Gareth Morgan fails on evidence

Gareth Morgan shows his political naivety in his recent email?to people signed up for his spam.

He keeps going on about evidence:

3. Stick to the Evidence
If you disagree with someone, it might be because you don?t think their idea will work. If that is the case, tell them why. Cite the evidence if you can; that is the great thing about the internet, this stuff is so easy to find.

Yet appears not to have seen the evidence in front of his eyes.

At the end of the day, everyone is equal; one person one vote. The Opportunities Party only needs 100,000 votes to make it into Parliament. We don?t need to convince the whole country.

Well Gareth, good luck at getting into parliament on 100,000 votes. 100,000 votes has never been enough to get into parliament under MMP. ? Read more »

Dickhead candidate gets his beans

Local body politicians are prone to grandiose schemes and even more grandiose statements that boil down to nothing but hot air.

Latterly they like to push out their grandiosity on Facebook believing, wrongly, that Facebook likes are votes.

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Shane Warne proves what we have always known: he is a dickhead

Shane Warne is a dickhead, and now he’s proved it.

Shane Warne has explained his theory of human evolution on Australian TV showI’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!.

The former spin king used the latest episode to espouse his theory on evolution – that humans are the result of aliens.

“If we’ve evolved from monkeys why haven’t those ones evolved?” he asks.

“I’m saying aliens. We started from aliens.” ? Read more »

Halfwit mayor Andrew Judd thinks being called a halfwit is hate speech, now he is just being a dickhead

The halfwit Mayor of New Plymouth has gone full retard thinking that me calling him a halfwit is hate speech.

A right wing blogger has labelled New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd a “halfwit” following the referendum on Maori wards.

Establishing a Maori ward for the district was voted down in a landslide on Friday, with 83 per cent of people voting against and only 17 per cent in favour.

Online commentary and debate came quick in wake of the decision with Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater even calling for Judd’s head to roll.

“The halfwit Mayor in New Plymouth just can’t accept the result of a referendum he forced,” Slater said on his website.

“Instead of resigning, which an honourable man would do, he is now proposing other half baked solutions which will likely end up in the same place as his previous one?He should just resign and go lick his wounds in private ? this wailing about a democratic result is pathetic,” Slater said in a post on his website.

Slater was one of hundreds who posted their thoughts across social media platforms and, like the poll results show, many were happy with the way it went.

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The halfwit Mayor in New Plymouth really should take the honourable course and resign

The halfwit Mayor in New Plymouth just can’t accept the result of a referendum he forced.

It has really ripped his undies. Instead of resigning which an honourable man would do, he is now proposing other half-baked solutions which will likely end up in the same place as his previous one.

New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd has taken his fight for Maori representation a step further, calling for a law change so up to half of all councillors in New Zealand are Maori.

Judd, already fighting critics over his council’s plans to create a Maori ward, believes there should be more Maori representation across the country to better reflect the Treaty of Waitangi.

“The reasonable interpretation of the Treaty is that you would have fifty-fifty representation around the table,” Judd said.

“We should be incorporating the Maori perspective around council tables, and ultimately that would mean up to half the representation each.”

In September the New Plymouth District Council narrowly voted for the creation of a Maori ward seat, but the move has not been without conflict. ?? Read more »

Chester Borrows finally comes good

For years everyone in the VRWC has thought Chester Borrows is in the wrong party.

He is a crim hugging defence lawyer who?doesn’t believe in stringing up really bad bastards, and would prefer to talk to them about their “mummy issues” and crap like that.

So it is surprising that Chester Borrows shows the wit to tell the morons at WorkSafe who were buggering up duck hunting across the country that they need to stop being dickheads.

Whanganui MP Borrows told his local paper that “d***head bureaucrats” had adopted an unbending stance to enforcing health and safety rules, which had led to growing concern about the regulations.

A farmer had been issued an infringement notice because five quad bikes helmets had each been hanging on a wall behind a bike, not on the bikes themselves.

This is the undoubted highlight of Chester Borrow?s political career.

He has managed to talk the language of the common man and say exactly what the common man thinks.

He can be expected to hold his seat for life, because just about everyone thinks that dickhead bureaucrats are dickheads and need to be called dickheads. ? Read more »

John Key has a no dickheads rule too

All good team captains, coaches and politicians have a “no dickheads” rule.

I do, I won’t work with dickheads…and I tell them that.

It looks like John Key has a no dickheads rule.

Prime Minister John Key says there is “zero” chance of Aaron Gilmore?returning to Parliament.

Gilmore, a former National Party back-bencher, reluctantly quit in?2013 over a boozy night in Hanmer Springs.

It was claimed he abused a waiter, demanding “don’t you know who I am?” and threatened to have Key intervene to have the man sacked. He also allegedly called the waiter a dickhead. Gilmore denied the allegations, but later apologised for his behaviour.

“I’m sorry for my arrogance and rudeness to the barman when I was leaving the restaurant,” Gilmore said. ?? Read more »

Mediaworks, The Edge staff & competition winners piss off an entire plane of people

Travel at the best of times is frustrating. I have done more than enough of it to choose not to travel unless I absolutely have to.

What with people thinking that traveling with a baby moments after its birth, taking rug rats screaming all the way through airports to sit behind you and kick your seat incessantly, and the interminable waiting, queuing and security checks, travel actually sucks.

It is a brutal necessity to get somewhere nice.

The arm rest stealer…ok I’m one of those, but dare anyone to take it off me. The prick who climbs out of his seat by hauling on your seat back. The weak bladdered sook who sits by the window and has to climb over everyone to get out 5 times on a 3 hour flight…yes travel sucks.

But occasionally you wind up surround by complete cocks.

What’s more they were all be-decked in t-shirts emblazoned with The Edge radio station, wearing id cards of some sort as well. Something about a red card. Some were staff…I know because they were loudly telling everyone they were, where they worked, what they did and what goats their bosses were.

Anyway they were acting like cocks before they got on the plane, running and cavorting down access-ways, one fool, a staff member was even in bare-feet after some other fool broke his jandals…kicking them around the airport like soccer balls.

They were the last to board and I had the misfortune to have 3 of them immediately behind me.

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Violating the no dickhead rule

Sydney Morning Herald

This Aussie rower violates the no dickheads rule:

Australian rower Josh Booth was detained by police for allegedly causing damage to a shopfront near London last night.

Australian chef de mission Nick Green said Booth fainted while at the police station and was taken to hospital. He was released a short time later and was not subsequently charged by police.

“We understand there was alcohol involved,” Green, who received a phone call about the incident at 3am London time (noon AEST) today, said.

Booth is a member of Australia’s men’s eight rowing team, which finished sixth in the six-crew final of the men’s eight at Lake Dorney, Eton yesterday.

Green described the matter as an “unfortunate incident” but said he would wait until the matter had been closed by police before determining any disciplinary measures against Booth. He said Booth was now back at the rowing athletes’ village near Eton Dorney. Green added that he was not aware if Booth had been on his own when the incident allegedly occurred or with Australian crewmates.

No dickheads rule

? Sydney Morning Herald

Peter FitzSimons identifies another team that has a “no dickheads” rule:

Storm player Ryan Hoffman on what makes them tick:?”There’s a distinct ‘no dickheads’ policy when it comes to recruiting, although a chequered past is not an insurmountable hurdle for the growing numbers of players seeking to get to Storm, to find out if their fabled system, a saviour for so many, works.”

And another that doesn’t:

Western Bulldogs ruckman Will Minson to Port Adelaide midfielder Danyle Pearce:?”I f—ed your mother for half an hour last night.”?If all clubs had the ”no dickheads” policy, he would starve.