Photo Of The Day

Photo: AP/Lawrence C. Jorgensen collection.

Photo: AP/Lawrence C. Jorgensen collection.

The Not So Great Escape

The exit of an escape tunnel from the Papago Park POW Camp.

Seventy years ago, late on a Saturday night and only two days before Christmas, all was quiet in Phoenix.

Above ground.

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Dirty Politics advertising opportunities


Here at Whaleoil we are very big on turning lemons into lemonade. Dirty politics is now a well known brand so I have turned my devious mind towards how best to turn it to advertisers advantage.

First up any products that get dirty would benefit from the Dirty Politics brand or any products that clean up dirt. Not that I can imagine Cameron promoting a vacuum cleaner but maybe if it was a Dyson.

I personally want a hot tub for outside so think that Cameron would be the perfect spokesperson for a hot tub company. He not only lands in hot water regularly, he revels in it. Cut to Cam relaxing in a steaming hot tub looking very pleased with himself while texting the Prime Minister or being interviewed by a harried looking MSM reporter.

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