Diego Chavez

The man is an idiot, needs to spend some time in the pokey


The lunatic who pushed and spat at Paul Henry is also the same man who spray painted the Mediaworks building the same day he was found guilty of attacking Henry.

A man who defaced the MediaWorks building with anti-Paul Henry graffiti was the same man found guilty of shoving and spitting at him, it can now be revealed.

The incident at the Flower St premises came just hours after 35-year-old Diego Chavez was found guilty of assaulting the controversial presenter on December 2. ? Read more »

Paul Henry assault accused has zero contrition and may get off


…[T]he court heard from Mr Henry who said he was suddenly confronted by a screaming mob of semi-deranged people as he was on the way to attend a charity lunch.

“It was very threatening, extraordinarily threatening,” he said.

“That’s the huge issue for me. It was very aggressive. A couple of them were screaming at me right in my face, literally just standing there right in my face. So the options were reducing and it felt like it was becoming more and more inflamed.”

Henry said he could not pick out exactly what was being said to him but thought he heard a chant of “mouthpiece of the rich”.

Then as he was shepherded away, he was allegedly attacked.

“From behind, someone spat on me and I was pushed. For me that was the final straw. People have a right to protest and expression is very important and should be upheld. But this was way beyond where people should go,” Henry said.

“The thing I mostly remember was being spat on, which is just such a vile thing to do.”

He told the court he did not want to show the impact the incident had on him. Read more »

Sue Bradford’s rent-a-thug charged with Paul Henry assault

The little scrote with a dago name who spat at and pushed Paul Henry has been charged with assault.

He claims Paul Henry deserved this attention because he is apparently a racist.

A man has appeared in court charged with assaulting broadcaster Paul Henry.

Diego Chavez, 34, faces two counts of assault, relating to an incident outside SkyCity Hotel where the Prime Minister was attending a post-Budget lunch with business leaders last month.

Chavez was among protesters outside the venue when Mr Henry arrived for an unrelated function.

A lawyer acting on Chavez’s behalf said he would plead not guilty, reports the New Zealand Herald.

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