Dr Rob Beaglehole

Some praise for Dr Rob Beaglehole. That’s much better

Doofus Dr. Beaglehole making a dick of himself

Dentist extraordinaire Dr Rob Beaglehole’s heart is in the right place. ?He’s sick to death of seeing beautiful young children’s teeth rotten to stumps. ?And he wants to do something about it.

Where people like Dr Rob have gone wrong in the past is by targeting one or two manufacturers of soft drinks, and nobody else. ? ?This is where the crusade for better teeth (forgive me) rings hollow. ?Because threats to dental health don’t just come in one brand of fizzy drink.

This is why I am heartened to read the following. ? Read more »

Kids’ obesity all Richie McCaw’s fault, says doctor


Some anti-sugar lobbyists think they?re doing a great job in the battle to stop Kiwi kids getting fatter.

Then there are some like Dr Rob Beaglehole who sadly, start to believe their own kool-aid and lose perspective. Today we see such an example. ? Read more »

Troughers want to limit freedom of speech

Deary me, yesterday?s post ANTI-SUGAR ACTIVISTS USE CHILDREN WHILE HIDING REAL AGENDA, sparked the usual howls of ?how terrible?, ?attacking researchers?, ?attempts to silence them? blah blah blah.

It made me wonder if these so-called public health activists actually bothered to read the post. ? Read more »

Anti-sugar activists use children while hiding real agenda


Some journalists in this country just can?t help themselves. Take John Hudson?s TVNZ?s Sunday programme last night called Bittersweet.

His view of balanced journalism is getting a toddler to play in a plastic paddling pool full of sugar.

But the main gist of his anti-sugar programme was interviewing Dr Rob Beaglehole. I?ve called out Rob Beaglehole in the past, particularly over banning sugary drinks from Marlborough District Council facilities, all the while banning fluoride from the water in Marlborough.

But I?ll give it to Rob Beaglehole, at least he had the stones to call me up. Read more »