Doug McKay

Hookers? Other women? Why the secrecy, we paid for the calls


Len Brown is in the gun again for his secrecy over many, many phone calls and texts to 5 numbers, one of which is the phone number of a female staff member.

The review into Len Brown’s extramarital affair with council adviser Bevan Chuang uncovered a large number of telephone calls and text messages the Auckland mayor made to five unidentified numbers.

Last night, Mr Brown declined to identify the numbers, saying the information was not held by him and details of his phone calls were private to him.

Papers released under the Official Information Act show that of the 25 telephone numbers with the highest frequency of calls and text messages from Mr Brown, six could not be attributed by the council to a person or company.

Council telco analyst Tracy Findlay did recognise one of the six telephone numbers as that of a female member of the mayoral team.

“The rest of the numbers were not located on our Vodafone or Telecom account,” she said in an email to Michael Quinn, the executive officer for then chief executive Doug McKay.

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Len Brown continues to be sneaky and furtive

Len Brown’s council is continuing along in their sneaky and furtive manner covering their mayor’s arse.

In answering LGOIMA requests for the draft EY report they have declared that ?releasing the report would ‘damage public interest’.

It is a bizarre explanation when you consider it was public interest that sought a report that the ratepayers of Auckland paid a pretty penny for.

NBR reports:

Auckland Council is refusing to cough up the draft EY report into Mayor Len Brown?s extramarital affair, saying it would ?damage the public interest.?

A $250,000 review of the Mr Brown?s affair culminated in the?final EY report?being released publicly in December.

The report found?council resources were not inappropriately used?but the mayor repeatedly breached the council?s code of conduct by not declaring free or upgraded hotel rooms.

In December, NBR ONLINE requested draft copies of the EY report under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act.

However, Auckland Council ? which has been under fire recently for a?“culture of secrecy”?? has refused the request, saying the draft was provided in confidence to the mayor ?so he could comment on the proposed content and ensure the final report was factually accurate.?? Read more »

Fran O’Sullivan – Call in the Auditor-General

Fran O’Sullivan adds another of the cuts in Len Brown’s long and slow death by a 1000 cuts.

Auditor-General Lyn Provost is the right person to take inquiries into Len Brown’s relationship with the SkyCity hotels and casino operator to the obvious next stage.

The mayor of Auckland has attempted to brazen his way through the embarrassing detritus exposed by the EY (Ernst & Young) report into some of the implications of his two-year affair with Bevan Chuang.

But that report, emasculated as it was after legal negotiations between Brown’s lawyer and the Auckland Council’s QC, has put new material on the table which must now be investigated by the Auditor-General herself.

It was fundamentally inappropriate for Brown to take the three freebies and accept five upgrades from the SkyCity and SkyCity Grand hotels in Auckland.

Particularly, as the Auckland Council had to take a position on the Government’s controversial “pokies for convention centre swap” and the mayor – who had previously railed against problem gambling – let his principles melt away. ? Read more »

Orsman back running interference for Brown

I really wonder why Bernard Orsman writes what he writes.

This morning as Len Brown goes to bullshit his way forward with councillors Orsman wrote this in the NZ Herald.

Meanwhile Mr Brown says he will not pay any of the $100,000-plus costs of a damning review that found he failed to declare more than $39,000 in free hotel rooms and upgrades.

Mr Brown said he supported the review by council chief executive Doug McKay and agreed to the terms of reference, which cleared him of using council resources or providing preferential treatment in connection to his affair with Bevan Chuang. ?? Read more »

Fran O’Sullivan on Len Brown being above the rules

Fran O’Sullivan from the NZ Herald doesn’t hold back as she discusses Len Brown’s propensity to fail to abide by the rules.

If he had any skerrick of honour left, Len Brown would by now have tendered his resignation as mayor to the people of Auckland.

It is absolutely clear that Brown has obtained multiple private benefits by virtue of his position as Mayor of Auckland.

It’s now time for Auditor-General Lyn Provost to open up a much wider inquiry to satisfy Aucklanders – and New Zealanders at large – just where Brown’s abuse of his position stopped.

Brown is hopelessly compromised by the Ernst & Young (EY) report, finally released after lengthy “negotiations” between the mayor’s office and Auckland Council chief executive Doug McKay on just what would be made public from the review into the possible use of council resources during the mayor’s two-year affair with Bevan Chuang.? Read more »

Comment of the Day

We had a really busy Saturday yesterday, with lots of good comments. ?But this one stood out for being getting to the heart of being an Aucklander…

Looking at “face of the day” [Len Brown and Doug McKay] it struck me that it’s the first time I have ever felt ashamed to be an Aucklander.

I have always been extremely proud that my ancestors chose to settle here in the 1840s and that people like them transformed a fencible settlement into a bustling, commercially successful , physically beautiful and highly “liveable” city.

I find it hard to believe that the disgraceful conduct of our mayor is effectively condoned by a weak and complicit council and executive, and that we are more than likely facing three years of mayoral stewardship by a deeply compromised, recidivist trougher with all the sniggering and innuendo that means.

How can this have anything but a catastrophic effect on our national and international reputation?


I’m off to walk the dog in that wonderful legacy that is Cornwall Park and as I do I’ll be pondering on what the forefathers who built this city would have made of this situation.

— kaykaybee

Faces of the Day



Len: ?Business as usual Dougie?

Doug: ?You bet!

Len Brown resource use “generally” within the rules. Generally.

According to Mr McKay, the report found that Mr Brown did not spend council money on gifts, car use or other travel to support his relationship with Ms Chuang. ?— TVNZ

Call me a cynic, but that doesn’t say “no council money or resources were used to support Len Brown’s relationship with Ms Chuang.

“Any use where it existed was generally within the permitted guidelines and policies,” said Mr McKay.


Not totally.


So some of it clearly wasn’t.

Where is this itemised, in the $100,000 “comprehensive” report?

Silence won’t work Len

Len Brown continues to remain silent on the contents of the report by Ernst & Young.

Doug McKay will now be waiting a respectable amount of time before releasing it. Today it is a week since the report was given to Brown for comment.

The fact that he promptly lawyered up indicates that it isn’t good reading.

Meanwhile Bernard Orsman’s direct line to the Mayor’s office seems to have been severed.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown will not say if he has received free hotel rooms as pressure mounts on him to come clean on overnight stays in the city.

The use of hotel rooms by Mr Brown is believed to be at the centre of a legal wrangle holding up the release of the Ernst & Young (now EY) report into use of council resources during the mayor’s extra-marital affair with Bevan Chuang.? Read more »

Len Brown dragging the chain with report, release it anyway

Len Brown is continuing to attempt to run the clock down and is dragging the chain on his reply about the EY Report.

Bernard Orsman at NZ Herald reports:

The use of hotel rooms by Mayor Len Brown is believed to be at the centre of a legal wrangle holding up the release of the Ernst & Young report into any use of council resources during the mayor’s extra-marital affair with Bevan Chuang.

The?Herald?understands Mr Brown was not impressed when the first draft of the report raised his use of rooms outside the handful of times he booked into hotels for sex with his 32-year-old mistress.

The mayor is known to have used hotel rooms when he had late-night and early-morning commitments in the city, which came up as part of an exhaustive investigation by Ernst & Young (now EY).? Read more »