Participate in democracy: have your say on dog control laws

Caution: photo of dog attack victim at end of article – discretion advised


Dog control laws in New Zealand focus on keeping dogs under control and ensuring public safety. At the same time, the law protects our right to own a dog. While no law can stop all dog attacks,?our current laws?encourage responsible ownership and provide local councils with the powers and tools to keep communities safe.

The New Zealand Government has begun a review of dog control laws. The aim of the review is to see whether our current laws are doing enough to prevent dog attacks and decide whether the laws need changing. Read more »


Christchurch Council appear to be more dangerous than the GCSB


The Christchurch City Council has come under fire for putting a dog-listening device in a couple’s backyard without their knowledge.

The council says on this occasion, normal procedure wasn’t followed and permission was not sought to place the listening device on the property. Read more »

That Dog Chipping law has been a real success, hasn't it?

Nanaia “Tainui Princess” Mahuta has the dog chipping law to apologise everytime a dangerous dog savages a child.

The law was sold as a way of controlling the uncontrollable, and both laws fail abjectly. Nanaia “Tainui Princess” Mahuta said in the House at the time of the passing of the bill:

…we will be proceeding with the dog microchipping law in the form passed through Parliament last night, to ensure the safety of the public…

When will people get it through their stupid skulls that meddling Greens Pinkos just fuck things up.