Don Randall

Move against Abbott underway

Tony Abbott is under intense pressure, with a leadership spill underway.

West Australian Liberal MP Luke Simpkins will move a spill motion against Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Tuesday.

The motion will be seconded by fellow WA Liberal Don Randall.

Mr Simpkins said in an email to party colleagues the knighthood for Prince Philip was “the final proof of a disconnection with the people”.

“I think we must bring this to a head and test the support of the leadership in the party room,” he wrote. ? Read more »

Politics is a lot more interesting in Australia

? Sydney Morning Herald

Politics in Australia is far more robust than here. As a?consequence?it seems to be a whole lot more fun too. It has been a long time since our last bout of fighting MPs:

THE argument over asylum seekers came close to a physical clash in the House of Representatives last night when an Opposition frontbencher, Greg Hunt, had to be restrained by a colleague from confronting the cabinet secretary, Mark Dreyfus.

Mr Hunt was about to speak on the adjournment debate, which was supposed to be about the carbon tax, but was incensed at comments Mr Dreyfus made earlier in the day about the Coalition profiteering from the deaths of asylum seekers.

Mr Dreyfus had contended that Tony Abbott was refusing to co-operate with the government to break the policy impasse for political reasons.

”You’re left thinking that he sees political advantage in people dying. That’s the real disgrace of this,” he said.

Mr Dreyfus and Mr Hunt were sniping at each other across the dispatch table in Parliament and a witness said Mr Dreyfus suggested Mr Hunt may have been drinking.

Mr Hunt, a teetotaller, snapped and bounded around the table to confront Mr Dreyfus. He had to be restrained by the Western Australia Liberal MP, Don Randall.

”Greg was absolutely incensed,” said a witness.

”It looked like he wanted to smack him.”

Mr Dreyfus left the chamber on the advice of the Acting Speaker, Anna Burke.

Mr Hunt regained his composure and gave a speech condemning Mr Dreyfus, calling it one of the most offensive statements made in the Parliament in 100 years.