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Government sacks Selwyn College Board

Selwyn College, deservedly, has the reputation as a school of lefty wombles, more interested in cuddles and hugs than academic outcomes. People try to avoid sending their kids there like we all try to avoid cancer.

Well, Education Minister Anne Tolley made the announcement this afternoon following an Education Review Office finding that called for more intervention that she is sacking the Board of Trustees and appointing a Commissioner to run the wayward school.

I think the last time a Board of Trustees was sacked was by Lange at a Nga Tapuwae school in South Auckland (Now renamed Southern Cross Campus). At the time he appointed my old Headmaster John Graham as Commissioner.

If I was a LPG voter

If I was a Labour or Progressive or Green Voter looking at the corruption and graft allegations swirling around Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode and Helen Clark these would be my thoughts;

  1. Labour are horribly compromised with their association witht he corrupt NZ First party
  2. Being associated with Labour is like having cancer right now
  3. The only left wing party that can hold its head up high clear of graft and corruption is the Greens
  4. The only party that deserves my vote is the Green party

Further I would urge Jeanette Fitzsimons and Russel Norman to urgently convene the Greens causcus and decide that on the basis of being associated with the corruption and graft of NZ First and Labour will damage the reputaions of all those linked to them then for the sake of the party and for the sake of good Green policy making then they should pull support for the Emmissions Trading Scam. Any law now passed under urgency by a government mired in corruption will rightly be condemned.

It would be best that the Greens pull support and pledge to work with National to introduce an ETS that is environmentally sound and economically sensible for the sake of New Zealand.

The Greens should now be making a play to become the official opposition after the election by calling on all sensible left leaning voters sickened by the corruption and graft of the Peters/Clark ministry to give their party vote to the Greens.

Clarks desperate bid for something good leaves bad taste

Cancer jab to save 30 a year – New Zealand news on Stuff.co.nz

Helen Clark has annouced a spend up on womens health again. This time it is to spend $177 million per annum to save 30 women per annum. Sounds admirable doesn’t it, that is until you see the major disparities between womens health and mens health.

Currently women get breast screening, cervical screening and now a “vaccine” to protect them from HPV the virus that causes Cervical cancer, men on the other hand get nothing. To make matters worse the number of men who die each year from prostrate cancer is over 600, more than 20 times the occurrence of women with cervical cancer. Prostate Cancer is our third biggest killer.

The real story behind this vaccine is actually not health related but related almost entirely to the liberal promotion of promiscuity as a valid life style, but when you eigh up the health benefits against those of other cancers it would seem that the government actually doesn’t care about mens health.

In fact the amount of resources deployed into womens health vs. mens health is almost criminal in it sexism. Pretty much if you are a bloke the government doesn’t care and you get to die from a preventable and treatable cancer that kills more than 600 per annum. Only about 200 women contract Cervical Cancer per annum and about 66 die from it. It seems we are applying money in the wrong place to get the most bang for our buck.

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Charles Ashe MP and Movember

Charles Ashe Mp is a big fan of "prostrate cancer"….he sports an impressive Mo' for Movember.