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Body Positivity movement fails to please Plus size advocates

Supply is related to demand so as our society gets fatter¬†clothing companies are now promoting plus size models. When I had a business on Trademe another businesswoman that I met had recently lost an enormous amount of weight. She told me that she had started her business based on the fact that she couldn’t find any jeans in New Zealand that would fit her. She ordered some from America and put a couple that arrived that were the wrong size on Trademe. The response to the jeans was such that she realised that she could turn it into a business. Men especially were her biggest customers as she was the only business in New Zealand at that time that had jeans in their size.

Now that more businesses have responded to the demand you would think that Plus size advocates would be pleased but it is not enough for the companies to supply plus-size clothing they also want them to use models that are seriously obese in their advertising. Their reasoning? They want profit driven companies to use their ad campaigns to change “people’s mindsets.”

A new campaign by a beauty giant designed to promote body positivity is not convincing two women who advocate for plus-sized ladies.

On Friday, Dove launched a new series of images shot by Mario Testino. It doesn’t feature models, and the images are presented without retouching and with the approval of the women.

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