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Two Stags before 0800

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A regular reader has submitted these photos taken this morning in Central Otago of his brother and father who nailed two Fallow stags before 0800.

They reckon they could?have?been home having coffee by 0830 but instead, like good Kiwi blokes, couldn’t resist bombing up 20 goats for a bit of pest control.


How is this entry?

Hunting and Fishing are running a competition where?share your photo of a Hilux in a ‘tougher than you can imagine situation’, the grand prize is a Toyota Hilux, non-gay version.

Here is our entry from the weekend…I can’t see Craig Foss putting one of these on his gay ute:

A close up of the hood ornament:


Feeding the Family

One of the biggest pleasures in hunting is knowing that you can fill your freezer…with tasty animals.

Here is one of yesterday’s deer hanging to bleed it out. This was just prior to putting a game bag around it to keep the flies off.



Back from the boondocks

Back for a quick over night up the back blocks of Puotorino.

Bagged a couple of good size spikers from the track…

Last night I was riding on the back of the ute when one jumped up from some thick cover and bolted ?in front?of the ute, my mate hit the picks and I nearly ended up over the bonnet. I chambered a round and shot it on the run.

Got up early this morning to go to another spot, it’s a bit of an effort and the ute can’t get up there so went early on the 4 wheeler and walked the rest of the way…was pretty quiet…actually like a morgue…so bailed out at lunch time.

We went to pick up my hootchie (yes a real one) that I left up the other track last night and my mate was walking up the track when a hind and a good-sized spiker bolted across in front of him. Well the Spiker dropped, the hind got away.

This is the second time I have been on this land, it is hugely enjoyable…I’ll be going back…and targeting the 12 pointers and above…didn’t have time to get onto those ones this times so just picked off targets of opportunity.

Still at least the freezer will be re-stocked.


Girls and Hunting

Nice article by author and chef Georgia Pelligrini about being a girl and hunting:

In Roman mythology, the master of the hunt was the goddess Diana. She was praised for her strength, athletic grace, beauty, and hunting skills.

In Freemasonry, she was a symbol of sensibility and imagination, of poets and artists. Shrines were erected in her honor; stags followed her wherever she went; she ruled the forest and the moon.

I like to think that Diana?s influence has never entirely waned, that hunting was never just about men getting together in the woods. Hunting is for all of us, an extension of our being both humans and animals?our first work and craft, one of our original instincts.

Today I am entirely different than the girl and chef who set out four years ago to learn how to hunt a?turkey.?

There are the obvious differences, such as the fact that I can shoot a?deer?through the heart without batting an eye, and then promptly take out the innards on the forest floor with only a pocketknife and my bare hands.

I can skin it and then run the knife along the contours of the muscle until it is broken down into manageable parts.

Then, if I want to, I can portion the meat into those elegant pieces we see neatly wrapped up in plastic in the grocery store meat section, with no signs that it was ever a living thing. Except that for me, I will always know.

I will have looked my food in the eye and made a choice; I will have felt the warm innards in my hands as I pulled them out and laid them on the forest floor for the coyotes and the mountain lions to eat.

It was a struggle to get here, mostly a mental struggle.

It required a slap on the ass and a horseback-riding escapade with a poacher.

It required humility, frustration, hundreds of skeptical looks, and waking up in the dark for most of the fall and winter months?all in the name of sausage, venison?meat loaf, and whiskey-glazed turkey breast.

It required run-ins with airport security that wanted to know why there were frozen?animal?parts?in my suitcase, and with?border patrol?dogs sniffing my car wildly where Texas meets?Mexico.

But the journey over field and stream to understand where my food comes from was, simply put, amazing. Even the so-called bloody bits.

She sounds like the ideal woman.


Things I am looking for in 2012

Here is a list of things I am looking for in 2012:

  • A duck pond/swamp/lake/river bend within 2 hours of Auckland for duck shooting season ( I want to build a cool maimai)
  • Some good upland game spots?within 2 hours of Auckland
  • Some land that I can build a little cabin or campsite on…the land must have deer wandering through it periodically.
  • Plentiful varmint shooting within 2 hours of Auckland…rabbits, goats, possum, cats
  • Some corn or grain fields with a pigeon problem that needs sorting
I think I will also get:
  • Some new boots…suggestions?
  • A new knife or knives…can’t have too many
  • A new pack…suggestions? (I can and do travel light)
  • A video camera with hat/head mount
  • A video camera with gun mount
  • possibly a .204
  • maybe a new duck gun

Harvest this!

Tina Nixon aka Busted Blonde aka Brunette posted the other day in support of heli-hunting.

She also said that hunting on foot, in thick bush was not really hunting but flying around in a chopper was somehow “sport”. Apparently hunters who hunt on foot are “bush assassins” and it isn’t a sport as the deer has “no comeback”. She clearly was just trying to get in a cheap shot. She obviously didn’t know that I carried out those two animals on my back after field dressing them, then butchered them and took them home for the freezer. Shooting deer is the easy part, getting the meat out is the tough part, unless you are a big girls blouse who slaughters deer from helicopters. Someone the size of her though wouldn’t know hard yacker if it bit her on her?enormous?padded trough-fed arse.

