Derek Walcott

EXCLUSIVE – Bevan speaks out against nasty Brown smears


Bevan Chuang at an undisclosed location

By Stephen Cook

The woman at the centre of the Len Brown sex saga is denying suggestions beaten mayoral candidate John Palino pressured her to go public with details of the affair ? but did confirm she was friends with his campaign advisor.

A defiant Bevan Chuang today accused ?certain political factions? of running a ?dirty tricks campaign? aimed at exposing her as some sort of hussy or charlatan.

She said in the past 24 hours she had been told there were ?half-naked? photographs of her circulating and emails doing the rounds suggesting she was some sort of ?party girl?.

All of it, she said, was designed to sway public opinion back towards Brown who she believed should stand down as mayor and ?focus on his family?. ? Read more »