray Bartlett are here.

After the fight the post fight presser is in the Media Room so I will be staying put till the end.

The undercard is spectacular. looking forward to the fights of John Hopoate and also Soulan Pownceby.

Smash proof just finished performing, first fight starting, 20 minutes late but underway

Off to the Boxing tonight

I’m off to the Tua Vs Cameron fight tonight.

I will be live tweeting on #WFOTC and #BOXING as well as following me on @whaleoil

Watch for tweets.

Australasia has failed Fiji, says ex-PM

Australasia has failed Fiji, says ex-PMAustralian and New Zealand diplomacy has failed Fiji, former Prime Minister and World Trade Organisation Director-General Mike Moore said yesterday. Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith defended his country’s approach on TV… [NZ Herald Politics]

Mike Moore is right on the money about Fiji. Both Australia and New Zealand with their arrogant “we know best” attitude have not done Fiji proud.

In fact we have probably exacerbated the situation.

“This represents a huge diplomatic failure by New Zealand and by Australia over several decades,” he told Q and A.

“Foreign policy is projecting and protecting your interests and promoting your values and building up over many years those values and those interests. We have failed.”

Mr Moore said “a game changer” was needed to look at the problems rather than take a critical approach.

“There has to be a game changer there, and to allow people to move, keep their dignity and keep their faith.”

Exactly. Tough talking, sanctions and travel bans have been spectacularly unsuccessful. Time now for a different approach. One of offering assistance to remove the impediments to true democracy in Fiji. By impediments I mean a culture of nepotism, graft, bribery, corruption and racism. Setting a new non-racist constitution and aiding iji in establishing a census would be huge hurdles we should be assisting with.

But no, instead we will focus on getting the hopelessly corrupt UN to stop using Fijian Peacke-Keeping troops. Oh right, that’ll work.

Ouch! Bad Pussy

I always wonder about the people who get into cages with wild animals with sharp teeth and sharp claws, their mental state anyway.

A senior zookeeper was today mauled to death by a white tiger at the park as horrified tourists looked on.

Northland Police District spokeswoman Sarah Kennett  confirmed that around 11am this morning two keepers went in to clean the white tiger enclosure when it attacked one of the keepers.

The keeper suffered injuries to the abdomen and lower leg which involved “tearing” by a big cat.

Ms Kennett said despite the best efforts of the other keeper the tiger wouldn’t let go. The man died at the scene before the ambulance arrived at the park.

The tiger has since been shot dead.

I fail to see why the Tiger was shot, it was just being a tiger and the silly man-beast walked in just before lunch.

Anyway this will take the heat off the Super City, the Budget and Mt Albert.