Dick Quax

Goff backs out of another election promise. Same as it ever was


No surprises here, a weasel?politician breaks his election promise just one month into the job.

Just one month into the new Phil Goff mayoralty and already he will be disappointing his followers with what appears to be a back down on his strong position on the hustings that he would force the Ports of Auckland to stop using the wharf for motor vehicle importation and relocate that business to North Port.

In his Letter of Expectation to the Chair and Board of Auckland Investments Limited, the Council Controlled Organisation which owns and manages the Councils investment in the Ports of Auckland, he directs ACIL to “investigate with the Ports and any other relevant parties on how the adverse impact of motor vehicles stored on the wharves can be reduced or eliminated.” ? Read more »

Duco?s Lonergan is picking fights he can?t win


Dean Lonergan seems to be displaying all the traits of someone who has taken too many blows to the head.

Now he is taking on a senior Councillor at Auckland Council.

The Joseph Parker heavyweight world title fight is veering into a slugfest between promoter Dean Lonergan and Olympian Dick Quax.

Quax, who won silver over 5000m at the 1976 Olympics, and Lonergan, a former rugby league second-rower, have been trading blows over ratepayer money for the on-again, off-again, on-again Joseph Parker v Any Ruiz boxing fight in Auckland.

The latest round has seen Quax – an Auckland councillor these days – welcoming the prospect of sky high pay-per-view prices of between $70 and $100 as the “market price, not a price subsidised by the Auckland ratepayers”.

“That’s a problem?”, said the pro-market and Act Party member.

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Up-zoning causing uproar in suburbia

Auckland Council’s knee jerk decision to up-zone more of Auckland for intensive housing has riled Howick locals and Local Councillors Dick Quax and Sharon Stewart are also peeved off. They weren’t part of the decision process and so they have good reason for spitting tacks.

The possibility that Howick village could in time be hemmed in along its northern side by three-storey residential buildings is expected to create widespread anger, according to Howick Ward councillors, Dick Quax and Sharon Stewart who have taken no part in the plan change. Maps of up-zoning decisions made behind closed doors by Auckland Council?s Unitary Plan Committee have been released in confidence to the councillors, but were leaked last week to the New Zealand Herald newspaper. Neither Mr Quax nor Mrs Stewart are members of the committee. Mr Quax says widespread changes are being made with no community consultation and without any submissions asking for those changes. According to the leaked report the Howick village change involves up-zoning the northern end of Ridge Road from the corner of Bleakhouse Road and around Howick Village to Sale Street.

Changing from ?mixed housing suburban? to ?mixed housing urban? gives potential for the development of buildings 10 metres high (plus one metre for a portion of the roof) – or three storeys.

Under mixed housing urban, developments would require resource consent, could be declined and could be notified. Mr Quax says the important fact is that some sight lines will be lost, although he acknowledges that under the PAUP (proposed Auckland Unitary Plan) the council is obliged to protect view shafts, such as that around Crawford Reserve. He and Mrs Stewart are also angry at another proposed change in the leaked report which involves up-zoning both sides of Pakuranga Road, from the Pakuranga Plaza to Aviemore Drive from ?mixed housing urban? to ?terrace house and apartment building? (THAB). The change has been made on the strength of just one submission, Mr Quax says and no consultation. ? Read more »

Auckland Future’s Lack of Candidates

The nascent Auckland Future appears to have been soundly rejected by the current right wingers on council.

So far we have?been able to confirm that Councillors Wood, Quax & Stewart will not be joining. Cr Krum is concerned that Auckland Future will damage her chances in a tight election, and is also concerned that they will try to force her into policies that please Nikki Kaye voters but do not please Denise Krum voters. None of the new right wing candidates I know?about, declared or undeclared, are intending to join.

Chris Fletcher may join but is sitting on the fence (like she has always done) and waiting to see what is happening.

Desley ?Anastasia? Simpson, running in Orakei, is going to join, and the opportunist and all round dopey bastard Calum Penrose may be signed up. Penrose is likely to do what Noelene Raffils did with C&R, refuse to contribute to their campaign fund but leverage off their brand. ?? Read more »

And they think that is going to save them? [UPDATED]

Some Auckland councillors think that abstaining from a vote means they didn’t make one and can’t be blamed for the consequences.

That’s so dumb its incomprehensible.

It’s like saying the dog ate one’s homework.

Not voting – abstaining – is still supporting the Mayor. It just comes with a bit of posturing. The result will still be a win for the Mayor’s budget.

And being scared by Stephen Town into believing that there will be dire financial consequences?

That’s even dumber.

Several Auckland councillors are expected to abstain from a budget vote this week to avoid plunging the Super City into a financial crisis.

Mayor Len Brown looks set to pass his new 10-year, $60 billion budget with less than half the votes of his council at Thursday’s governing body meeting.

He will get there after councillors were told the consequences of not passing the budget by chief executive Stephen Town and chief finance officer Sue Tindall over lunch last Thursday.

