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Did Helen buy her job with our Money?

That is the question that Ian Wishart is asking in TGIF.

He has looked at the accounts for the UNDP and seen something a little awry;

Figures obtained by TGIF also reveal sharp spikes in the levels of NZ Government donations in the periods leading up to the 2005 and 2008 elections, both of which were tight-fought political races.

According to United Nations Development Programme’s published accounts, New Zealand contributed:
US$2 million in 2000,
US$4 million in 2001,
US$3.9 million in 2002
US$5 million in 2003
US$11 million in 2004
US$16 million in 2005
US$10.8 million in 2006
US$12.5 million in 2007
US$12.5 million in 2008

It isn’t just the UNDP that sees similar spikes of our cash flowing into UN coffers, The UNFPA got about US$770k in 2001 but a whopping US$3.7 million in 2004 and then US$5.2 million in 2005, the figure drpped back to $2.7 million in 2006 and 2007.

Same goes for UNICEF. US$1.6 million in 2001 and US$5 million.

Is Helen buying insurance for herself before each election?

This is even more alarming when you look at our contribuitions beside Australia’s. Wishart says that on a pro-rata basis our contributions should be about a fifth of Australia’s, in fact in each case listed we have contributed more.

It looks on the surface that Helen Clark has used her position as Prime Minister to effectively buy herself a job and to buy it with our money. It seems that Helen Clark has an unhealthy appetite for stealing our money to buy things like elections and high paying jobs for herself.

Labour's Cash for Passports policy busted wide open

Labour’s dodgy fundraising strategies and cash for passports policy has been busted wide open today by TGIF.

Ian Wishart has documents from Internal Affairs about a dodgy Chinese interloper who was given a Kiwi Passport on the direct intervention of Dover Samuels. Not only that his story has revealed the dirty secret dealings and fundraising activities behind the Labour party. Labour it seems hold secret, invitation only fundraising events where they raise in vicinity of $200,000 a time. These murky back room dealings have all the hallmarks of triad funders.

Dover Samuels essentially confirms Wishart’s story in the Herald this morning.

Adolf raises a couple of very interesting points

Meanwhile WOBH has been shown Labour’s new bilboard that is set to be put up in Chinese communities all over New Zealand.

Labour Billboard - Keeping it Kiwi

Cash for Citizenship scandal engulfing Labour

I have just been listening to Ian Wishart on NewstalkZB explaining some rather damning allegations against senior Labour party MP’s and Ministers.

He didn’t name any names, we have to wait till TGIF comes out, but it involves cash “donations”, ministerial approval of citizenship against advice of officials and at least three key Labour figures.

Ministerial responsibility for approval of citizenship rests with the Associate Minister so Shane Jones could well be in the firing line here.

I await with interst my TGIF in my inbox.

The blogosphere is onto it

The blogosphere goes where the MSM fear to tread.

My good mate Adolf raises some very good points about conflict of interest and LAQC’s and trusts, and now Ian Wishart at is also asking questions.

Meanwhile as other boggers hold the government to account on other matters I note that the Prime Minister is late in replying to Rodney Hides written questions about Winston’s little junkey to Las Vegas. It seems that this government doesn’t think the rules that it expects others to comply with don’t apply to them.

In breaking news, the Government, under urgency, has re-introduced the “You can walk over anybodies land for free” bill. This wasn’t even on the order paper. National should add this egregious attack on private property rights to the list of bills to be repealed in the first 90 days.

Clark would do well to remember her own words

With all the allegations swirling around Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode and now with the growing evidence that he has lied to the country and to her she would do well to remember her own words.

This is from Absolute Power by Ian Wishart in Chapter Nine on page 184.

Helen Clark's words

The first quote was to TV3 on 27 July 2007 and the second was from Hansard on 7 December 2005.

Whoopsy looks like the public likes Ian's book Absolute Power goes to #1

The leftists have tried very hard to ignore and then to vilify Ian’s book, Absolute Power, on the basis of one chapter. Most lefty commentators have not even bought the book let alone read it. They take as gospel the “sage” words from veteran Clark apologists and mendacious journalists as gospel.

Ian Wishart has much better credentials than terrorism supporter and trust fund baby Nicky (rhymes with tricky) Hager, yet they quote endlessly from his work of fiction, based upon stolen material as though it was gospel. Wishart in contrast uses public information from Electoral Rolls, Council records etc and somehow the left thinks it is fiction.

Well bad news lefty wankers, Kiwis are buying the book in droves and now it is NZ’s number one best seller – Non-Fiction.

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Go Ahead…Sue him if you can Go ahead…sue me

Ian Wishart has laid down a challenge to those named in his latest book Absolute Power to sue him if they can.

The two top cops aren’t the only ones who will be crapping their pants as Wishart’s book hits the stands tomorrow.

I have had a copy of the book for over a week (thanks Ian) and let me tell you there are things in there that show up very clearly the lie that is Helen Clark. You cannot but come to the opinion based on the mounting evidence chapter after chapter that Helen Clark is a liar and has lied her entire life and she continues to lie almost unchallenged until now that is.

