Greenpeace not a political lobbying group? Go on pull the other one

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Greenpeace claims they are a charity, the Charities Commission disagrees and says they are a political lobbying group.

Greenpeace maintains they don’t engage in that stuff, and yet almost every week they are campaigning and so it is this week too.

Greenpeace has collected 23,000 signatures from people who want Energy Minister Simon Bridges sacked for allowing oil exploration in a marine mammal sanctuary.

The petition is a response to fears that Maui’s dolphins, the world’s most endangered species, will be threatened with extinction.

There are only 55 left and they live off the west coast of the North Island.? Read more »

But do they have fricken laser beams

The Russians have nicked the Ukraine’s secret combat dolphins.

Foreign Policy reports:

The Ukrainian military is promising to one day reclaim its?former?bases in Crimea, but one unit has been lost forever: Ukraine’s combat dolphins, who are now swimming for Russia.

The dolphins, stationed in a Ukrainian navy oceanarium in Sevastopol, will now attack enemy scuba divers, attach buoys to sea-floor mines, and patrol open waters at the behest of Moscow,?according?to Russian news service RIA Novosti. The program had been set to shut down, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has apparently given Sevastopol’s combat dolphins another crack at navy life. “Our experts have developed new devices, which convert the detection of objects by the dolphins’ underwater sonar to a signal on an operator’s monitor,” an oceanarium employee told the news service in an overt attempt to curry favor with his new bosses. “But the Ukrainian navy lacked the funds for such know-how, and some projects had to be shuttered.”? Read more »

Eating baby seals is only the beginning

Apparently I eat babies…am evil personified…and should be ignored.

But you can’t ignore Killer Whales…you can only seek to understand them.

Fortunately The Atlantic earlier last year compiled a list of 7 reasons why Killer Whales are Evil geniuses.

Over at Wired Science, a photographer caught a stunning sequence of a killer whale in Monterey Bay?flipping a dolphin out of the water?and then eating it. Apparently, they do this regularly! “I have seen this with several different species of dolphins from various places around the world, so I think that killer whales probably do this regularly but not commonly,” a NOAA ecologist told Nadia Drake. “With slower swimming species, like seals and sea lions, killer whales prefer to use their tails to swat them out of the water.”?Just go look at?the ridiculous photographs.

Yikes. So that’s reason number one:?they kill dolphins, and who doesn’t love dolphins?

Perhaps, though, we should more firmly establish that they are evil.*?They kill baby things.?So many baby things and in so many innovative ways!Baby seals.?Baby sea lions. Even?baby sperm whales! ? Read more »

Only in Japan can you play with your food at a theme park

It could only happen in Japan…a theme park where you can play with your food…that is if your food is dolphin.


It’s the most barbarous bit of mixed messaging since the Icelandic whaler Kristjam Loftsson declared he was making his whaling operation “eco-friendly” by running his ships on ??whale oil. The Japanese town of Taiji, site of the annual slaughter of thousands of cetaceans as featured in the Oscar-winning documentary?The Cove, has declared its infamous bay to be a marine park, in which tourists will be encouraged to swim with dolphins ? and then?eat them in the cafe afterwards.? Read more »


Marriage Equality done. Let’s work on the next taboo

Mmmmm Dolphin

Beautiful photos of an Orca chasing, catching and eating a dolphin.


With the setting sun just beginning to turn the sky pink, a killer whale leaps out of the ocean and soars into the air, spray cascading down in its wake.

It is a magnificent image. Except the whale?s dive has a purpose ? the dolphin quivering 15ft below.? Read more »

Cat vs Dolphin


I hope this greenie is using wooden surf boards

Looks like another green hypocrite…I hope his surfboards are all wood with no oil based polymers or chemicals…fat chance I suspect:

Pro-surfer Dave Rastovich was here to help save the threatened Maui’s dolphin, but in the end it was them who helped him.

Rastovich completed a daunting 350km sea-paddle from Cape Taranaki to Piha today and told an excited crowd of locals that he had had a great experience with the world’s smallest known species of dolphin, which is critically endangered.

Auckland-born Australian Rastovich said a pod of Maui dolphins had helped him navigate the notorious Manukau bar.

“When I got to Manukau I had eight Maui dolphins show up. They swam with me and one bumped my board. They gave me the confidence to get me over the bar. It was amazing. There are only 55 left and so eight of them is a seventh of their population,” he said.

Once again a greenie covering themselves with the?shield…or in this case the surfboard of sanctimony.

Orca in Queen Charlotte Sound

Some pod members have been feeding in Queen Charlotte Sound:

Dolphin Watch Nature Tour guides have been treated to the sight of a pod of orca whales feeding on stingray in Queen Charlotte Sound, Marlborough.

Guide Paul Luxton said staff on board a tour boat spent about 45 minutes watching one big male, three females and three calves feeding on stingrays in Kumototo Bay on Tuesday morning.

The whales swam close to the shore, coming in quickly to catch the stingrays, and the water turned white from all the splashing, he said.

Oh really?


Poor old Andrea Vance…she must have?plucked?a Green press release off the old fax machine for a line this bad:

The Government is permitting petrol and mining exploration in marine mammal sanctuaries ? home to rare dolphins, whales and seals.

Hmmm…petrol exploration…best place to conduct that is down at the servo…to date no country in?the?world has explored for petrol, that is?because?it is a?distillate?of oil, which they do explore for.

I could be generous and suggest that her original copy said petroleum but the dumb arse subbie shortened it in the interests of “accuracy”.