Dirty Politics

Snowflake left moans about dirty politics, after their own dirty politics sets precedent

The snowflake left all fought hard for the right of a video producer to mock the government, ?but now that a decision has been made in the courts they are aghast that the decision opens up New Zealand for third party attack ads…like the very one they supported in the first place.

They are crying a river of tears over it.

Opposition parties fear attack advertisements will be a feature of this year’s general election campaign.

So it was OK at the?last election when the attack ads were against the government?

In October, the Court of Appeal ruled the Electoral Commission was wrong to have banned the satirical Planet Key song from being broadcast before the 2014 election.

The decision appears to have made it possible for private organisations and individuals to run election advertisements on radio and television. ? Read more »

When is a win… a win?

Lethargy won in Mt Albert.

It does show that Mt Albert is ripe for a bit of external campaign pressure. ?With that level of lethargy, anyone can take that electorate in September. ? But I doubt a party will bother as it will prefer to put energy into true marginals.

More importantly for Jacinda Ardern, it has elevated her profile once more. ?Little would be an idiot not to have her front and centre for the general election.


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Laila Harr? rejoins Labour, putting the dirty politics crew back together

Laila Harre

Labour is putting their dirty politics crew back together with?Laila Harr??announcing she is rejoining Labour and seeking nominations.

Rumours have been flying around for days and earlier yesterday we put it out there.

It was no surprise then that Andrea Vance, one of Nicky Hager’s go to media peeps, suddenly had an exclusive:

After 30 odd years, Laila Harre has re-joined the Labour Party – and she wants to be a Labour candidate at next year’s election.

“It’s been a while. It’s really great to be back,” says Ms Harre, who first joined Labour in 1982 at the tender age of 15.

It has been a varied, roller-coaster ride of a political career since then. ? Read more »

Dirty Politics by committee



We all know that Nicky Hager has told us that skillfully and effectively influencing the media to push a certain political agenda has only been achieved by the National Party. The National Party he said, were only able to achieve what they did with the help of influential and popular right-wing Bloggers who would hand interesting stories on a platter to journalists who were happy to take the credit and reduce their workloads. The Labour?Party?clearly read the book cover to cover because as we wrote about earlier this year they were canvassing their supporters by e-mail for sob stories on certain topics like housing which would then a few weeks later mysteriously appear in the media.

The Labour Party are not the only political group to think that if the right can influence voters then they can too. A group called ActionStation have decided to have a go at influencing the media themselves. Unlike the original Dirty Politics masters, however, they have eschewed dark smoke-filled rooms for their strategy sessions and have instead ?decided to plot by committee.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Poor little Nicky is upset


Nicky Hager really is a little weasel. He’s now whinged to the Department of Internal Affairs over the data release of phone records between me and Jason Ede.

He seems to be making a big fuss over the minutes of each call.

I received this email earlier today:

From: Katrina Taylor @ DIA
To: Cam SlaterRE: Information being released to Nicky Hager

Dear Mr Slater,

Mr Hager has contacted the Department and pointed out that we did not include in the information we sent to him the time of the calls and text messages, which was one of the details he had requested.

Time data was actually prepared for release to Mr Hager however an oversight on our part meant that it was not included in the information that was sent to him, or in the data sent to you.

Please find attached an updated table with the time data included.

I apologise for this oversight. The Department will be providing an updated appendix to Mr Hager next week.

Kind regards,


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Dirty Politics fail from Hillary supporters

Hillary supporters have been caught out doing lots of heavy duty Dirty Politics smears,setups, and forgeries. I fell for one the other day when I published what turned out to be a fake Podesta email. ?They have put fake emails on social media in an attempt to undermine the credibility of the real emails. It is an effective technique because it calls into question the legitimacy of the real emails. Luckily people can access the real e-mails and do a search of them to check if what they read is genuine.

Another common dirty politics technique ?in America is to do something bad and then frame the opposition for ?it. ?Hillary’s team sent in individuals ?to start fights during Trump rallies to frame Trump supporters as violent ?for example.

Yesterday I came across an article about an act of arson that has been blamed on Trump supporters but it is simply not believable ?and I will explain why.

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Real Dirty Politics: Good on ya Hillary…don’t let ethics get in the way of winning

dirty politics

I’m coming for yer guns!

The revelations of shenanigans from the Clinton campaign and associated parties like the DNC are making Nicky Hager’s and the Media party’s wailing over dirty politics look like nothing more than a push and shove at the sandpit of the local kindy.

The latest is that the DNC planted anti-gun people in a?townhall?meeting to set up questions, essentially using dead people to prove a point.

As the fiasco that is the 2016 Presidential Election draws to an inevitable close, gun control is once again becoming a major topic, after being back-burnered for most of the three Presidential debates.

This story from the Washington Times points out that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been walking a fine line on guns as she tries to lure independents and even Republicans away from her opponent, Donald Trump. Clinton has repeatedly called for new gun safety measures, such as expanded background checks, while reassuring voters that law-abiding gun owners won?t be targeting under would-be administration?calls that were repeated during the final debate.

However, it has been made clear that a Clinton administration would mean potentially tougher gun laws on a federal level with a lasting impact on Second Amendment rights. As the story points out, if she becomes president, she will be able to reshape the Supreme Court by appointing justices who are hostile against the Second Amendment, who could then help reverse past decisions like District of Columbia vs. Heller. ? Read more »

Dirty Politics? You ain’t seen nothing yet [Mandatory watching]

I can assure you that New Zealand is a backwater when it comes to this level of Dirty Politics. ? But it does happen at all levels at a much less intense and involved rate. ?? Read more »

Article on Stuff is a fantastic example of Dirty Politics


I know all about so-called Dirty Politics. I know how we define it and I know how ?the left define it. Either definition does not involve lying. Dirty politics is about getting a message into the media by?using a middle man/woman/blog or by having a good ?working relationship with a journalist. That message will be factual but designed to support a particular point of view in order to influence people. I call this spin, hence ?the term Spin Doctor.

Political parties have always found a way of getting their messages into the media which is why we say it’s not Dirty Politics it’s just plain old garden variety politics. The only difference ?I can see is that some spin doctors are more skilled ?and effective than others.

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Is it a smear campaign if it is the truth?


coat or mark (something) messily or carelessly with a greasy or sticky substance.
“his face was smeared with dirt”
synonyms: streak, smudge, stain, mark, soil, dirty; More
damage the reputation of (someone) by false accusations; slander.
“someone was trying to smear her by faking letters”
synonyms: sully, tarnish, besmirch, blacken, drag through the mud/mire, stain, taint, damage, defame, discredit, defile, vilify, malign, slander, libel, stigmatize, calumniate;

Is it a smear campaign if it is the truth?

It has always fascinated me reading on left wing blogs about what they call ” dirty politics smears” even when the subject of the so-called smear has admitted publicly that it was the truth. I refer of course to Len Brown. Whaleoil was described by them as being evil and dirty for revealing the truth about Len Brown’s behaviour and his use of council property and money to conduct his affair. Was it a real?smear though? Isn’t a smear dirty precisely because it is based on innuendo and gossip rather than substantiated facts like the signed affidavit that Whaleoil had in its possession?

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