The best part of Wisharts book is that he taken Clark’s own words and hung her with them. He has carefully traced almost everything she has said in print and in the media since 1975, together with the words of her friends and joined the dots.

Upon joining the dots Wishart has discovered that the picture that has emerged is not the air-brushed and sanitized picture of Helen Clark the New Zealand public has been sold.

The dots just do not align. Not only from her own words but also from the pure fact of electoral rolls and other public legally obtained information.

The fact that Wishart has put it all together shows that the information is there for all to see if only they would look. In a stark contrast with the left’s idol, Nicky Hager, Wishart’s book is based on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, not a bunch of supposedly stolen emails mixed in with the fabrications of Hager’s own twisted mind.

Those with a political bent will remember the instances of Clark’s lies and cover-ups and now for the first time they are all put together in an anthology of a now proven liar – Prime Minister Helen Clark.

There is one hing only to say to Clark if she doesn’t like this book and that is “Diddums”

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Absolute Power ad online

Ian Wishart’s new book ad is online. From the excerpts I have been privileged to read the book will be devastating to Clark.

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Investigate digs deeper in latest issue

Investigate magazine has released yet another expose into Police corruption.

Ian Wishart has again exposed the systemic corruption that clearly still exists in the NZ Police, particularly in Dunedin. He also exposes the butt covering and lying that is going on from the Minister to the Commissioner and right on down the chain.

I agree with Ian, it is time for a Royal Commission and it is time for a Labour minister to resign.


Investigate magazine has dramatically upped the ante in its battle to get a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Police, with revelations that the former policeman who sprang to Howard Broad’s defence last month is himself a corrupt officer.

The magazine has published damning revelations in its latest issue, out today, that disclose private investigator Peter Gibbons has been using his police officer son-in-law to execute search warrants in favour of Gibbons’ lucrative private investigation business.

The magazine has also documented a major credibility blow for Gibbons that is also threatening the career of Police Minister Annette King – court transcripts obtained by Investigate suggest Gibbons has lied on oath to a judge – one of the most serious offences that a police officer can commit, punishable by up to 14 years’ jail if proven.

Investigate is also releasing portions of a tape recording of Peter Gibbons talking to an undercover police officer and justifying a decision by other police officers to lie to an official inquiry in order to protect their own interests.

The magazine reveals that Gibbons’ business earned $172,000 in fees from the ACC last year doing investigations, and that Gibbons used a family connection inside the Dunedin Police to obtain and execute search warrants for his own financial benefit.

Investigate also has a sworn affidavit from a witness who alleges Gibbons tipped off other members of his family whilst he was a police officer, in advance of a drug squad raid on that family member’s house.

The accusations of alleged misconduct involving Gibbons, which span nearly three decades, cover incidents as recently as just a few months ago.

Investigate editor Ian Wishart is calling on Police Minister Annette King to resign:

“Annette King is the Minister who relied on the word of a liar without bothering to check his background out. On the basis of his whispering in the Minister’s ear, she embarked on a massive PR campaign to vilify and defame both Wayne Idour and Investigate magazine.

“Ironically, it appears it was Howard Broad or Police National Headquarters who put Peter Gibbons’ name forward to the media and the Minister, so if the Minister wants someone to blame for the acute embarrassment she’s now feeling she need look no further than her police top brass.

“Annette King must resign. In one massive backfiring PR stunt, the Minister has single-handedly delivered explosive new evidence of police corruption in Dunedin and has managed to drag the government-run ACC corporation into it as well.

“This must rank as one of the most astounding own-goal’s the Helen Clark administration has ever scored against itself, an absolute public relations disaster. But even worse, the Minister recklessly defamed people as a result, exposing taxpayers to the risk of litigation.”[/quote]

Wishart challenges leftists

Ian Wishart has laid down a challenge to Russell Brown and his leftist apologist mates and the Clarkist trolls that infest his and Farrar's site.

To rub a little salt into poor wee Wussell he calls him the "Paris Hilton of NZ's blogosphere". heh I wonder what that makes me?

Anyway back to the challenge, and let's apply that challenge to the media while we are at it, huh! Fran, I know you read this blog so how about huh!

[quote]I ask our resident lefties to tell me what burden of proof they would require before believing that a proper independent investigation into police corruption is needed.

Would statements from respectable pillars of the Dunedin community be sufficient? Seeing as Conwell's statement is mainly confined to Milton Weir, I presume her credibility would be automatically enhanced if I could find other people willing to testify that Weir is a corrupt cop? Yes?

Tell me, Peter et al, what threshold you would require?[/quote]

Oh and Wishart has effectively scotched any hopes that National Mp's are implicated and shames the rest of the MSM with his comment.

[quote]If Nats had figured…they'd be included…but they didn't.

Labour isn't being pinged because they were vicariously in charge…they're pinged because they took an active role in both occasions.

Those with better memories might recall how Investigate published, just weeks before the 2002 election, damning leaked documents about BRT influence with National, incl financial influence.

Despite the fact I wanted the Nats to win, it was still my job to publish the story.[/quote]