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Maybe Campbell could do a segment?

After a pressure campaign by teachers unions, the Discovery Channel has knuckled under and canceled the program “Bad Teachers.” The true-crime series, which examines cases where teachers became sexually involved with their students, aired its only episode last week.

Steve Dembo, director of social media for the cable channel’s Discovery Education website, said in a statement Tuesday to the “millions of dedicated professionals” in education that “we share your concerns” with the Investigation Discovery program “Bad Teacher.”

“We appreciate the support of the educational community for bringing [their objections to the show] to our attention and we are pleased to share that Discovery Communications has decided to immediately cancel this program, removing it from ID’s on-air and online schedule,” Dembo said.

Typical teacher unions, don’t want the truth out there…you know because registered teachers are so trustworthy.? Read more »

My Strange Addiction

TLC (Discovery Channel) are doing a series on people and their odd addictions. ?There are the ones you would suspect if your mind is weird enough like mine, ao feel free to pop over and watch some episodes.

But this one really got me. ?Mattress eating.


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A blast from the past

Killer Cow attacks plane, pilot ok

Sharks get a bad rap, considred the pinnacle of killers they even have a whole week dedicated to them on Discovery Channel.

Yet cows and cattle kill far more people each year than sharks do.

Just yesterday Stuff reported an attack by a Killer Cow on an aircraft.

A top-dressing pilot has had a lucky escape after colliding with a cow during a takeoff from a rural Pahiatua airstrip this morning.

Police central communications acting shift commander Bruce Mackay said the collision resulted in undercarriage damage to the aircraft. ? Read more »


Stealing Pete’s cat videos…..


Killer Cow muscles in on Shark Week


The Cows have been sidelined as Discovery focuses on Shark Week, so not to be outdone they have staged an upset in order to grab headlines.

A Lion Air jet carrying 117 people has hit a cow while landing and skidded off a runway in eastern Indonesia.

No injuries were reported, but the incident forced the cancellation of flights, stranding hundreds of passengers traveling for the Eid holiday.

The incident occurred Tuesday night (local time) as the Boeing 737-800 plane was landing at Jalaluddin airport in Gorontalo on Sulawesi island with 110 passengers and seven crew, Transportation Ministry spokesman Bambang Ervan said.

He said three cows were on the runway, and the plane hit at least one of them and careened off the runway before coming to a stop.

The incident is under investigation.

Every year more people are killed by cattle than sharks and yet Discovery Channel devotes a whole week to Sharks.

Perhaps Fonterra could sponsor Killer Cow Week?

Discovery Channel Employs well known Arts, Travel and Fitness Blogger David Farrar

David’s so excited, the Discovery Channel have employed the much slimmer and fitter David Farrar as its new travel blogger.

Here’s a preview of his new show!

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Face Of The Day

Killer Cows

Cows kill more people than sharks.

Between 2003 and 2008, 108 people died from cattle-induced injuries across the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s 27 times the whopping four people killed in shark attacks in the United States during the same time period, according to the International Shark Attack File. Nearly all those cow-related fatalities were caused by blunt force trauma to the head or chest; a third of the victims were working in enclosed spaces with cattle.

Boing Boing?think there is a valid argument to have a Cow Week given the reputational bias against sharks in the media.

I found out yesterday that August 12 through August 16 is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. So I thought I’d provide a nice counterbalance here. From now through August 18 I will provide you with one example of cow-related killings every day.

Watch out for little Fonterra and Federated Farmers PR flacks as they run campaigns to counter this evidence through local schools with the handing out of free milk.?Tell the kids not to sip on the white kool aid and ponder the statistics on the killer nature of the cow.

My new favourite programme

On Discovery they have a programme called Sons of Guns. It is my new favourite show. The kids love it too.

I think I may have to go visit the Red Jacket store in Louisiana.

Here is a short of the Flamethrower episode: