Denis O’Rourke

Sledge of the Day

Paul Goldsmith takes a break from trying to stitch up the Auckland Mayoralty race to sledge out Denis O’Rourke.

It is right at the end (start at 1:48) and is utterly splendid.

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Looks like Winston has a couple of turds in the punch bowl

It looks like Winston Peters has a couple of turds in his punch bowl.

NZ First MP Denis O’Rourke has vowed to resign if the party adopted a policy that would see “new settlers” forced to take out medical insurance for a decade.

The idea was proposed at the party’s annual conference in Rotorua on Sunday and a heated debate followed.

O’Rourke immediately stood up to declare the policy was discriminatory, illegal under the Bill of Rights and would open up NZ First to ridicule.

If the “disgraceful” remit was adopted, the list MP said he would considered withdrawing his membership.

His colleague Mahesh Bindra, who was born in India, also argued against the idea. ?? Read more »

So much for the “sledge pledge”, Clare Curran carries on with the Nasty party plan

David Cunliffe made a sledge pledge in line with his party’s “Vote Positive” slogan.

The Sledge Pledge has been ignored, in what can only be a slight against David Cunliffe’s leadership.

Yesterday it was Grant Robertson getting nasty on John Key.

And today it is Clare Curran proving Labour remains the Nasty Party.

It seems Labour leader David Cunliffe’s “sledge pledge”, in which he promised a “positive” election campaign, hasn’t got through to Dunedin South MP Clare Curran.

Curran has branded rival MPs?nasty, homophobic and foul-mouthed?in an interview with a student newspaper.

The article was published online?on Sunday – as Cunliffe was delivering a keynote speech.

“This election campaign is not about dirty tricks or dodgy deals; smear campaigns and a personality cult,” Cunliffe told delegates, including Curran.

Later, he told reporters the public was fed up with political debate centred on personal attacks rather than policy.

“We want to run a clean, positive campaign.” ? Read more »

Obviously David Carter hasn’t been to S&M’s on a Wednesday night

David Carter has ‘cleared’ Denis O’Rourke in his investigation into the relationship that isn’t a relationship because Denis O’Rourke specifically decided it wasn’t a relationship.

No matter how you look at it a Master/Slave relationship is still a relationship. What is obvious though is that David Carter has never been to Scotty & Mal’s bar on a Wednesday night, because if he had then he would never have made the ruling he has.

Parliament’s Speaker David Carter says he has had to accept that New Zealand First MP Denis O’Rourke is not in a relationship with his taxpayer funded employee and housemate Stephen James.

NZ First’s justice spokesman Mr O’Rourke was the subject of a complaint to Mr Carter by Queenstown man David Simpson who claimed Mr O’Rourke and his out of parliament assistant Mr James were in a long term relationship. Parliamentary rules forbid MPs from employing their spouses. ? Read more »

How Winston Peters deals with media enquiries


I called Winston Peters for comment on Tracey Martin’s activities, and what ensued was a slanging match instigated by Winston Peters. It is interesting he admits to using the cellphone while driving.

Have a listen.

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[EXCLUSIVE] What will Winston Peters say about Tracey Martin meddling in Police operational matters?

Winston Peters has been very quick to jump on top of Judith Collins and Maurice Williamson but he has some serious issues in his own caucus with the behaviour of Dennis O’Rourke, and now Tracey Martin.

WOBH can exclusively reveal that documents released under the official information act show that Tracey Martin wrote to Inspector Scott Webb the Rodney West Commander of the Waitemata Police District strongly objecting to the decision to rotate a Police Sergeant Bede Haughey from his role in Warkworth to a role in Orewa.

She has written the letter on NZ First letterhead and although she has signed it as the Chairman of the Mahurangi College Board of Trustees she mentions that she has worked closely with Dgt Haughey in her role as an MP and that he discussed his pending move with her.

She demands that the Police provide a suitably qualified officer to replace him at Warkworth.

Like Maurice Williamson she claims no intention to influence police operational matters;

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Lame, stupid and deceitful

The bizarre life of Denis O’Rourke continues to slowly be peeled back.

