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Guest Post: MSD ups efforts to detect sole parent benefit abuse

Lindsay Mitchell has been doing some digging ?and come up with some interesting information regarding benefits and who should and shouldn’t be on them.

She has?given me permission to repost her information in the interests of giving her a wider audience.

I have found the following information enlightening…especially as it appear to show that over 10% are abusing their benefit.


We all know that there are plenty of people pulling a single parent benefit who have partners. Anecdotal evidence aside, there are two data sources pointing to this.

One is the Growing up in NZ study, which I wrote about here but it gets quite complicated.

The second is simpler. It’s revealed in a passage from Child Poverty in New Zealand, by Simon Chapple and Jonathon Boston:

“Work undertaken at the Department of Labour and based on matching Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS) and administrative welfare records indicated, firstly, that in 2011 about 10 per cent of people whose welfare records showed that they were receiving an unemployment benefit reported to the HLFS that they were actually in full-time employment (i.e., working at least thirty hours a week), and hence were ineligible for the benefit; secondly, that more than one-third of people on an unemployment benefit self-reported as not actively seeking work ? and one in five expressed no intention to seek work in the coming year; and, thirdly, that about 10 per cent of people whose welfare records showed that they were receiving a DPB reported being partnered or living as married.”

(After an MBIE refusal to release the paper to me, the matter currently sits with the Ombudsman).

Back in October I blogged about a trial mentioned in the MSD Annual Report.

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BSC El Presidente Patrick Lee-lo Thick as Thieves With Union

The BSC cartel that El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo runs can only be described as a union.

Rodney Hide had a crack at them?exposing the dodgy rort that the BSC entered into with Labour strategist Trevor Mallard, the Property Council and the SFWU.

Here?s the front people for this union rort.

There?s nasty National Secretary of the?SFWU John Ryall, BSC?s?El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo, Former Labour Minister Trevor Mallard and surprisingly the strange bed-fellow of Connal Townsend from the Property Council of NZ.


It seems the Department of Labour is involved in this little cartel as well.? Read more »

Should More Heads Roll?

I’ve spent some time yesterday, in between editing pages for my first issue of Truth, reading though the report on Pike River.

It’s not pretty reading for anyone. Unsurprisingly Kate Wilkinson fell on her sword…the accident happened on her watch.

However I’m really surprised by the void that appears to exist between consent (1997) and then its opening in November 2008.

There’s lots about the greenie protests and the agreements with DOC, including the award and praise given by Chris Carter.

But what was the Labour Department doing between 1999 and 2008 and who was the Minister?

Margaret Wilson 1999 – 2004

Ruth Dyson 2005 -07

Trevor Mallard 2007 – 08

And now I see Labour accepting some blame? Hannah Lynch from Newsroom reports:

Labour leader David Shearer says his party is prepared to share the blame for the Pike River coal mining disaster after the Royal Commission of Inquiry found the mining company put production before safety and the former Department of Labour should have shut the mine down.
The commission?s report was released to the public this afternoon after being presented to the families of the 29 miners killed following a series of explosions in November 2010. Their bodies remain trapped in the mine.
?If there is any portion of blame towards us during our term in office we have to accept that,? Mr Shearer told reporters.
?We stand by the fact that if there was any fault during our term of office we would also have to acknowledge that as well.?

Will Trevor and Ruth resign too? Have they the courage that Kate Wilkinson and National have shown?

Some how I doubt it.

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75% of Unions say no to NZCTU – by the numbers

NZCTU/EPMU Union membership by the numbers (75% say NO) ? Observation by the Owl

The Department of Labour recently released the number of Unions registered in NZ and their membership numbers.

There are 150 registered Unions as per the Department of Labour release of which 37 are members of the NZCTU as per their website.

123 registered Unions have voted not to be part of the NZCTU or 75% of all registered Unions are NOT associated with the NZCTU.

In individual membership number terms that is approximately 43,000 registered union members who are NOT associated with the NZCTU.

