Native advertising? Yep

Read this article in?the?NZ Herald from yesterday…it makes you wonder how this is even news.

Canadian migrant Genevieve Westcott remembers the 20.5 per cent mortgage rates of the 1980s.

“When we first came to New Zealand in the mid-80s, we had planned to stay for just a year to sample the Antipodean delights. We had left behind a beautiful house in Vancouver. We were horrified at the mortgage rates in God’s Own. In 1987, when I was headhunted back to Canada, the mortgage rate had peaked at 20.5 per cent compared to Canada where the rate was 9.75 per cent for a one-year fixed mortgage. We didn’t waste any time buying a new home in Toronto,” the broadcast journalist remembers.

But by 1991, she had returned here, buying a sprawling villa in Devonport’s Summer St where she lived for 17 happy years.

“Our mortgage rate then, as I recall, was about 14.5 per cent. Luckily we brought Canadian funds with us from the sale of a Toronto home to bolster our purchase. But we still had to go to the bank and it took us a few years to pay off the mortgage. We had quite a party to celebrate when the momentous day arrived.

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Oh dear how embarrassing.

A 45kg torpedo has been accidentally discharged at a nuclear dockyard during a training exercise, narrowly avoiding causing a serious accident.

Navy bosses have launched an investigation into the blunder, which took place during a training drill at Devonport naval base in Plymouth on Wednesday afternoon.

Workers watched as the projectile shot out of HMS Argyll and flew 200 yards through the air before blasting a hole in a security fence and slamming into a storage container.

The torpedo was an unarmed version used for training, so it did not explode and merely thudded into the metal container.

Nobody was hurt in the incident, which took place at the port where Britain’s Vanguard-class nuclear submarines are refuelled and repaired.

The Ministry of Defence refused to say whether or not any of the submarines were at Devonport at the time of the accident.? Read more »

When will whinging retailers understand their business model is flawed?

A Devonport retailer is closing down and blaming online retail for her demise and the lack of GST on offshore purchases.

Devonport has always traded on its Englishness, with British street names and a quaint seaside village atmosphere.

But it’s the British-born residents that at least one retailer is blaming for the downturn in her business.

“One English lady came into the store bragging that she’d bought all her Christmas presents online at Marks & Spencer, which included free freight to New Zealand,” says Abigail’s owner, Di Francis, at her closing-down sale. “It pissed me off, really.”

It’s the latest case where increasing online sales are said to be forcing the demise of traditional stores.

This is utter bullshit. Even pommy bastard immigrants want a bargain and Devonport stores scalping their customers via massive margins isn’t a bargain. ? Read more »

Will Labour?s affordable housing look like this?

Free hundy for a one beddie, and Free Fiddy for a free beddie. For that, you get to live in the worst suburb in the Wellington Region (Pomare) with Mongrel Mob gang members as neighbours. The most feared words in Pomare will be “Yo bro, I’m yo new neighbah”

While pricing is still being worked out, “we’re trying to do some affordable housing.

“We’re not trying to turn this into an Avalon or a Military Rd . . . we can’t do that.”

The aim is to provide two- bedroom, one-bathroom, one- garage 96sqm homes on a 250sqm section for about $300,000. Three- bed, two-bath, two-garage 118sqm places on larger sections could go for $350,000 to $375,000.

The three HNZ Star flats – each with 12 two-bedroom units – would remain, perhaps with some extra decking.



I?m sure the Gen Y buyers wanting Herne Bay and Devonport might be disappointed when they see what the Government can really do for $300k in the Auckland region.? Read more »

Face of the Day

These two look like they have bit off more than they can chew sliding down North Head at Devonport.