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Earlier I posted a video about the Uruwera raids, and the rewriting of history.

This was a coincidence.

The real reason I was hunting through the archives, was to remind myself what happened with Taito Phillip Field and his ‘helping’ people with immigration issues.

It’s a lot like the Bill Liu/Shane Jones case.

Liu was also ‘helped’ by a series of Labour MPs.

And on review, the two cases are more similar than I remembered.

  • Immigrant gets unexpected ‘help’,
  • The Party Leader says the MP wants an inquiry to clear name
  • Narrow inquiry into process ‘clears’ MP
  • Dover Samuels defends and supports MP accused of corruption

So many coincidences…

Liu-Jones Saga Summaries

The media is now belatedly starting to realise that Bill Liu is seriously dodgy, that his stories don’t stack up and neither do the excuses of Shane Jones.

Although most media continue to repeat the mistakes of the officials, in underestimating the size of the alleged fraud in China…

The extensive documents at Investigate show that the amounts concerned were far from a few million dollars:

?Yan was charged for accounting frauds and?fund embezzlement of public?company, the amount was said?to be RMB 720 million or 1.08?billion (between NZ$167 million?and NZ$257 million).?

Here are today’s stories:

Jared Savage seems to be getting a handle on the stench of this case:

The public servant who handled the citizenship application of a millionaire Chinese businessman with multiple identities was told by his boss to “stop asking questions”, a transcript of court evidence shows.

What sort of pressure was applied to make senior government officials issue orders to stop questioning…that is corruption.

Mr Gambo wanted to make further inquiries with immigration authorities in Australia.

“I had a phone call that I was told not to ask any more questions because there was a lot of political pressure to send the file to Wellington.

“I was told to just process the file, send it to Wellington, don’t worry about asking any more questions.

“I have been working there for seven years and that was the first time I have had my boss phone me about an application.”

Asked who called him, Mr Gambo named the general manager of citizenship, Geoff May.

I’m not sure we even have a statutory body that is able to look into the breadth and depth of these sorts of allegation of corrupt behaviour. Each department has limited purview…the SFO looks at fraud only, the Auditor-General has no oversight of criminal activity, the Police have no oversight of political activity…it really is becoming a bugger’s muddle.

Jared Savage also provides a useful catalogue of the actions, activities and personnel involved in this murky affair.

Andrea Vance and Dana Levy carry claims of signs of torture on Bill Liu…which ironically was contained in a letter to Shane Jones from John Billington, who is also the lawyer for Dover Samuels.

It is really starting to stretch the realms of belief that there was no connection between Shane Jones, Bill Liu, Dover Samuels, and Shane Te Pou and his brother who worked in Shane jones office. The conflicts of interest are glaring and obvious even if Shane Jones cannot see them.

Shearer’s lost Shane’s vote

Lost in the Budget coverage last night was the Bill Liu case.

Dover Samuels unleashed on Shearer and it looks like Shane Jones is no admirer either.

Yes, ‘Vindicated’ is the word?Dover chose to use.

Interesting coincidences

The more I look into the murky cash for citizenship scandal engulfing Labour the more interesting the coincidences that keep on coming up

Did you know that the?eminent?QC that Shane Jones based his decision to grant citizenship to?Bill Liu:

However, after considering submissions from officials and from John Billington QC on behalf of Yan, he based his decision on “humanitarian grounds” which he could not expand on until the court case was over.

This presumably is the same eminent?QC also representing?Dover Samuels?in this matter?

??See my lawyer!? spat Dover Samuels down the?phone.

?One question, did you receive a donation from?Bill Liu before 2005 ??

?I?m not prepared to answer any more of your?questions! You can see my lawyer, John Billington!?

Oh dear…conflicts, murk, coincidences…inquiry?

Jones story doesn’t add up, Ctd

There are many reasons why Shane Jones’ story on Bill Liu doesn’t stack up.

Liu claimed to be involved in ‘formalising’ agreements and good relations between NZ and China. ?What agreements? Officials said they could not confirm this was true. ?And how does a fugitive who supposedly faces torture and organ harvesting in China find himself helping develop good trade relations?

Of course, citizenship can be revoked if you tell porkies on your application, just like residency (and a fake name certainly qualifies) – extradition/deportation can then follow.

Jones knew this.

Furthermore -?this advice?to Jones (see the top of Page 7) explicitly rules out the humanitarian clause as a reason to grant citizenship.

“It is therefore considered that Mr Liu is not eligible for the grant of citizenship under the former section 9(1)(d) of the Citizenship Act 1977.”

