Denis Napthine

Toyota bails, car industry now dead across the Tasman, killed by unions

Toyota has finally jacked it in, announcing they are closing their plant in Australia, joining Ford and Holden in halting manufacturing of cars in Australia.

The end of car manufacturing in Australia – confirmed with Toyota’s announcement that it would shut local production in 2017, taking thousands of jobs with it – could tip Victoria and South Australia into recession, industry experts and economists have warned.

The automotive giant’s global boss, Akio Toyoda, travelled to the Altona plant and told 2500 workers their jobs would go in three years. The decision is a massive blow for the Victorian economy in particular, where more than 25,000 jobs are likely to go across the car and automotive components industries. Unions claim 50,000 skilled jobs may be lost nationally. Toyota will follow Ford and Holden out of the country, with all three car makers announcing in the last year that they would cease manufacturing by 2017. All three brands will now import all their vehicles.

Those jobs weren’t real anyway…heavily subsidised, loans, grants and tax breaks for the companies. The unions can hardly complain with the workers heavily unionised and paid far above their actual worth or productivity justified.

That isn’t stopping them from blaming everyone but themselves.

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten blamed Toyota?s demise on the Abbott government. ??It?s an unmitigated disaster,?? he said.

??The car industry has died under the Abbott government. It?s a disgrace.?? ? Read more »

Who do you trust more, Politicians or Church Leaders?

It’s a valid question…who do you trust more politicians or church leaders? In particular Catholic Church leaders.

For the Catholic Church – the principal target of witnesses because the extent of abuse by its clergy so completely outweighs every other church, and whose leaders have been deeply resentful of that focus – I am in despair. ? Read more »

Donnybrook coming in Victoria, dodgy Liberal ratbag costs Baillieu the premiership

Ted Baillieu has resigned as Premier of Victoria.

Ted Baillieu has resigned as Premier after a Liberals-only crisis meeting on Wednesday night, saying “I do this in the best of the government”.

Denis Napthine is the new leader of the liberal party in parliament.

I love this state, I love the Liberal Party and I love this state,” he said in a statement. “Change of leadership is in the best interests of the government.”

Mr Baillieu’s voice was cracking as he thanked his staff and wife and three children.

He has confirmed that he will remain in parliament.”? Read more »