dog registration

Dog registration makes me angry. It?s a tax on good people to pay for the bad ones

How about we drop dog registration fees and then charge the true cost of any dog related problems or enforcement to those that actually cause the drama?

“We reward responsible dog owners, people who de-sex their dogs and special service dogs, who are much less likely to be the cause of nuisance or dog attack callouts,” Auckland Council’s bylaws and regulatory committee chair councillor Calum Penrose said.

He said this year the council would target the bottom 10 per cent who “take a free ride at the expense of other dog owners”.

“Dog registration is a user-pays service and fees cover the entire cost of keeping Aucklanders safe from dog-related nuisance and harm.

“None of that comes out of rates. Every dog owner who doesn’t pay their share is leaving it to others to pay for their dogs,” he said.

And there you have it.? Good dog owners are paying for those who are not.? Read more »

The only way to stop dog attacks is to kill and ban all dogs

Dogs bite.

Some dogs.

And when politicians get in the way, they decided that mandatory chipping of dogs would solve that problem. ?Just like mandatory number plates reduces accidents.

But until now, we register dogs. ?This has just been a taxing mechanism to place the cost of bad dog owners with the part of the rate payer that also own dogs but are well behaved.

Don’t ask me, it makes no sense, but that’s reality for you.

Of course, we still would like to reduce the number of dog biting incidents, so what would be a good step?

Weeding out bad dogs? ?Or bad dog owners?

Simon Day reports

In the wake of a number of serious dog attacks, a majority of New Zealanders want dog owners, not just their dogs, to be compulsorily registered. Read more »