The NZCTU website claims their membership is over 350,000 in actual fact it is 336,000 taking the Department of Labour?s numbers and comparing to the NZCTU unions. (I had to guess a few numbers because there are Unions on the NZCTU website which had slightly different names but gave myself the benefit of the doubt.)

The EPMU claim on their website they represent 40,000 workers ? in fact they represent 36,987 which actually bolstered by the takeover of the NZ Building Union in 2011/12.

Owls Observation

Here is the classic 80/20 rule in play. 80% of NZCTU memberships come from 20% of the Unions.

So why do 43,000 union members not want to be part of the NZCTU?

I think it is a very interesting question because 43,000 is? 2/3rd the size of Wanganui.


$400M cost to economy to Mondayise holidays

Labour politicians really know how to wreck an economy.

The Department of Labour has advised the Government against “Mondayising” Anzac and Waitangi Day holidays when they fall on the weekend, citing economic costs of up to $400 million.

Prime Minister John Key this afternoon said he’d now received advice from the Department of Labour on the issue after Labour MP David Clark’s Members Bill, which would give workers a holiday the following Monday when Anzac or Waitangi Day fell on the weekend, was drawn from a parliamentary ballot last week.

The advice pointed out that the next time either day fell on a weekend was in 2015 and it was not until 2021 that both Anzac and Waitangi Day fell on a weekend in the same year.

The department had told Mr Key the cost to the economy for an individual day if Mondayised was $200 million or $400 million in a year when both were Mondayised.

“The recommendation from the Department of Labour is not to Mondayise them,” Mr Key said.

it is bad enough that Len Brown is intent on wrecking the Auckland economy with 13 new tax ideas, but David Clark’s $400 million sting to Kiwi businesses really needs to be ignored.

If Labour wants to wreck the economy in this way then let them do it from the government benches when they eventually return to power.

National meanwhile should stay well away for it.

Nanny State still alive and well

It looks like the Nanny State is alive and kicking still:

Contractors could soon be banned from working on ladders after a serious fall by a worker on the demolition of the quake-crippled Hotel Grand Chancellor in Christchurch.

Emergency talks were called by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) and Department of Labour health and safety officials after last Friday’s incident which hospitalised a 42-year-old worker with critical head injuries.

The government has just launched a crackdown on falls from height, which accounts for almost a quarter of all fatal injuries in the construction sector.

And now, it is understood that health and safety bosses want to introduce a complete ban on working from ladders on building sites across New Zealand.

A ladder ban?

Surely they could save more lives by just banning work altogether. That way no one will ever die at work.


More curious property management practices in Wellington

With the news yesterday of the arrest and charging of two mates from a group of six good friends?associated?with interesting?property?arrangements to do with ACC it is with some concern that more information has come to light about the business practices of one of the six.

This story is becoming a poisoned chalice for anyone involved.? I wonder if Malcolm Mason actually declared the $160k and paid tax on this money? Will the IRD now chase the tax (plus penalties on this corrupt dosh) after all income by any means is liable for tax (and GST???) – failure to declare means that the penalties must be quite high – oh dear.

And with the media playing spot the missing name today it wasn’t too long before the tipline was running hot again.

The Bayleys principal in Wellington who is mentioned in the Dominion Post currently has an exclusive RFP in market for 13,000m2?of office space?for the Department of Labour.

If you are a property owner and want to participate in the process you have to sign a confidently agreement with Bayleys plus agree to pay a fee of 20% of 1st years rent (norm 14%)

So this blogger asks;

  • Why is DoL sourcing new office space secretly?
  • The Bayleys commission will add $8 -12 pm2 to the cost of the rental over the length of the lease. Why the special commission rate for DoL leasing?
  • Why is government office leasing not publicly notified by each deptment?
  • Is it 20% of the gross or net rent? There is a huge difference! Gross is more favourable to the agent by about 20%

The Property Manager at DoL is John Langman at the National Office Wellington, the word is that he will not deal with any other Real Estate Agency.

Is this another ACC style property rort? And isn’t it curious that it features one of the main players of the nice bunch of six good mates.