Deborah Mahuta-Coyle

Susan Wood on Labour’s leadership farce

Susan Wood doesn’t hold back with her thoughts on Labour’s leadership farce.

I?ve been thinking about leadership – real leadership and what it means.

I think this quote from a Harvard university professor sums it up. ?Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence. And making it last in your absence?

That gets me to our political leadership and soon to be former Labour leader David Cunliffe. I have no doubt he is an intelligent man, a well-intentioned man. But he has failed as a leader. The voters rejected him and his own caucus turned on him. The men and women he is leading have not become better because of his leadership and his absence has left a gaping hole of indecision and infighting.

The election defeat was of course not all his fault, no more than the National victory was all John Key?s work. But a great deal of it was.

Yes indeed, and his failure to be accountable has annoyed a great many members.

Since election night Cunliffe has barely put a foot right. The bizarre election night speech, a failure to take responsibility then a belated acceptance of sorts, dragging his decision out for a week before standing aside only to stand again which will lead to a protracted public blood letting. ?? Read more »

Skulduggery in Ikaroa-Rawhiti

Parekura Horomia?s replacement is being chosen for the Ikaroa-Rawhiti by election. Word from the electorate is that there is a very nasty stitch up going on to ensure the nasty faction candidate wins and the locals get shafted.

The nasty faction favored candidate is Shane Taurima, and there are a surprising group of unpleasant,?unelectable?people behind him committing the kind of sins that hasn?t been seen in a selection since the skullduggery in the Rodney selection was outed by this blog.

In the thick of things are some very unpleasant people, including Sue Moroney and Carol Beaumont and the rest of Labour’s women’s caucus. They are being joined by union heavy Paul Tolich who is one of the best practitioners of low bastardry in New Zealand politics.? Read more »

Pagani gone drilling

During the 2011 election campaign much was made of Labour’s working man roots, especially the miners. ?It seems that Labour has not only turned its back on the working man but has also driven one of its key strategists to work for the Oil and Gas industry. Jordan Carter ecstatically tried to break the news to his acolytes:

And Martyn Bradbury is alluding to some sort of putsch against Pagani on his little read hate-blog.

It now seems an open secret that in fact John Pagani has left of his own free will and accepted a role with NZ Oil and Gas.

Of course, Pagani isn’t there as a ‘working man’ but he’s going there as another lobbyist. ?What becomes even more interesting is that he is the third former Labour staffer to go to the mining/drilling industries. ?Mike Munro is working for Todd Corporation and Deborah Mahuta-Coyle signed on as a lobbyist for PEPANZ (the Petroleum industry’s lobby group). ?Technically?it may actually be four since Pagani is replacing another former Labour staffer Chris Roberts. Perhaps this explains Labour’s claimed change of heart on mining where they now share the same stance as National.

So what finally drove Pagani out (again)? Was it Mallard’s constant nitpicking over every word in every press release – only to then have a tantrum, go to his office and ring his media mates to bitch? ?Or was it the slow creep of the ‘gaggle of gays’ as they took over the Leader’s office? Word has it that Mold has even turned from being Shearer’s number one supporter to now being the ultimate fag hag to Robertson.

Shearer’s strain to decide whether to appeal to middle New Zealand and ‘Waitakere Man’ has now disappeared. May be Sio and Nash are right? ?May be Labour has lost the plot and got lost in the Jordan Carter like rhetoric. ?After all, how many people who have experienced the real world are left in the Leader’s corridor? ?All are too busy navel gazing, being terribly academic or are the ultimate beltway junkies. ?How is Shearer ever expected to succeed with advice coming from those people?

Shearer is now a lonely, invisible man. ?Who does he turn to? ?Shearer’s instincts will be to include his opposition in his tactics… the silly man hasn’t worked out that in politics having no one on your side is a dangerous position.

Campaign Sign Placement fail

via the tipline, plus with some Analog treatment:

Top sign placement

via the tipline

This photo was taken on Ngatai Road in Tauranga. Directly in front of the Labour sign is a No Left Turn sign.

