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Photographer: Morrie Hill The Beatles stand on the balcony of the St George Hotel, Wellington, shortly after their arrival in New Zealand on 21 June 1964, 50 Years ago this month.

Photographer: Morrie Hill
The Beatles stand on the balcony of the St George Hotel, Wellington, shortly after their arrival in New Zealand on 21 June 1964, 50 Years ago this month.

‘We love you, yeah, yeah, yeah!’

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Len cops one in the Chook

Cameron Brewer posts on Facebook:

Dick Quax?has come out supporting Environment Minister?Amy Adams’ statement today on the council’s pending Unitary Plan. She said the Government “rejected” the Mayor’s proposal that “sought removal of merit appeals to the Environment Court,?meaning the decisions of the council panel on the council plan would have been largely final.”

Cr Quax and others of us on the centre-right support Ms Adam’s alternative proposal which she describes as a “comprehensive independent hearing process”. In his statement Cr Quax says he was worried “the process was being hijacked by the Mayor’s office to accommodate his vision of a compact urban form.” The Mayor and the planning department didn’t get their way today. Wellington spoke!

And Len copped one in the chook.

Today’s decision though is a kind of MMP-muddle, a compromise that will likely please no one.? But the biggest loser is Auckland Council, because it will be forced to put science and metrics in place to defend urban intensification.? When that happens it will be very hard to persuade the hearings panel to buy piled-high shoebox apartments along the rail corridor.

Len and Penny went to the government with a plan to avoid accountability and bypass a planner’s rulebox without any legal challenge.? They came close, but their conspiracy was exposed by angry residents and groups who flooded Amy Adams’ office and email inbox with angry letters and messages demanding the same legal rights as everyone else.? That message persuaded the Government to step back from a full embrace of Auckland Council’s seductive spin.

Now Len is in big trouble.? Borrow and hope, rate increases, budget blow-outs, local boards revolting, and a City Rail Loop that looks as distant today as it did in the days of Sir Dove Myer Robinson.? Gerry Brownlee has repeatedly rejected Len Brown’s pole dance, and so too has Amy Adams.? Now a proper process of accountability can begin.

Clark forced to have Auditor-General investigate

CorruptionWith continuing allegations of graft and corruption swirling around the Immigration Department following the shock resignation of Mary Anne Thomspon and through the inept attempts at cover-ups that her ministers have tried, Clark is now forced to call for an independent inquiry and has appointed Kevin Brady the Auditor-General.

Clark will have wanted this like she wants cancer. Not only that she has been forced to allow Brady a free hand to set terms of reference, order documents to be produced and question people under oath.

There will be several ministers squirming right about now not the least of which will be legend in his own mind David Cun(t)liffe.

Kevin Brady will move quickly and the evidence he will uncover may well lead to an early election if my sources are correct as to what he may find.

Is Mary Anne Thompson and Immigration the Labour version of WINZ and Christine Rankin, a stick to beat the government with all the way to the election.

The odds on an early election just improved.

Chris Trotter – Waaa, Waaaa Waaaa!!!!

Chris Trotter is really doing himself a great dis-service by continuing to be an apologist for the theft of Labour.

Today is no exception with his piece in the SST (they really should rename that paper the Sunday Socialist Times).

He has continued his scurrilous attack on Kevin Brady the Audtor-General, basically accusing him of deliberately skewing the results of an election we haven't had yet, despite the fact that labour and it's hangers on deliberately and calulatingly flouted laws that they were clearly warned against doing so before the last election. Somhow now it is all Kevin Brady's fault for the parlous state that Labour now finds itself in.

Somehow the "evil" Natioanl Party is just that evil for having the foresight to raise funds for two elections not one. They are pillloried for having having better political strategists.

Strangely he alludes to the "Pay It Back!" campaign as being orchestrated by the Australians. Well I can assure you, as a bona fide member of the VRWC that we organised our little video and subsequent attacks all by our selves thank you very much.?

