Denise Roche

Green Taliban wants personal vote on Easter Trading at same time as reaming Gloriavale for Christian values. Where is the consistency?

The Green Taliban has donned their cloak of hypocrisy and held up their shield of sanctimony in calling on the Speaker to allow a personal vote on Easter trading laws.

Parliament?s Speaker David Carter needs to consider allowing a personal vote on legislation to relax Easter trading laws, the Green Party said today.

“MPs have traditionally exercised personal votes on Easter trading,” said the Green Party?s Workplace Relations & Safety spokesperson, Denise Roche, who will be writing to Mr Carter requesting the personal vote

“Past voting has not been along party lines, with eight current National MPs, including Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse himself, voting against Easter Sunday trading in previous Parliaments.

“Deputy Prime Minister Bill English and seven of his National Party colleagues should not be forced to vote for legislation they do not agree with that will see people forced to work on Easter Sunday.

“Shop staff shouldn?t have to take a personal grievance in order to go to church on Easter Sunday, as suggested by Michael Woodhouse. ? Read more »

Face of the day

Green MP Denise Roche

Green MP Denise Roche

Today’s face of the day wants more refugees.

  • Why? Well just because we should.
  • Why? Well because 1000 is a nicer sounding number than 750.
  • Why? Well because it is the right thing to do.
  • Why? Well because we are nice people.
  • Why? Well because not increasing the quota for 28 years is a disgrace.
  • Why? Because it will literally change lives.

It will change lives alright. ?The only thing she has wrong is whose lives will be changed. Lebanon, a small country like New Zealand, has been overwhelmed by the tide of refugees and has had to take drastic steps.

More than 1.5. million people have taken shelter in the tiny country that has a population of four and a half million people since the beginning of the Syrian conflict ? the population equivalent of 20 million people landing in Britain in less than four years.

The unprecedented influx has overwhelmed the Lebanon?s water and electricity supplies, increased rents and depressed the economy, pushing host communities to breaking point.

Western countries so much larger than us have taken in Muslim refugees and are now having massive problems which I write about almost every week. Unbelievably in America, Christian refugees fleeing genocide are not being allowed in while ‘minor’ terrorism-affiliated Muslims are welcomed in their thousands!

Our liberals in New Zealand think like Obama. There is no mention in the Green’s bill of taking in refugees fleeing Islamic persecution or genocide. Nope, it will be Muslim ‘refugees’ that they will want and I guarantee that it will be Muslim ‘refugees’ that we will get. The fact that the world’s tidal wave, record number of refugees is because of Islam seems to escape them.

I passed three hitchhikers on my road trip last week with my Mum and daughter. I didn’t stop to pick up any of them. It would have been ‘nice’ of me to pick them up. One guy was in the middle of nowhere down a dusty back road but I didn’t pick him up.


Well, because it is more important to protect your loved ones than it is to be nice.


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Behind the tree-huggers, what the media isn’t telling you

Let’s start with the tree…it isn’t 500 years old. Sources inside the Auckland Council tell me that the?council’s own arborists reckon it is barely 100 years old.

Then you’d think from the media that there is just one tree that needs saving without telling you that there are multiple Kauri on the site, some even bigger than this one…presumably they must be near a 1000 years old given their size. All bare this one are going to be retained in the development.

Anyone with basic history skills can tell you that Kauri in the Waitakeres were pretty much clear felled for their timber, except for one large pocket…which this tree is nowhere near. This will be a regrowth Kauri and as such is barely 100 hundred years old. There is no way that a 400 year old Kauri that close to the Manukau Harbour would have survived the clear felling of kauri.

Then we have the treehugger protesting a legal property development who has become the media’s hero.

But he ?is a Green Taliban extremist from Australia who has done similar stunts in Tasmania.

The Hager lover has even written his own Dirty Politics Waiheke. Like most green types he doesn’t believe in freedom of speech.

Yet Waiheke has not been immune to the rise of the attack blog. Ever since being voted out of office in the 2013 local body elections, former Waiheke Local Board deputy chair Jo Holmes and her sidekick Jerry Flay, along with ?anonymous? guest bloggers have been publishing daily blogs attacking: The Mayor, the new Waiheke Local Board Members, especially Paul Walden, Denise Roche, Green MP based on Waiheke, her partner and daughter, me, and anyone associated with Green or progressive politics anywhere.