Jones’ decision last night to parrot the claims made by Dover Samuels, made the whole thing look even more murky.

Time for David Shearer to show some leadership and demand a full independent inquiry into this cash for citizenship scandal.

Some interesting titbits coming from the Bill Liu case


The Bill Liu case is now before the courts and boy some intersting stuff is coming to light. It certainly looks like Bill Liu is throwing Shane Jones under the bus:

A Chinese millionaire on trial in the High Court at Auckland for fraud boasted to immigration officials that he had MP friends who would ensure he got citizenship.

The high-ranking officials were stunned when then Cabinet minister Shane Jones approved the application one day after getting his file. They were certain Yong Ming Yan, also known as Bill Liu, who had been red-flagged by Interpol, stood little chance.

But Yan leaned back in his chair, with his arms behind his head, and said he was 99 per cent confident he would get citizenship, the court was told yesterday.

“He said he had a lot of support from members of Parliament … he was going to take them to China,” Internal Affairs case officer Olele Johannes Gambo said.

If proven, the allegation of special treatment would be serious enough to warrant investigation by the police.

Yan was granted citizenship by Mr Jones in 2008, after officials repeatedly told him that Yan failed a required good character test, the court was told.

Mr Gambo said that when Yan was told he could not have citizenship, he said friends in Parliament would ensure he got it.

Mr Jones, who refused to comment on the allegations last night, was named in court with former Labour MP Dover Samuels.

The court was told Yan was sworn in as a citizen within a day of Mr Jones approving citizenship.

Yan had gained permanent residency and applied for citizenship in April 2008.

There was “a lot of pressure for us to complete the file”, Mr Gambo told the court.

It was clear Yan would fail the good character test. He was wanted on Interpol Red Notices based on arrest warrants issued in China.

The file went to Mr Jones on May 23, 2008. Yan was sworn in as a New Zealander the next day. “It is very unusual,” Mr Gambo said.

I’d say Shane jones is in an awful spot of bother, but so too will be a few other Labour MPs who were ministers at?the?time.

While the opposition moans about baskets of fruit it appears that the real corruption scandal is being read out in our courts right now.

The curious tale of Bill Liu gets curiouser

Since Rick Barker is in the news again it is timely to re-visit the Bill Liu case.

For those not familiar with interesting story Bill Liu is also known as Yong Ming Yan, Yang Liu and William Yan. He duped numerous MPs into supporting his application for NZ Citizenship including Dover Samuels, Rick Barker, Shane Jones, Chris Carter and Pansy Wong.

He was arrested in June 2009 and is currently facing 12 charges relating to false declarations on his immigration papers, having false passports and using deception to gain citizenship.

Via the Whaleoil tipline some more interesting information has come to light. But first a little reminder of how all those Labour MPs are linked to Bill Liu.

He was granted citizenship in a VIP ceremony in Wellington last year after lobbying from former Labour MP Dover Samuels, who regards him as a close friend.

Rick Barker, the then Internal Affairs Minister charged with approving citizenship applications, was also on the list of politicians who knew Yan. Because of this, he passed the file to another minister, Shane Jones.

Mr Jones overruled Internal Affairs advice that Liu – now Yan – did not meet character requirements and granted him citizenship.

These guys aren’t talking and the reason why they aren’t talking is that contrary to the sanitised official and Labour Party stories that Bill Liu donated $5000 to Labour the real sums involved are far greater than that. Along with further information obtained the via the tipline may have revealed the real reason behind the pathological pursuit of a New Zealand passport.

Bill Liu was essentially trapped in New Zealand after Chinese officials canceled his travel documents, but like most Chinese businessmen based out of Hong Kong they have an official wife and a mainland mistress. The mainland mistress though can’t travel so there is trade in obtaining passports for themselves, but more importantly for their Mainland Chinese mistresses so they can travel with them.

As Investigate magazine at the time showed, Bill Liu was a man without a home and so he set about trying and ultimately succeeding in buying a New Zealand passport. The problem lies though with the sums involved and the heavy involvement of many Labour MPs and Shane Te Pou, a Labour party activist.

From TGIF we learn that Shane Te Pou, another person who also uses another name, Shane Phillips;

Tonight, TGIF Edition can also reveal that one of Yongming?s former associates in this country ? Shane Phillips ? was a Labour Party campaign manager, and his brother Daniel Phillips works in the office of Associate Immigration Minister Shane Jones ? the man who gave ?Bill Liu? citizenship against the recommendations of officials who?d investigated his background.