It's time, ladies and gentlemen, time to put this taudry, pathetic pack of thieves out of their misery. Enough is enough. We have had it with leftist, marxist toadies like Chris Trotter making excuses for the legal failings of this government. The gloves are well and truly off.?

Understanding Commie-Speak

Zen Tiger at NZ Conservative has an excellant translation of Chris Trotters leftist treatise.

For those who don't know Chris Trotter is the leftist commentator who said that Labour's theft was justified as it kept National from power.

His latest wailing is attempting to paint Labour as the innocent victim of Auditor-General, Kevin Brady, who maliciously "fined" Labour $800,000 that he knew Labour could not pay back.

My favourite translations are;

[quote]Commie Speak: That he is not yet perceived in these terms is largely due to the way he has been lionised and hailed as the "People's Watchdog" by those who led the campaign against his principal victim, Helen Clark. Sadly, this includes a great many of my own profession who, along with all the usual right-wing suspects, somehow managed to convince themselves the 2005 election had been stolen by Labour.

Translation: Apart from the issue of historical accuracy, which even I had to admit at the time, now that a suitable period has passed we can just make shit up and pretend it happened in a completely different way. Note to self: Never admit to wrong when caught flatfooted, it only makes it harder to wriggle out later. Still, no real harm done, given Labour are about to legislate for state funding of elections. We'll get control back pretty quickly.

Commie Speak: If Mr Brady was not aware of that fact when he forced Labour to clean out its accounts, he should have been.

Translation: We got caught, and we are going to blame others. Because that's socialism, in a nutshell. It's always some-one else that needs to pay for our crimes. It's always some-one else's money that should pay for our spending.

Commie Speak: So, if Labour doesn't re-stock its war-chest with the taxpayers' money, the 2008 general election will be the sporting equivalent of the All Black vs Niue.

Translation: We stocked our war-chest with tax payers money in 2005 and it felt good. This time, we are going to change the law so we don't have to pay it back. And if anyone is going to be Niue, it will be National. Bwaa Haaa Haaa.

Commie Speak: That's because Mr Brady has set Labour the impossible task of raising the equivalent of three general elections-worth of funds in three years. That is, quite simply, a democratic and constitutional outrage.

Translation: We stole $800K. That's now three elections worth of money we spent in one election. See how we exaggerate when it suits our purpose? We've already collected half of it from donations, but that doesn't matter. I'm going with the "democratic outrage" angle. Note to self: Find out what this word Democracy is. My earlier diaries said it was something I liked to trample over.[/quote]

Herald – Person of the Year

Actually it should be people of the year, but the main one I think goes to Kevin Brady.

[quote]Mr Brady's unwavering line on political parties' misspending at the last general election placed him in the equivalent of an official's nightmare – cast as an opponent of the governing parties and publicly attacked for both his thinking and for speaking out. To his everlasting credit, he stayed true to his convictions on the Labour Party's $800,000 of unlawful spending and produced a final report that did not suffer from the watering down so common in the public consultation process. The Prime Minister, her deputy, Cabinet ministers and, to their shame, the leaders of some minor parties, used all the latent menace and pressure they could muster, but Mr Brady, an officer of Parliament, continued to say what he felt to be right.[/quote]

A-G heaps the pressure on Labour

Auditor-General Kevin Brady is heaping the pressure onto Labour in a chat with the HoS.

He also signals that by paying it back that will end the matter. What he doesn't say is what would happen if they don't pay it back.?

If they don't pay it back and the A-G finds that it was illegal it does raise some serious constitutional issues regarding corrupt practice and the integrity of this parliament.?

They knew and they did it anyway

Labour was warned before the election and their spin about years of illegal spending is in tatters after the Auditor-General broke his silence yesterday.

Kevin Brady has effectively destroyed the defense of Labour and it's toady parties. The best they can do now is pay up but they have half a battery of hens eggs all over their faces.

My pick is that they won't and try to brazen it out, that is until Darnton vs. Clark winds up.

The viability of parluiament after that is suspect. After all if Darnton wins it calls into question the constitutionality of parliament. Labour have been elected after breaking the law, what would have happened if they had kept to the rules.?