Awesome sign placement from the Wellington based Goffice candidate…Deb Mahut?

A good grasp of geography

So Labour has asked Goffice staffer Deborah Mahuta-Coyle to take one for team in Tauranga.

In their boilerplate press release Labour makes an astonishing claim:

Although not originally from Tauranga, Deborah grew up further along State Highway 1 in the small town of Huntly, where her mother brought up her and her siblings on her own.

Now I’m not sure what atlas Labour has been consulting but as long as State Highway 1 has existed Huntly has never been just up the road from Tauranga which actually sits on State Highway 2.

By road on State Highway 27 it is Tauranga 133km from State Highway 1.

What if National win….

If National win Mana, Palmerston North, Rimutaka, Christchurch Central and Waimakariri then the following lose their electorate seats:

  • Cosgrove
  • Fa’afoi
  • Hipkins
  • Lees-Galloway
  • Burns

If they lose them and Labour stay at 29% in the polls then the following five stay or make it to Parliament.

  • Deborah Mahuta-Coyle
  • Stuart Nash
  • Brendon Burns
  • Chris Hipkins
  • Michael Wood

In a victory for all those who oppose penis lollies Michael Wood replaces the stenographer rooter Iain Lees-Galloway. Stuart Nash replaces Fa’afoi.

All this makes you wonder a lot about the gaggle of gays and how they rigged the list ranking process. There is no way that Labour are better served by long time trougher and serial useless bastard Rick Barker than they would be with short term trougher and ex-rooter Stu Nash. One represents the distant past, and not to well either, and the other the future. Why did the gaggle decide Rick was worth more than Stu?

Unless the Labour caucus can grow some balls and work out that unless they “Gillard” Goff some very good capable talent will be lost to them for a very long time and labour will not be in contention fro several more cycles. julia Gillard rolled Kevin Rudd and saved labour just two short months before the election in Australia.

Does anyone in Labour here have the courage to do that?

Long Term Effects of the Tizard Timebomb

The Herald editorial talks about the paucity of talent in Labour’s list:

The Labour Party has 43 seats in the present Parliament. If it wins at least that many at this year’s election it will bring in eight new names from the list it published on Sunday: Andrew Little, Deborah Mahuta-Coyle, Michael Wood, Kate Sutton, Jerome Mika, Josie Pagani, Lynette Stewart and Jordan Carter. If the party maintains its improvement in the latest poll – suggesting pressure on its leader over his handling of Darren Hughes has done Phil Goff and his party no harm – Labour can look forward to many more than 43 MPs.

The names Christine Rose, Glenda Alexander, Susan Zhu, Rino Tirikatene, Sehai Orgad and Megan Woods could be in the House too. There are not many pale males among all those names. Party lists are intended to bring a better gender balance and more ethnic diversity into democratic representation. Labour’s makes a meal of it.

It has also learned from recent experience not to put old names low on its list where they could be next in line to replace any list MP who fails to serve a full term. There are no Judith Tizards in a position to return at the expense of fresh talent this time.

They also note the long term effects of the T-Bomb. There doesn’t appear to be any Tizards lurking down?the?list?to embarrass them after the election.

But the downside of that lesson is that there are no new names high on the list. With few exceptions, sitting MPs occupy all the places down to number 35. Most of them are also standing in electorates, which means that if any are rejected by the voters they will return on the list. The real winners of any party’s list selection, in the public eye at least, are probably electorate MPs who want no place on it.

They go on to?commend?Lianne Dalziel as I have for her?decision?to abandon being ont eh List. She knows better than most that scum list MPs are hated.

The list system remains an unsatisfactory element of MMP to members and voters alike. The lists are drawn up by party panels out of the public eye. Electorate candidates are selected in similar secrecy, but at least those selected have to pass muster at public election meetings and voters have put a tick beside their names.

The?list?system is the single worst aspect about MMP and one of the reasons why it should be chucked aside.