All the information to date suggests that Shane Te Pou was the facilitator of Bill Liu’s approach to obtaining a New Zealand passport. He was also the bagman collecting the money for the Labour Party. Now this is where it gets real interesting and starts causing real problems for Dover Samuels, Chris Carter and in particular for Rick Barker and definitely for Shane Jones.

My informant tells me that the sums involved are far greater than a couple of donations of $5000 to various MP’s and in fact total around around $500,000 spread out over several years and laundered to the Labour Party via Shane Te Pou.

My informant also very specific about several locations and meeting including a birthday party where Mr Liu got very agitated about how much money he had paid over and why hadn’t his applications been approved yet. All of these agitated meetings and demands were performed in front of numerous witnesses.

Rick Barker was one of the first to sniff a rat but not before he had stayed several times in Bill Liu’s luxury Metropolis apartment. Barker at the time was the Minister of Internal Affairs and he was sticking with his officials and the Immigration Minister’s offical decisions that Bill Liu was a significant risk. Helen Clark changed the game first though with a ministerial shuffle.

Shane Jones was now the key player being the Associate Immigration Minister and it was him that approved Bill Liu’s passport and NZ Citizenship.

There is supposed to be an inquiry into all this through immigration but we are yet to hear th results of that. But a second informant has told me that $500,000 is quite cheap for the trade in passports and though Bill Liu thought he had paid quite enough for his passport the greedy little piggies at the Labour party were playing him. That is when the argument in front of many witnesses occured with Liu demanding his passport pronto.

My second informant tells me for example that St Kitts in the Caribbean sells passports for much more, especially for rich Hong Kong Chinese trying to also get one for the mainland mistress.

St Kitts offers what they call economic citizenship, essentially dual citizenship but at a price far higher than the cheapskates at the Labour Party were trying to sell passports to wanted international money laundering criminals.

The Economic Citizenship Programme for St. Kitts and Nevis was established in 1984 and provides the following benefits :-
??? ?Citizenship for life, for applicant and all eligible family members.
??? ?Dual Citizenship is permitted, without the requirement to notify the applicants home country, and without any need for the applicant to reside in St. Kitts/Nevis.
??? ?Passports will be issued to the applicant an all eligible family members, and may be easily renewed.
??? ?Visa-Free Travel to approximately 80 countries including :- Austria, Belgium, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and most British commonwealth countries. When a visa is required, they are also relatively easy to obtain.
??? ?Full Residency Status and the right to work in St. Kitts/Nevis
??? ?Tax Free Status on foreign income, capital gains, gift, wealth and inheritance tax
Requirements?An application requires a non-refundable cash payment of US$35,000 for a single applicant plus US$15,000 for each dependent, plus a US$2,000 fee for a background check on any person included in the application, who is over 18 years of age.
In addition to the above fees are the associated legal fees which will vary depending on the number of persons included in the application, but are usually in the region of US$15,000.
Additionally, the applicant must invest a minimum of US$350,000 in government designated real estate, among which there are some excellent real estate developments. Please note that the investment required?was increased?by the government from the old level of US$250,000 in late 2006.? The total financial cost of economic citizenship for a single person in St. Kitts is therefore approx US$400,000.

So as you can see the $500,000 that Bill Liu had coughed to Labour was far cheaper than the other favoured passport of the rich and famous Chinese looking for a passport for their mainland mistresses.

This all makes the case of Bill Liu very, very interesting. Chasing a Kiwi passport so he can travel and probably also trying to get one for his mainland mistress, on the run from the Chinese government for money laundering a at the same time over 4 years coughing via Shane Te Pou around $500,000 to the Labour Party.

There are many, many questions that remain unanswered after all this time and now with Rick Barker in trouble again I think it is time that He and Shane Jones and? Chris Carter start telling the truth for just once in their miserable corrupt little lives.

Evian Viral Video hit 3 million views

Random Questions

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  3. Why hasn’t the board been sacked?
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Labour First Axis splitting already

NZ First plan to sell Kiwibank under fireNew Zealand First leader Winston Peters’ plan to sell Kiwibank is “erratic and confusing” and would risk destroying the bank, Progressives leader Jim Anderton says. Mr Peters yesterday put forward a radical proposal to float shares… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Labour First Axis has come under attack from within its own ranks today after the Greens and Jim Anderton attacked Winston’s flip flop over kiwibank.

Just a few short weeks ago Winston Raymond peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode and proven liar was seen front and centre signing a pledge not to sell Kiwibank and today he has resiled from that by suggesting that Kiwibank be listed and shares sold to the public.

The internecine warfare of the Axis has now broken into public view and these people want us to trust them?