Far from being a discussion of policies and ideas, the daily blog posts have been heavy on the personal attack, making unfounded accusations and relying heavily on superficial comments on people?s appearance. As Martyn Bradbury points out ?Politics can be angry, politics can be loud. ? but hateful? Hate politics has no place in a modern democracy?

In the Waiheke Whale Oil ?, Denise Roche is referred to as ?an old bag?, Becs Ballard is referred to as ?Barbie? I am called ?a silly little boy?, and implications alluding to physical characteristics of Denise?s 15 year old daughter have been made too.

Whilst for many the blog may be a form of light entertainment, as it is far more entertaining than any satire of the subject material could be, it is scarily serious. Jo has written or hosted pieces in favour of single use disposable plastic bags, blogged against the public fruit tree project in Blackpool, railed against the concept of ?fairtrade?, and has called Generation Zero (the youth climate change action group) ?just like the Hitler youth?! Whilst it would be amusing if read as satire, like The Civilian, or The Onion, there is no reason to believe that the views expressed there are not genuinely held. Jo admires and models herself on Cameron Slater?s Whale Oil blog. I?ll say that again: Jo admires Cameron Slater, and proudly considers her blog the Waiheke equivalent.

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Green Hypocrisy on Coat-tailing and strategic voting

The Green taliban are at their sanctimonious best with their hyperbole over strategic voting and coat-tailing.

The only way they are going to get into power is because of coat-tailing and strategic voting.

But while they hyperventilate over it we should perhaps remind ourselves of their hypocrisy.

First up is Denise Roche and her outright lies despite being caught on camera,?where she?secretly endorsed Jacinda Ardern – while Labour railed against the cup of tea?

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Living wage campaign backfires on Labour

What?s the bet Labour can?t see their much hyped Living Wage campaign coming back to bite them in the arse. But that?s exactly what?s about to happen.

Labour and the Green Taliban have got?all excited wheeling out Parliament?s cleaners?thinking this will smash Simon Bridges and his efforts to finally re-balance the pendulum that has been captured by union scum like the dodgy SFWU.

TV3 seems to have lapped up their union-spun plight as well,?giving them yet more airtime and calling on MPs to clean the dunnies in Bowen House. Even the Green Taliban has tried to leap in on the action with fruit-loop Denise Roche and Greenpeace stooge Gareth Hughes (RFC) wanting a living wage of $18.40 an hour.

The Government is quietly watching this roll out.? Read more »

Dodgy “Unpackit Awards” required sunlight, Ctd

Wanaka Wastebusters must have had a wet dream yesterday with?Green Taliban MP Denise Roche banging on?about them and their crusade to attack New Zealand businesses.



Gee, disqualifying a product because it is actually fully recyclable. Never mind that thinks Denise Roche, I?ll still put the boot into a key New Zealand business.

Back at Wanaka Wastebustes HQ,?Sue Coutts is probably thinking all of this must be helping her chances?for the Green Taliban. Slight problem though Sue, the more you trough the more questions get raised about your programmes. ? Read more »

Green Amnesia

??NZ Herald

The Greens are wanting a “crackdown” on illicit casino profits, whatever they are?

The Green Party has drafted a bill that would require casinos to pay back proceeds received through criminal activity.

The Bill will amend the Criminal Proceeds of Crime (Recovery) Amendment Act to impose a special obligation on casinos to return profits derived from significant criminal activity, and which they should have detected.

Green Party gambling spokeswoman Denise Roche said problem gamblers were targeted under the existing law but the casino would not suffer.

“When problem gamblers are convicted of stealing from their employers, or laundering drug money through the casino, everyone suffers except the casino, who pockets the profits.”

“The addict is jailed, and loses their job, their family and friends. Their employer can be ruined. But the casino is better off as a result of the crime. That’s not fair,” said Ms Roche.

This is a curious change of heart. ?Because the Greens described the?proceeds of crime act as “trash”?when it went through parliament.

