Davina Ayrton

Face of the day

Davina Ayrton

PHOTO-PA Davina Ayrton

Today’s face of the day is a transgender woman, Davina Ayrton, who raped a teenager before he started living life as a woman. She is being sent to a male prison as she has male plumbing. Given her history of rape she would be a threat to women in a female prison.

Those who promote transgender rights in prison would argue that she is in danger of rape in a male prison. We discussed transgender toilets yesterday. Do we now need transgender prisons? Even then they would have to be segregated by actual gender to lessen the threat of rape. Gay men and women are sent to prison based on their gender not their sexual orientation. Should we have gay prisons too? It is a serious question. Rape is a horrendous crime. How do we punish criminals without putting them in even more danger than they already are inside a prison?

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