Dennis O’Rourke

David Carter lost control of the house

David Carter isn’t a very good Speaker. He never really wanted the job and is somewhat ham-fisted at it.

He is still miles better than both Gerry Wall and Margaret Wilson, who were perhaps the worst Speakers I’ve ever seen.

Right now though, NZ First are running a campaign to make his life a misery.

Yesterday it was Dennis O’Rourke and Winston Peters who got turfed. O’Rourke is a whingy prick and the little gimp deserved it. Winston was just picking a fight for a fight’s sake.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters and one of his MPs have been ordered out of Parliament’s debating chamber. ? Read more »

Hitler has entered the flag debate

I’ve ignored the social media driven idiocy behind the Red Peak “swastika” as it deserved no attention. ? But yesterday NZ First stood up in parliament and seriously put it up as a reason to keep the current flag.


I can’t even begin to describe how absurd that is for an argument to retain the current flag. ? Given four current flags, we can also make a swastika out of it. ? Read more »

The little lolly stealers are out of a job anyway

Turns out the Speaker is clamping down on nepotism around the country’s electorates

Politicians could find it harder to hire relatives in taxpayer-funded jobs after changes to the way support staff are recruited.

After the General Election, Parliamentary Services will require job applicants to register on an electronic recruitment system that will favour candidates with experience.

The majority of the 730 staff have to reapply for jobs at the end of each three-year parliamentary term.

Under new guidelines issued by the Speaker, Parliamentary Services can block an MP from hiring staff if they are “clearly lacking the skills to meet the requirements of the role”.

MPs are not allowed to employ their spouse or partner, in or outside Parliament, or any dependents. But many MPs filled their offices with immediate family members.

NZ First MP Asenati Lole-Taylor employs two of her daughters, Fleur and Amy, in her Papatoetoe office.

Lole-Taylor appeared unaware of the rules around hiring family members as staff. “Is that a rule that they’re not allowed to be employed?”

I wonder if she’s got her?daughters chasing after prostitutes when she’s too busy? ? Read more »

Is Winston First dead on its feet?

Tracy Watkins seems to think so in her article in the Dompost.

She is alone in the gallery in thinking Winston’s time is over, a smart observation, but one that will ignored by the lazier members of the gallery who hold onto the hope that there is one last hurrah in the old not so wily dog. I think 4 months will be sufficient time for Tracy Watkins to be proved right.

Anyone who kids themselves that there is life after Winston Peters for NZ First only had to watch the party floundering in the absence of its leader this week.

Frantically trying to head off an attack by their former colleague, expunged NZ Firster Brendan Horan, Peters’ front bench achieved the seemingly impossible feat of making Horan look good by comparison.

They were clueless in the face of Horan’s determination to extract utu from his former party by tabling documents he claimed showed improper use of the taxpayer funded leader’s fund.

Whether the documents do show what Horan claims remains to be seen; the Speaker is investigating although the explanation offered by Peters suggests the spending complies with the rules. But we know from long experience that politicians have a collective interest in not inquiring too deeply into the use of leaders’ funds.

There is certainly no reason to be confident that they have cleaned up their act since an Audit Office inquiry several years ago found most parties treated it as a slush fund for party political activities. (NZ First was one of the parties pinged for unlawful spending to the tune of $158,000).

Regardless of the ins and outs of Horan’s allegations, however, one thing seems clear: Horan is hellbent on using his last remaining months in Parliament to try to take Peters and the rest of NZ First down with him.

Even if he succeeds he will only be hastening by a few years what increasingly seems inevitable.

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So what’s the fuss about NZ First Denis O’Rourke’s living arrangements?

First, let’s let Adam Bennett give the overview

A New Zealand First MP is the subject of a complaint to Parliament’s Speaker over the employment of a person who lives at the same property.

…?raised questions about the nature of the relationship between MP Denis O’Rourke and Stephen James, whom Mr O’Rourke employed after the 2011 election. MPs are not allowed to employ their partner, husband or wife in or outside Parliament.

So let’s?break this down. ? The property concerned is here

Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 5.55.48 PM

A Whaleoil Ground Crew member has been sent?on?location to confirm the situation and reports ? Read more »

Drunk or asleep or both?

Earlier I asked whether or not readers thought Winston Peters was pissed when giving a speech.

There is more evidence that has surfaced as well.

During the GCSB debate Dennis O’Rourke rose and spoke on behalf of NZ First, with Winston Peters sitting right beside him.

This is strange in itself, why would Winston let another member take the limelight using what is clearly, from the wording used, Winston’s own speech…and just before the dinner break too.

As you watch though you get a sense of why…Winston has a few flickers of a grin, then as the speech goes on he takes little naps, you can even see the little head nod that shows when someone who has fallen asleep wakes themselves up.? Read more »