Sending foreign ratbags home…just like the Aussies do

I can’t hardly wait for Labour to be outraged over this and cuddle these foreign criminals.

More than 400 people have been deported for a criminal offence in the past five years – the majority from Samoa, China and Tonga – with those on home detention likely sent home before their time is up.

Data released by Immigration New Zealand under the Official Information Act revealed 415 were deported in the time period between the start of 2011 and September 8 this year.

Samoans accounted for the highest number of these deported for a criminal offence, 73 in the same time period, followed by 62 Chinese and 39 Tongans.

INZ refused to divulge the details of their crimes because the information wasn’t available “without substantial collation or research”.v

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Missing million? One more found – 999,998 to go

A tennis coach jailed in the US for soliciting sexually explicit photographs from a youth player is being lined up for deportation to New Zealand.

Rex Haultain, who was born in New Zealand and became an American citizen in 2012, was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison and ordered to pay US$15,000 ($21,000) restitution after pleading guilty to one count of soliciting child pornography.

Missouri-based Haultain was indicted by a federal grand jury for the District of Kansas on February 13, 2013.

The latest court documents, from September 12, now show the child porn offender is trying to fight the US Government’s move to withdraw citizenship and ultimately open the way for deportation to New Zealand.

On October 15 last year a trial attorney with the Office of Immigration Litigation – a division of the Department of Justice – filed a complaint to “revoke Haultain’s naturalisation”. Read more »

Calling the Labour MP for Australia Mr Davis… Mr Davis, your constituents need you


A group of Kiwis deported after the riots on Christmas Island last year are scared Australia might extradite them to face charges.

Newshub understands police have stepped up their monitoring of the 12 men — and one says he was told Australian police want to talk to him over his alleged role in the riots. Read more »

Calling Kelvin Davis: you’re needed in Australia again

Facebook via Stuff

Facebook via Stuff

New Zealand-born Wiremu Hepara Perry has been?jailed in Australia?for trying to extort A$72,000 (NZ$80,300) from a?restaurant owner and is at risk of deportation from Australia.

A Rebels bikie, Perry was hired in 2013?by construction company owner John Andrew Coyne to get money from the owner of Perth’s?Chik and?Kent and Cinnamon Club, The West Australian reported.

The victim had paid Coyne A$650,000 for renovation work but an additional payment was disputed.

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Fatty?s other problem


Kim Dotcom might like to play the bravado card, but he still has another little immigration problem to deal with.

While Kim Dotcom may be vowing to fight his extradition all the way to the Supreme Court, he faces another challenge: potentially losing his residency and being deported.

Immigration New Zealand has confirmed Dotcom’s permanent residency status was still being investigated. ? Read more »

NZ crim deportation: It?s Labour that are the hypocrites, not the Government

The government is being accused of hypocrisy over deportations:

New Zealand’s government is hypocritical to depict Australia as villains when it too has begun a deportation crackdown on people who haven’t committed a crime, an immigration lawyer says.

More than 30 people have been threatened with deportation since a low-profile clampdown on immigrants.

In what is believed to be the first case following a law change in May, an entire family is now facing deportation for an immigration matter that has never gone to court.

Lavinia Hea got married in Tonga in 2010 but she did not tell her father.

That fateful decision means that five years later, not only she – but also her father, siblings and their children – face deportation, because her marriage was not recorded on the family’s residence application.

“I had no idea that being married does affect my visa status,” she said. ?? Read more »

So why doesn’t Labour care about this person’s deportation to New Zealand?

A 59-year old Australian teacher with dual New Zealand citizenship is to be deported from Thailand following his arrest in the country’s north on suspicion of child sex offences.

Peter Dundas Walbran, originally from Sydney, has been held in immigration detention cells in Bangkok since his December 9 arrest in the northeastern town of Ubon Ratchthani, 600 kilometres away, where he taught at a local international school.

Investigators say the deportation is expected to take place late on Friday as Thai police re-examine some of the digital media recovered from his apartment on the day of his arrest.

If they find anything illegal on his computer hard drive, they could have him extradited from New Zealand. But so far they haven’t found anything incriminating that would lead to charges in Thailand. Read more »

Piss off and here’s your bill for being a drop kick

The Aussies have billed a?violent thug for the costs of his deportation.

Johnny Anderson said he received the bill from Australia’s Immigration Department, for the costs of flying him from the detention centre to Perth last Thursday and on to Auckland by charter flight with 14 other deportees yesterday.

Yesterday, Justice Minister Amy Adams said she accepted Australia’s assurances that no deportee would be required to pay any charge.

She also accepted the assurance that no person’s appeal against being deported would be prejudiced once they were back in New Zealand.

The discussion arose after a form to be signed by deportees came to light, which said they would incur a debt for removal and any appeal could be discontinued once they were in New Zealand. ?? Read more »

Another deported criminal returns and is arrested for new crimes

Another of Labour’s career criminals has offended upon arrival back in New Zealand.

Adam Drollett left NZ with his family, aged three, and established his criminal career in Australia.

In his early 30s, at the end of a seven year jail sentence for robbery, he was deported from Australia to his country of birth, escorted through customs, then freed.

Six weeks later he robbed a bank.

Drollett’s lawyer says he was not given any information about getting an income, social services, “or any support whatsoever”.

In Wellington District Court on Friday Drollett was sentenced to five years and six months’ jail on charges that included two bank robberies and trying to escape from a courtroom dock while he had a sharpened tent peg. He has to serve at least half the sentence before he can be considered for parole.

His lawyer, Chris Nicholls, asked for the focus to turn to rehabilitation, for Drollett’s sake and for the public’s. “He is stuck with us and we are stuck with him.”

However, Crown lawyer Matthew Ferrier said that even in Australia, where Drollett presumably did have support, since age 17 he had spent just one year out of prison. Serious violent crime was a way of life.

Because Drollett, full name Adam Paora Tama Ikureo Drollett, now 33, had tried to escape his sentencing took place in a secure courtroom in the basement of the Wellington District Court.

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Not a Labour supporter then?

Labour, through Andrew Little and Kelvin Davis, went all in on crim hugging on behalf of Kiwi criminals in Australia.

It may be that they were looking for some of the missing million in prison cells in Australia.

But it seems not all criminals deported by Australia are upset about the whole process, one of them even thanking the Aussies for getting rid of her.

The woman kicked out of Australia with the title of ‘human crime wave’ says getting deported was the best thing to ever happen to her.

Auckland-born Patricia Toia, 38, was deported in 2009 after losing her final appeal to remain, ending a five-year legal battle to stay there.

But since then, she has spent the last six years in work.

Toia lived in Australia from the age of one. From the age of 15 she racked up a 30-page criminal record.

She has been jailed 30 times, committed a further 56 offences behind bars and has been banned from driving in Australia until 2060.

Australia first tried to deport her in 2004, when it cancelled her visa on the grounds that she failed a character test. Her own lawyer called her a “human crime wave”. ? Read more »