Decent journalists trained and skilled

Decent journalists trained and skilled

A.K.A?When it comes to smearing, there’s Whaleoil. And then there are the real professionals... continued…

Remember this?

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Oh my…. didn’t the MSM go “all in” on the John Key smear using his son! ? And then it turned out to be a prank that the New Zealand MSM all fell for. ? Read more »

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Scoop huh?

You mean those ?real journalists? ? Or you mean the Internet Party guy? ?I forget. ? Read more »

CNN catches a dose of The Herald Bombs, The Herald points it out

I nearly rolled out of bed with laughter when I read this on The Herald app this morning. What could possibly be more ironic than The Horrid pointing out the bombs of another news agency? At least they now have an idea of what they look like though our eyes.

Herald Bomb Read more »