Danyl on Labour’s dodgy polling

Danyl McLauchlan is having a blinder. He has dropped the sarcasm and started blogging in a rather perspicacious manner.

His latest effort on the spin being pushed by Labour on the polling is interesting and answers a lot of questions about why it is that Labour can’t make any dents in National’s numbers.

My current theory of New Zealand politics is that the party voter bases look roughly like this:

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The TISOs, left media and Twitter terrorists are eating their own

Danyl at Dimpost writes:

Second day back at work and NZ Twitter is already the site of pointless feuds, the latest one causing one of the best journalists in the country to delete her account so she doesn?t have to engage with progressive activists any more.

He’s referring to Kirsty Johnston, the NZ Herald’s embedded education unionist and press release rewriter. ? Sorry, “one of the best journalists”.

She quit Twitter. ?She’s over it. ? Not because she’s been getting hounded by trolls or right-wing nut jobs, but because of their own team requiring group think, group speak and group conformance at all times.

And if you don’t?

Something I think most people don?t get about social-media pile-ons is that being the subject of one is disproportionately upsetting and aggravating in a way that?s hard to comprehend unless you?ve been there. I?ve been having debates and arguments and fights on social media for years, and gotten all sorts of weird abuse and threats for things I?ve written, and none of it really affects me. But having your timeline flood with insults and call-outs and criticism and snark from dozens of people all at once is really genuinely upsetting. I?m not sure why. But it is. Even if someone has a really good point to make it generally gets lost in all the noise and just contributes to the sense of being unfairly ganged-up on, usually over something trivial. Read more »

The left are either quitting, running away or being told to stop

Dimpost’s Danyl seems to be the latest one that’s down in the dumps

I?m not saying I?m taking a break from blogging, exactly, because every time I do that something really interesting happens that I want to blog about and I look like a doofus. But I?m taking a break from blogging unless something interesting happens.

Partly because this is because I?m busy with other stuff. But I?m also feeling despondent about left-wing politics: Labour is a horrible mess and looks to remain one, and the Greens couldn?t capitalise on Labour?s failure and grow their vote. It?s depressing.

This might sound solipsistic but I feel like some of the left?s problems stem from over-engagement with social-media. If you?re listening to and engaging with a cacophony of voices online it?s easy to lose touch with the silent but demographically much, much larger section of the population that aren?t commenting via blogs or twitter etc, and have very different priorities and concerns. So I?m part of the problem!

Ok, so you learned that the Internet isn’t the same as the real world. ?That’s a lesson learned. ?But you don’t give up. ?Yes, I know, you’re not giving up per se, but you’ve lost the energy.

I’ll tell you this much, I couldn’t lose this election. ?Either I got the government I wanted, or I got the government I wanted to blog about. ? Chin up – there’s work to be done! ? Read more »

What the Dimpost tracking poll means

? Dimpost Tracking Poll

National are rooted. I am not exactly sure where the 41.2% comes from but I do know what it means. A loss of six percent makes it near impossible for National to form a government, and means they will lose a large number of MPs and depending on how electorates play out, a large number of electorates.

Electorates may stay National if Labour and the Greens don?t do a deal to let Labour win some seats. Any seat with a National majority of under 5000 is at risk if the greens run a party vote only campaign, although at 41.2% we can expect a loss of about 350 x 6 = 2100 votes. 1% means roughly 350 votes and National got 47% at the last election.

We are in for a brutal Darwinian struggle for survival among the National MPs if these poll trends continue.

Graph of the Day

Dimpost provides our graph of the day.

It appears that not only do they suffer Key Derangement Syndrome but also Farrar Derangement Syndrome.

All those posts for the second most popular blog??

Dimpost on Labour

Danyl has taken to using photoshop for his messages.

Dimpost on Labour

As Matthew Hooton notes in the comments:

This Labour one lacks a sense of moral indignation among the people on the raft. And there is no sign of them being surrounded by the vast right-wing, non-Labour-left conspiracy (unless that is the wave about to crash over them).

Comment of the Week

from the comments on DimPost

Oh the hours of endless speculation? Personally, I reckon Labour?s campaign strategy is being run by a crew of demented P-addict gerbils with a KFC fetish, whilst playing Elton John and Queen simultaneously. Of course, the gerbils could be running ACT?s campaign; Labour may be guided by a crack team of lemmings?


An impossible fantasy

Dimpost blogs about his impossible fantasy:

Is that we get a Labour leader who could release a statement like this:

Labour Leader Phil Goff:

Last month I criticised the Security Intelligence Service for their failure to brief me on an investigation into an alleged Israeli spy operation in Christchurch.

Dr Warren Tucker, the director of the SIS, refutes this claim and has made statements and briefing papers available to the public defending his agency and himself.

I have no memory of these papers or the conversations he describes. However I am willing to take Dr Tucker at his word and put the matter behind us.



Quote of the Day

Danyl at Dimpost puts things in perspective:

Okay. So we?re spending money to promote tourism. At $10,000 you only need to persuade one or two additional families to visit New Zealand and you?ve recovered your costs.

Yep, precisely, Looks like another H-Fee own goal feed to the media by Labour.


Quote of the Day – Dimpost

The Dimpost is one of the few left blogs I read, and that is mainly because he shows no favours and is definitely not a lickspittle of Labour. Today his post made me laugh so much I almost pinched a bit out.

So there?s your choice New Zealand: asset sales, or a party that opposed the GST hike with a nationwide campaign called ?Axe the Tax? but refused to comment on whether they would axe the tax or not. Privatisation or a new Prime Minister whose flagship fiscal policy is to cap the salaries of a dozen public servants.

Labour are besides themselves at English?s suggestion: if they were really opposed to asset sales they?d sack their leader, feed his strategy team into a wood chipper and bury the remains at a crossroads at midnight. That way the country might have a genuine choice in the voting booth next year.

Nice to see some sanity rather than the Labour kite-flying and sloganeering of the rabid left.