Dr Helen Eyles

Another trougher overseas conference holiday on the taxpayer

Yesterday we exposed the uselessness of two old troughing fools who think research is needed via Google Street View to see if they can see smokefree signs outside hospitals.

Today we further expose why troughers can?t see the wood from the trees ? the ongoing lure of international junkets to far-away locations.

It would seem Super Trougher Extraodinaire Professor Boyd Swinburn is having an off year because he?s missing out on yet another free trip paid for by taxpayers, this time to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Now its troughers from Dr Wilma Waterlander and Dr Helen Eyles who have both managed to tuck the National Heart Foundation?s Scientific Advisory Group out of travel grants to attend the June ?Annual Meeting of the International Society for Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity? trougher fest. ? Read more »