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Bruce the Wandering Whale travels by train from Paddington to Cardiff

We caught the train from Paddington to Cardiff. We paid the extra 20 quid to travel in the First Class carriage: more legroom, leather seats and fewer of the hoi-polloi. The train reached speeds of 160km/h and we arrived in Cardiff around three hours after we left Paddington.

Our hotel was adjacent to the station in Cardiff, so very easy to find! After checking in, we wandered around Cardiff looking for somewhere for dinner and discovered we were only a few hundred metres from the entrance to Cardiff Castle.


Cardiff Castle entrance at night.PHOTO-supplied Whaleoil

Being a Sunday night, there wasn’t a lot of action in the pubs, but we found a very busy little Italian restaurant in The Hayes and decided it would be a good bet, based on the apparent popularity. We weren’t disappointed.

The following day was the end of the golden weather. Typical Welsh weather – rain. And several degrees cooler.

Today was the day to visit the Doctor Who Experience ?in Cardiff Bay. My daughter is a huge fan (I am a fan too). It starts with the “interactive” portion of the tour which is led by a guide, supposedly interacting with the latest Doctor (Peter Capaldi). It was a bit “Meh!” in my opinion – but I think a 10-12 year old would have lapped it up…

Security was a bit tight at the entrance:


Security at The Doctor Who experience. PHOTO supplied Whaleoil

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Don’t miss it

The Daleks are real and they’ve been here before

via Boing Boing

From Wikipedia: “English: A large wheeled Assyrian battering ram with an observation turret attacks the collapsing walls of a besieged city, while archers on both sides exchange fire. From the North-West Palace at Nimrud, about 865-860 BC; now in the British Museum.”


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Dr Who fans will love this

Hang in there, reveal at about 1:20



Dr Who Christmas Special

Prime ?- Boxing Day 8.30pm

Madame Vastra and her companions, investigate a Victorian murder. But where is the Doctor?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rirju6is4Sw]


New Dr Who trailer

? Mashable

Can’t wait…awesome:

Fans of the?BBC?series?Doctor Who?have been waiting a long time to see the universe?s last Time Lord return to TV. There haven?t been any new episodes since the 2011 Christmas special (apart from a bit of Olympics-inspired silliness) ? the longest viewers have had to wait since the series returned from the dead in 2005.

From the look of the latest trailer for Series 7, it?s going to be well worth the wait. The first episode has promised the return of the Doctor?s greatest enemy, the Daleks, and the trailer shows more Daleks in one place than ever seen before. There?s also dinosaurs, cyborgs, scolding robots, someone who appears to be Cleopatra and another of the Doctor?s marquee bad guys, the Weeping Angels.


Awesome – A Dalek Impersonator

? Boing Boing

Martyn Crofts’s appearance on Britain’s Got Talent is the best thing I’ve ever seen on TV: he put a pot on his head and did a wicked Dalek impersonation while singing (shouting) a version of Roger Miller’s “King of the Road,” (“King of the Tardis”). Britain does indeed got talent.

Exterminate your Stress

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The Daleks provide a nice calming relaxation audio for the highly stressed person…perhaps Trevor Mallard might like to try this:

Building a Tardis

Watch this German teacher build her very own TARDIS.

Check out her build diary on tardisbuilders.com:


For Dr Who fans

It is a video of every episode of Dr Who, ever: