Seriously? You have this guy talking about Maori leadership?


Maori politics is often confusing to an outsider. That?s why when a source in Wellington sent us this link to the upcoming Maori Public Health Symposium, it was worth a look.

It didn?t take long to see who they were concerned about ? my good friend Shane Kawenata Federick Bradbrook, who for some very very strange reason is talking about Maori public health leadership.

This trougher has been exposed again and again for refusing to get out of the trough.

Shane Kawenata Federick Bradbrook continues to be in denial about what he actually delivered for the $1.2 million that Te Reo Marama received ? and why the Ministry of Health axed their funding.

Instead he blames #DirtyPolitics.

Our source in Wellington is saying there?s a lot of unease about having Shane Kawenata Federick Bradbrook on the Public Health Association?s panel, especially when he?s been so discredited as someone who believes travelling around the world on the conference circuit is actually helping Maori.

Here?s how Shane Kawenata Federick Bradbrook is positioning himself;


He?s got one thing right, years of troughing off the taxpayer so he can race around the world saving Maori. Though I am still at a loss as to what the kaffiyeh means to Maori.

Still he’s been a warrior in the “tobacco resistance movement” if such a thing even exists anywhere else other than the fanciful delusions of Shane Kawenata Federick Bradbrook.

Maybe he?s going to talk about Nga Manukura (leadership) in troughing?

On thing is for sure, Maori have a great sense of humour, as they can?t be serious saying the ?Symposium will showcase the new wave of Maori public health leadership? when they have Shane Kawenata Federick Bradbrook involved.


Govt needs to ask: “What happened to the $16m?” #dirtypolitics


It?s always interesting that the deeper people get into the taxpayer-funded trough the more they feel they have the right to determine how other people should live their lives.

Trougher of the Year and frequent jet-setter Boyd Swinburn is one such person. ? Read more »

Attending the Decade of Dirt party? Bring your copy of #DIRTYPOLITICS


Nicky Hager – New Zealand’s Most Hated Person 2015, holds up the books he made from emails that didn’t belong to him.

It’s going at $2.99 on the Warehouse junk table these days. ?And people are still not buying it. ?However, if you got a paper copy, and you would like to make it much more valuable, bring your Dirty Politics book to the Decade of Dirt party, and Cam will sign it for you. ? Read more »

EXPOSED: Ministry of Health funded group running #dirtypolitics


State-funded group Agencies for Nutrition Action can now be exposed for running a campaign straight from the playbook of dirtypolitics.

Under the guise of reducing childhood obesity under the banner of #protectourkidsnz this trougher group has pulled together ?a group of motivated people? a group of other troughers to lobby for:

  1. Healthy food polices in all schools and early childhood services (?getting the tuckshop to match the classroom teaching?)
  2. Restrictions on junk food marketing to kids (?it is unethical to allow junk food ads targeting kids in the middle of a childhood obesity epidemic?)
  3. Taxes on sugary drinks (?to reduce consumption and provide funding for childhood obesity prevention programs?)

Some would say if that is what it takes to reduce obesity in kids, then that?s a good thing.

But that?s not the point.

It?s their covert lobbying strategy specifically designed to put heat on the Government and their paymasters at the Ministry of Health and the Health Research Council which will be their undoing.

Let?s break this down and see what they?re really pushing for: Read more »