Dr Rajen Prasad

Today’s valedictory speeches starting at 4:15pm


The first will be totally missable, but the last three will probably be worth your time. ?Yes, even Darien.

Watch them on-line,?here

Labour’s Nigella Lawson omnishambles dominates social media

Dr Rajen Prasad’s Nigella Lawson brain fart has animated many on Twitter and Facebook

His own Labour colleagues started to scramble for safety


Media people were astonished…


Pots ‘n Pans and Pannier Bags wades in trying to run damage control and teach Prasad a lesson in being more precise when making up policy on the hoof Read more »

Labour not happy Nigella Lawson allowed to come to NZ


It turns out Labour are quite happy doing deals for the likes of Bill Liu, ?in spite of his Asian background (hard to find any consistency there, other than cold hard cash), but now they are upset about someone who has admitted some drug use, but has no convictions being allowed into the country.

Labour Party immigration spokesman Rajen Prasad says he would be concerned if British television cook Nigella Lawson was given an exemption to come to New Zealand solely because of her celebrity status, while other people in more need were being rejected.

Oh, hang on. ?It’s not that he’s against people with drug histories coming into New Zealand… ?he’s unhappy that the rest of the potheads, pill poppers and needle jockeys of the world aren’t allowed the same exemptions? ? Read more »