When she wrote that blog post she forgot to tell everyone that wehe was really shilling for her son’s current business which involves flying said heli-slaughterers around.

The second part of her post was doing a big skite about how many oily, greasy, disgusting mutton birds.?She uses?mutton-birding?as an example of her food gathering prowess.?According?to Wikipedia:

In New Zealand, about 250,000 mutton birds are?harvested?for oils, food and fats each year by the native?M?ori.?Young birds just about to fledge are collected from the burrows, plucked and often preserved in salt.

Its numbers have been declining in recent decades, and it is presently classified as?Near Threatened?by the?IUCN.?In 2009 the harvest reported record low catches, on average a trapping cage would yield nearly 500 birds, in 2009 the number was estimated to be closer to 40 per cage.

So, me killing 3 deer which are actual pests, and carrying them out myself, butchering them myself and filling the freezer for the family to enjoy the meat in the coming months is evil, but slaughtering 250,000 baby birds per annum in an unsustainable manner of a Threatened species is honourable food gathering.

This useless cow has no concept of what hunting actually is, but given her more than 1o0kg weight about the only thing she hunts is pies in?Christchurch?where she is currently enjoying a government funded job at the trough.

She of course must have forgotten her stupid anti-hunter post when she posted about her own little slaughter of defenseless sheep in the aid of her?enormous?Christmas feast on Facebook. If I am a “bush assassin” then she is a paddock assassin. Those sheep had no comeback, no escape, herded in by a fence. At least the deer I hunt have a chance to escape my clumsy stumbling about in the bush. Pretty embarrassing considering her “bush assassins” post.

Then to cap it all off there was an article today in the Herald about her beloved mutton birds being radio active.

There are fears radioactive muttonbirds could be on their way to New Zealand after the migrating birds were found to have been feeding close to Japan’s ruptured Fukushima nuclear plant.

Niwa scientists, who in 2005 attached tracking devices to 19 muttonbirds, also known as sooty shearwaters, found nearly half of them were spending months at a time feeding off the coast of Japan.

US researchers have requested samples of dead muttonbirds so they can be analysed, with the expectation that some of them will have absorbed the radioactive isotope Caesium-137, an element that strongly increases the chances of getting cancer.

It is bad enough that Maori are slaughtering the threatened species but now the poor buggers are radio-active because of the Fukushima accident.

Only the dumbest of part-time Wellington/Wairarapa troughers would use the slaughter of a Threatened species of oily fat birds, kind of like her, and the helicopter laziness of bombing up deer exhausted by running from modern technology as the epitome of hunting, harvesting or whatever adjective she chooses to use.

No wonder members of the bro-rocracy think she is a stupid loud-mouth, ungrateful, bludging, odious, three-faced bitch.

This is a woman who bludges off “mates”, never even thanks them for the?efforts?that they went to on her behalf, lies to the sponsor about the charitable status of the event then only puts out the prize when forced to more than 12 months after she won the prize. Then she even provided the booze to pinkos. I refused to go to the event, for two reasons. The first is that I won’t drink with pinkos the second is because Tina Nixon is a lying, three faced, bludger who craps on her mates.

I think Peter Dunne should look very closely at banning mutton-birding. In fact I’ll let my hunting pals in the Big Game Council know about what she thinks about hunters so they too can lobby for the banning of mutton-birding, it is threatened after all, it is the least they could do in the interests of conservation.

NFWAB. Especially a real blogger not some timid faux-maori scared of her own shadow.

Actual Bloke Questions Phil and John Should be Asked

.270 or .308 for red deer?

What would you drive, a Falcon 500 or a HQ Holden?

Short Bursts or Full auto?

If a member of your caucus had a gay ute would would you do?

a. ?Tell him to sell it.
b. Give him a big hug and offer him counseling.
c. Send him to counseling with Chopper Read
d. Ask Chopper to include Gay Utes in his next harden the fuck up skit.

Why does wild venison taste so much better than farmed venison?

What is your favourite wine for getting birds pissed?

A pallet of piss or a few kegs?

Would you go pig hunting with Paula Bennett?

When you are making sausages what is your favourite meat:

a. Chamois
b. Fallow
c. Red
d. Pig

What is your preferred method for catching kingfish?

a. Jigging
b. Livebait
c. Poppers
d. Spearfishing

If your hunting dog was not listening would you:

a. Electric collar it
b. Boot it.
c. Send it to time out

If you could personally fire any New Zealand Defence Force Weapon what would it be?

Which of these Shane Jones favourites is better?

a. Debbie Does Dallas
b. Deep Throat
c. Who?s nailin? Palin?


Deer contraception, Whatever next?

Greenies really do lose the plot. In the UK they are suggesting the following in order to control deer populations:

Even the RSPCA agrees culls may have to be carried out in certain areas, as long as deer fences and other preventive measures have been put in place first and the animals are killed humanely by trapping and shooting.

However many animal rights groups argue that deer are now a part of the urban and rural landscape like foxes that should be welcomed.

They insist that the animals can be stopped from causing a nuisance through control measures like contraception, relocation, ?deer passes? over motorways and fencing.

The best form of deer contraception is copper jacketed and travels at about 2820 ft/s. This is what happened when urban greenie tossers start kerbing useful sports like hunting because they watched too much Walt Disney movies when they were young.