There is a whole lot more in this legislation that is absolutely outrageous and I thoroughly recommend this House to bin this trash right now.

Further to that in speaking at the third reading Catherine Delahunty confirmed that?the?Greens opposed totally the?Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Bill

It is the duty of this House to legislate with a strong sense of justice, as opposed to a strong sense of populism or vengeance, or a misguided commitment to policies that fail to deter crime. Therefore, the Green Party will be voting against the legislation.

There is something just a bit bizarre in this loony Green claim to now be?concerned?about the?proceeds?of crime.

Denise Roche – Double Dipper

In the press release she signed with 27 other Auckland loons, Green MP and Waiheke Local Board member Denise Roche has thoughtfully reminded me that she has held the joint role of local board member and Member of Parliament since the November 27 election.

I wonder – is she keeping both salaries and perks though? Jami-lee Ross resigned the Monday after his win int eh by-election. Labour too made much of double-dippers in?the?past so why are they remaining silent on Denise Roche?

As a backbench List MP, Roche would be earning $135,000 pa, more or less, plus perks like free phones, travel etc.
As a local board member, Roche would be earning around $35,000 pa, more of less, plus perks like free cellphone, free laptop etc.

So, questions for the media to ask:

Given that Denise Roche has not resigned as a local board member since becoming a MP, is she drawing both incomes? Has she been keeping the extra money, or is she giving it away to a charity (like Sam Lotu-Iiga did)

Is she keeping 2 laptops, 2 phones etc? If she hasn’t returned both phones, how do we know she hasn’t given one to a relative or friend or political ally to use as a nice free phone or laptop that is cost-centred by the ratepayers of Auckland..

I think we should know.

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MUNZ has competition for the stupidity crown

Behold – 28 loons challenge MUNZ for King Idiot status.

Well well well, three holes in the ground, what do we have here by a press release co-signed by 28 left wing local board loons of Auckland.

Just when we thought that MUNZ had a monopoly on self-immolating stupidity, the Auckland political left rises up to challenge for King Idiot status.

“In an unprecedented move, 28 Auckland Local Board members from 10 different Boards are uniting to call for Ports of Auckland to return to good faith bargaining and drop plans to outsource jobs at the port.”

The idiots are:

Shale Chambers (Goff mate)
Michael Woods (Goff mate and penis lolly defeatist)
Denise Roche (now a Green MP, hopelessly conflicted in her political hat wearing, shouldn’t she have resigned – November 27 was 7 weeks ago?)
Pippa Cooms (Greenie cyclist action fruit)
Leila Boyle (ex Labour candidate)
Greg Presland (taking the Mickey out of politics as per usual)
Josephine Bartley (ex Labour candidate)
Grant Gillon (ex Alliance MP)
Grame Easte (the left wing Gnome of Mt Albert)

So then, a number of questions for the media to consider:

  1. Have the 28 local board loons run out of local issues to consider, and must know apply their considerable business skills to solving the Ports crisis?
  2. Did Len Brown know about his army of 28 loons launching into the Ports of Auckland in advance? if yes, did he try and counsel them against stickybeaking? If no, does that mean that Len has been marginalised by his comrades?
  3. Does Len Brown approve of the stance of the 28, or does he continue to “back both sides”?
  4. If Len disagrees with the 28, will he tell them to shut up and get back to local issues instead of stickybeaking into a council CCO that is tasked by the Mayor and Council to get on with their work?
  5. If he won’t condemn them for stickybeaking, does that then mean this is now an official matter to discuss at future council meetings?
  6. Is that presser a sign that Labour and the Greens are testing the waters for a plunge into the Ports crisis?
  7. Is this just Michael Wood jockeying for position to take over from Phil Goff in Mt Roskill

I wonder what answers might come back after a bit of digging?

Collusion? Ctd

Looking back through the weekend media, there were a couple of startling examples of Labour/Green hypocrisy on tactical voting. They scream and bitch and moan and call it a rort in Epsom, but they are quite happy to do it themselves.

In both cases, the Greens are explicitly endorsing Labour candidates.

You be the judge.