Councillors attending the lunch said the consequences were dire. ? Read more »

Never apologise to trolls

I can’t stand it when after some trolling and baiting by left wing ranters a centre right politician reacts and then gets hounded for an apology.

The media chase down the politician and then the fool apologises.

Never apologise to trolls, especially after you gave?them a hiding online.

Controversial Auckland Councillor Dick Quax says he regrets a social media outburst where he suggested to a member of the public it may have been better if they were never born.

Quax says he was “too quick off the mark” in responding to a post from a Facebook user who called him a nutter, and later accused him of having a mental breakdown.

The comments were made after Quax posted a link to Facebook in support of the charter school system, to which Josh Phoenix replied saying ?religious nutcases brainwashing children is not education?. ?? Read more »


The 15 councillors that need voting out after imposing a poll tax on Auckland

Yesterday 15 councillors and unelected Maori representatives, including Len Brown voted to increase Aucklanders rates by 9.9% despite promises from Len Brown to limit rates rises to just 2.5%.

These are the 15 who need rinsing at next year’s local body elections. They are dead to citizens of Auckland. Useless. A waste of space. If only we had recall legislation.

Mayor Len Brown, deputy mayor Penny Hulse, Penny Webster, Arthur Anae, Cathy Casey, Bill Cashmore, Linda Cooper, Chris Darby, Alf Filipaina, Chris Fletcher, Mike Lee, Calum Penrose, Wayne Walker and Maori Statutory Board members David Taipari and Glen Wilcox voted for the increase.

These people need to be voted out.

They are completely out of touch with the feelings of the ratepayers. Those ratepayers need to ensure they are never in the position to rape our pockets again.

Those who votes against should be rewarded.

Cameron Brewer, Ross Clow, Denise Krum, Dick Quax, Sharon Stewart, John Watson and George Wood voted against the rises.

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Outraged? Come on first world problems people

Some people have nothing better to do other than be outraged.

This time is is over tweets from Dick Quax, especially one where he basically says Glen Innes is a crime suburb.

Auckland councillor Dick Quax has been causing a stir online with flippant comments about public transport and the regular presence of police in an Auckland suburb.

The Howick councillor and former Olympian, who describes himself as “pragmatic and moderate” on his Twitter page, sparked a lengthy debate on the social media site after several tweets to his 339 followers.

In one tweet on Friday, he appeared to suggest a nearby suburb was crime-ridden: “Police helicopter ‘Eagle’ now declared official bird of Glen Innes,” he said.

Some people responded with surprise, saying it was “unbelievable” and a “disgraceful” comment by an elected official.

Mr Quax defended his tweet yesterday, saying it was a personal observation which was accurate.

“In fact, the police helicopter was up there last night for another half-hour. It’s more common than anywhere else it appears.

“I don’t know if it’s got a high crime rate or not but it does seem the police helicopter does spend a lot of time there. You might want to check with police if it’s one of the areas they spend more time.”

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Len Brown’s next scandal: secretive unitary plan provisions that pander to Maori

3 News reports

Documents released to 3 News have revealed accusations of subterfuge by Auckland Council over a controversial part of its Unitary Plan.

What’s more surprising, the attack comes from within, from councillors who say radical and far-reaching provisions have been sneaked through by officials with little discussion. But the council strongly denies the accusations.

Auckland’s unitary plan has earmarked 3600 sites as possibly having cultural significance.

“Some of them were basically middens, a few shells where somebody had a feed of pipis maybe 200 years ago, and all of a sudden it becomes an archaeological site of value,” says Auckland Councillor Dick Quax.

House owners nearby who want resource consent might now have to pay iwi for a cultural impact assessment.

“It’s part of a precautionary process to make sure we don’t destroy sites without knowing what their cultural values are,” says Auckland Council chief planning officer Roger Blakeley.

The real problem is that there is no public visibility of where these sites are. ?Your house could be right on top of one now, and thanks to the Auckland unitary plan, you now have to consult all iwi before you can dig your goldfish pond. ?And no, I’m not kidding. ? Read more »

Len Brown breaks yet another promise, ratchets rates ever higher

Len Brown has become the lying Mayor.

Another of his election promises has gone by the wayside as his council keeps on increasing rates rather than reining in spending.

Auckland Council’s budget committee has voted 16-7 for a proposal to increase rates by 3.5 per cent for each year of a new 10-year budget.

The proposal got the backing of Mayor Len Brown, who promised voters to hold rates at 2.5 per cent this term.

This is on top of the massive rates rises of the last 3 years, some way more than 10% but capped under now expired legislation. Remember too that this is average rates rises of 3.5%, there will be some with even higher rates rises.

These are the tax, spend and hope councillors.

For a 3.5 per cent increase: Len Brown, Penny Webster, Arthur Anae, Cathy Casey, Bill Cashmore, Ross Clow, Linda Cooper, Chris Darby, Alf Filipaina, Penny Hulse, Mike Lee, Calum Penrose, John Walker, Wayne Walker and Maori Statutory Board members David Taipari and John Tamihere.

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