It doesn’t pay to be an attention whore

Nobody likes an attention seeker or a show off, unless the opportunity to mock them arises.

A Detroit sportsfan on his way to a hockey game ended up hitting the ice himself when he tried photobombing a live news broadcast and wiped out.

As WJBK reporter Jennifer Hammond urged viewers to come down to Comerica Park for the Hockeytown Winter Festival on Tuesday when the mischievous man in a Red Wings jersey leaped behind her and flailed his arms before tumbling down.

The man appeared uninjured and got right back up as someone who appeared to be a chuckling friend came into the shot.

Also laughing were the?WJBK?studio anchors when Hammond turned things over to them. – Mail Online


#UTU – Like being savaged by a toothless Chihuahua


Aaron Gilmore will be giving his valedictory speech shortly…I can’t hardly wait.

I’m reliably informed that he is going to name me.? Read more »


#UTU Threats – I’ve had a few

Aaron Wayne Gilmore has made a few threats.

“threats.. I’ve had a few… it’s time to draw, poor Aaron’s curtain”

On one of the many versions of his CV he revealed he was?”named after the great Elvis Aaron Presley”

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A foolish man builds his house upon the sand

Gilmore - Houses Built On Sand

So Aaron Gilmore is issuing threats…big deal…there is plenty more on him should he decide to go nuclear.

Like his sudden re-writing of history or deletion in this case😕 Read more »

Sick of Aaron Gilmore? How do you think he is feeling?

If there is one person in the country that would like to be someone else today, it would have to be Aaron Gilmore. ?I suspect he’s gotten very little sleep, unless he leaned on his friend Dionysus?for support.

And to be honest, apart from upsetting all of your colleagues, the Prime?Minister?and the party ?leader, you really don’t want to make an enemy out of Batman.


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The actual TXT log between Aaron and Andrew

Care of Stuff:


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Aaron, compliments of Whaleoil, your new business card is ready

New Business Card

Place your bets: Who will be crying at the end of the day? Gilmore or Riches?

via Twitter

via Twitter

Well, hasn’t this become a total distraction today? ?What an utter prize cock Aaron Gilmore is. ?He’s not only an arrogant clown, he’s also deeply, deeply stupid.

Let’s see how it all unfolded




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Tweets, memes and other Aaron Gilmore black humour

I’m not the only one to have gotten busy with Photoshop. ?Here are a few more that have come in via the Tipline. ?Gilmore is a dead duck. ?Problem is, he’s the only one in the whole country who doesn’t know it yet.

Hurry up boy. ?Time for your own Walk of Shame.

the batman

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Don’t quit Aaron!!! Whaleoil has a solution for you!