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Another Bain Compensation Review Needed

Farrar over at Kiwiblog says another review into the Bain compensation is inevitable:

So there seem to be three options going forward:

  1. Pay Bain compensation, despite the documented inadequacies of the Binnie report.
  2. Do not pay Bain compensation, on the basis that the Binnie report has failed to make the case that he is innocent.
  3. Ask someone to do another report on Bain?s likely innocence, and make a decision on compensation based on that.

I don?t think anyone expects (1) will occur. Nor should it occur.

I think (2) would be rather unfair to David Bain. It is not his fault that Binnie?s report was sub-standard. He shouldn?t lose his chance for compensation because of it.

So inevitable we need another report.

Farrar also says

Was pleased to have commenters discover or point out that no less than three law professors have actually commented publicly on this issue. And it appears they have all concluded that they agree with Fisher?s critique.

After all the accusations flying around, isn’t it nice to see Judith Collins vindicated?

She should ask for our $400,000 back.

Interesting Juxtapostion

A picture tells a thousand words…I suppose it isn’t penguin sex though.

Penguin has 50/50 chance for survival



Dealing with Trolls

It seems that Farrar is having a problem with a troll. The troll is getting stroppy.

UPDATE: Todd says he was going to expose me to the media, but when I blogged his complaint letter so the media could see it, he then decided he did not want it public and filed a copyright complaint with my ISP. Hence I have removed most of his e-mail from the post. The remaining sections fall under fair use provisions.

So in the?interests?of exposing the stroppy troll and his poor behaviour I now post the troll’s email to DPF that I got out of the Google cache and because aw my post, and unlike DPF I’m not a chicken.?Sunlight is always the best disinfectant.

I can’t hardly wait for the troll to try and attack me.

An email from troll

He had hair, a neck and was thin?

That looks suspiciously like a comb-over or at least the same hairdresser as Bill English.

David P. Farrar - Kiwiblog

David P. Farrar - Kiwiblog?


Oi! I do the nicknames not you lot!

Lynn Prentice at The StandardThe Manatee has pissed off the Labour felchtard, lickspittles and knob-polishers at The Standard. Excellant. He can add i point to his ballot to re-apply for VRWC membership. The fact that he is at -500 is neither here nor there, he can add 1 point for pissing off the Standard, and a half point for annoying Vernon Small.

Now, calling The Manatee “Chubby” and then repeating it, as The Standard, or since that it is apparently a collection of scripts and programmes and not a real person, Lynne (the guy with the girls name) enjoyed doing is like calling Hone Harawira a Black Cunt. It isn’t funny, it just is.

Nicknames should be funny, rude, reflective or all of those. Like Mangrove for Stuart Nash, or Tigerpig for Trevor Mallard. If the name is good it will stick…like…well…like Mangrove.

Anyway nicknaming people is my domain, the pinko-mongs are totally devoid of humour and stuff it up and we get the resulting “Chubby”.

Some folk in National and others take time in understanding a nickname. The Manatee is no exception. So here are the sources of my inspiration for The Manatee (well actually a co-conspirators inspiration)


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my loyal fans and supporters. I have had a great year on the blog and I couldn’t have done it without your support.

The missus was surprised to see how popular blogging has become, they even have bloggers toys in the toy shops now. She got me these.

DPF and Whaleoil toys

DPF and Whaleoil toys


Meet the Troughers

Classic Cactus Kate smack down tonight. It was so good it is worthy of an photoshop.

Dear David,


Once again Mr Farrar you have breached regulation 2(1)(b)(i) of the VRWC Membership Rules:

?Thou shall not fraternise with those who have helped themselves to pocketsful of taxpayers funding?.

Committee meeting to be held in private to consider your defence which can only be found at regulation 4(2)(d)(iii), stating:

Exceptions include?..?for intel purpose to advance the VRWC?

You have two working days to respond. I trust you know what a ?working day? means. Given your pinko tendencies we have to make sure you don?t confuse this with last night that was a ?Meet The Troughers? day.

Yours sincerely

Cactus Kate



Slow Motion Bullet Fascination

hat tip The Firearm Blog

This video is a must watch. It is hands down the best slow motion video I have ever seem!

It demonstrates …

  • Frangible bullets on different angled surfaces
  • What happens when bullets collide with flying objects
  • Air gun pellets
  • Shotgun pellets
  • Bullets that hit the corner of a hard object
  • … and more.

Why did my baby die?

Isn’t it obvious?

It is to me as the world’s expert on diagnosing Silly First Name Syndrome. Your baby died because you doomed it when you named her.

Yet another victim goes to the grave from Silly First Name Syndrome.

A mother whose 3-day-old daughter died hours after a doctor prescribed paracetamol for flu and sent her home is demanding answers.

Westcare White Cross medical centre in Henderson has started an internal investigation into the care given to Patience Aroha-Tae Kahaki, and her death has been referred to the coroner.

The child was born two weeks prematurely on April 5 at Waitakere Hospital after her mother, Nicole Kahaki, was admitted because of bleeding and high blood pressure.