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Photo: John and Jackie Knill, Courtesy of Knill family.

Photo: John and Jackie Knill, Courtesy of Knill family.

?Last Shot On The Memory Card

On?December 31, 2004, the body of John Knill was found; and on January 13, 2005, the body of Jackie Knill?was discovered?at a Thailand beach resort. They were two of the many victims killed from the December 26, 2004 tsunami. Weeks later, a Seattle man doing relief work found a damaged camera and discarded it but kept the memory card in the camera. After downloading the images he discovered pictures of the Knills enjoying their vacation, as well as shots of a huge wave approaching the shore. With each picture it shows the wave getting closer and closer to shore. The last picture taken of them before the wave hit (shown above) was shot just after 8.30 am on December 26.

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Labour's Focus?

Labour has spent over 80% of their effort not focusing on policy this year

Analysis of Labour Party Press Releases . by halfdone shows that over 80% of Labours time this year has been spent not focusing on policy.? I dont know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.? At least they cannot cause damage while they are focusing on the cockups they have made.

More damningly 2/3 of their press releases have been attacking National and/or Dr Brash.? That is a failed party focused on spin and power, not policy.

This needs traction – I would ask rightie bloggers to link directly to halfdone and get some wider coverage.? Well done halfdone.? The analysis is of Labour Party Press releases as opposed to Government press releases.