deep sea oil drilling

Vote with your head

Yesterday, Metiria Turei released Green Policy which is nothing short of economic treason. ?Going for a mixture of scare tactics, disinformation and the ever useful ‘cute dolphin’ factor, they hope to generate the usual hysteria.

Nick Smith is repeating what he keeps telling the Greens in parliament: ?(over and over and over again)

There has not been a single incident involving Maui?s dolphin and Taranaki?s $3 billion oil and gas industry in over 40 years.?

That’s kind of critical. ?The Green Party want to protect an animal that has not been in any practical or real danger of oil related activities for?over 40 years.

The prohibition on any new oil and gas exploration in this large area will come at a huge economic cost long-term not just to Taranaki but more widely to New Zealand. The Government introduced compulsory regulations for protecting marine mammals from exploration activities in 2010 that ensures no harm to Maui?s,

I think we can rest assured that this policy will never see the light of day. ?Even if there is going to a Labour/Green led coalition, the Labour Party isn’t going to allow the Greens to strangle one of New Zealand’s most profitable industries and risk regional destruction and job losses to protect dolphins that have not been recorded as having any kind of adverse problem.

You just have to see the size of the sea area involved, how small an oil platform is compared to that, and the actual physical impact on the habitat of the dolphins, if they even choose to be present, is probably less than 0.00001% or thereabouts. ? ?? Read more »

Greens moving to centre, ctd…


Earlier I wrote about the Greens joining other corporates like BP and Z Energy in their Love NZ campaign.

I suggested this was a move to the centre to hoover up some of the Labour voters who can’t bring themselves to vote for David Cunliffe.

Now more evidence has come to light, following an extraordinary comment made by Russel Norman during an Interview on Newstalk ZB early today.

I think for the first time, Russel Norman and the Greens are saying they actually support oil and gas drilling in shallow zones off our coast.


Russel Norman is very clear. Exploration in shallow zones is ok – they’re only worried about deep sea drilling. This is a nice bit of positioning to snaffle some of Labour’s left flank.

The Greens are looking to become the 2nd largest party in parliament. ?Will be fun to watch. ?I always love it when lefties fight among themselves (which is, to be honest, almost always)

Irony of the Week

Spotted on my way into work today


Working together the Labour/Green way

And they think they can work together?

The left scrapping continued yesterday… this time over deep sea oil drilling and the Petrobras decision to quit the East Coast.

Current Labour Leader David?Shearer said:

“His party supported deep sea drilling as long as appropriate safeguards and criteria were met. ?Deep sea drilling could help New Zealand’s economy.”

But Green Energy spokesman and anti-growth zealot Gareth Hughes issued this statement

The Green Party welcomed news that Petrobras has abandoned its plans to conduct risky deep sea oil drilling in New Zealand and says it shows the Government’s plans for deep sea drilling are collapsing.

“The Government’s deep sea drilling plans have so far failed, and it’s just as well. Petroleum development, including deep sea drilling, is the wrong focus for our economy, said Green Party energy spokesperson Gareth Hughes.

“We can create a smart, green economy by moving away from risky extractive activities like deep sea oil drilling, and towards renewable energy and clean-tech jobs,? said Mr Hughes.

Good grief, imagine the boy MP as energy minister…he is so anti-progress he’d re-open buggy whip manufacturing as a clean-tech industry.

Green jobs are what happen when the liver excretes bright green bile into the small intestine…..if you think green jobs are good, you seriously need to be clubbed like baby seal.