This morning there are false testimonials (since deleted) for services never provided….but it’s ok it was before he was an MP and has now been deleted…so that’s ok then.

Bevan Hurley takes a break from taking dictation from former bankrupts to report:

New Zealand First MP Denis O’Rourke is under further pressure after being caught out over a fake testimonial on the Trade Me page of his classic car rental business.

Parliament’s Speaker David Carter yesterday confirmed he is formally investigating the relationship between the list MP and his taxpayer-funded staffer Stephen James with whom he shares his Christchurch home.

However, the complaint from Queenstown resident David Simpson which sparked the investigation said there was “a clear case of Mr O’Rourke and Mr James conspiring to create bogus testimonials about a wedding car hire firm they both have an interest in”.

The pair were directors of Christchurch-based wedding business Garden City Weddings.

After the business ceased trading, Mr O’Rourke continued to lease classic cars for weddings, including a 1948 Jaguar Mark V named Winston.

Under his Trade Me handle DJSteve, Mr James wrote: “Such beautiful black cars – thanks for your great service for our wedding.”

Mr O’Rourke replied: “Denis: Many thanks Steve. it was our pleasure.” Read more »

More to O’Rourke story than meets the eye

Now this is interesting.

Denis O’Rourke claims that he is not in a relationship with Stephen James.

But there appears to be a lot more to this Stephen James/Denis O’Rourke thing than the?Herald have picked up on.

For instance there is a record of a now defunct company where they are both shareholders and directors. The Companies Office records show that they have used separate addresses but as we now know that is the same property with two separate entrances.

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Something whiffy here, trougher changes story three times

There is something whiffy about this story in today’s Herald.

It appears that Dennis O’Rourke, the NZ First justice spokesman is rorting the taxpayer.

A New Zealand First MP is the subject of a complaint to Parliament’s Speaker over the employment of a person who lives at the same property.

Queenstown resident David Simpson has raised questions about the nature of the relationship between MP Denis O’Rourke and Stephen James, whom Mr O’Rourke employed after the 2011 election. MPs are not allowed to employ their partner, husband or wife in or outside Parliament.

A spokeswoman for Parliamentary Service, the in-house watchdog, confirmed Speaker of the House David Carter had “referred an issue to us and we are looking at it, but that’s between us and the Speaker’s office. I’m not going to say any more than that”.

She said there was nothing in its files to indicate that Mr James was Mr O’Rourke’s partner.

Mr O’Rourke last month confirmed he employed Mr James after the 2011 election but denied Mr James was his partner. Mr James also denied the relationship.

Mr Rourke this week said he was “not interested in people making allegations”.

“They are not relevant to anything as far as I’m concerned, it’s just politically motivated nonsense.”

Mr O’Rourke also said rules around MPs employing their spouses or partners were “something we looked at very closely after the election … . and we understand the situation”.

“Stephen is definitely not my partner, he lives at a separate address in Christchurch.”

That is a pretty emphatic denial.

Mr O’Rourke and Mr James were listed as living at the same address in the 2011 electoral roll, but Mr James is listed as living at a separate address in last year’s roll.

However, Herald investigations reveal both addresses apply to the same property – Mr O’Rourke’s home.

On Tuesday Mr James emerged from the Mt Pleasant property to check the mailbox. He was later seen inside the property but refused to answer the door.

Mr O’Rourke later confirmed Mr James lived at the same property.

“Yes, there’s a flat attached to my home with separate bedroom and kitchenette and an ensuite and so on. It’s separate accommodation.”

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Keep the bastards there

Scott Simpson wisely took the photo, personally though I think they can all stay there…except Paul Foster-Bell, he gave me a cigar and a bottle of port once. The rest of them are wither union flunkies or dodgy ratbags.

As Chair of the Justice & Electoral select committee I had committee members just where I wanted them during our visit to the Wellington District Court today. In the cell are from left Kate Wilkinson, Andrew Little, David Clendon, Ian McKelvie, Denis O’Rourke and Paul Foster-Bell. ? Read more »