Cunliffe talking out of both sides of his mouth…again

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Drilling? Were were for it before were were against it and now we are for it again but not really…BOOM

David Cunliffe is smooth…he thinks he can hold two different positions in the same interview and thinks also that no one will notice.

His interview with Mike Hosking this morning is a work of art though.

Cunliffe managed to be both pro and anti oil exploration in the same interview…

? Our position is that there may be a place for some exploration?so it would be wrong to say we are pro-drilling.?? ? David Cunliffe.

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David Cunliffe continues his moonwalk out of on-the-hoof policy

Two months after a scrap with Labour leader David Cunliffe over oil-drilling reports, the oil industry is welcoming his support of deep-sea drilling.

Mr Cunliffe on Wednesday said Labour would focus on making regulations stricter, but it wasn’t opposed to the drilling, which is a contrast with the strong opposition to drilling by their prospective coalition partners, the Greens.

Petroleum Exploration and Production Association chief executive David Robinson says the oil and gas industry was New Zealand’s fourth-largest exporter and employs more than 7000 people, so Mr Cunliffe’s support is good news.

“Supporting the growth of the oil and gas industry could see a real increase to the contribution the industry makes to our country. And that’s good news for all New Zealanders,” Mr Robinson said.

I need David Cunliffe to actually make a list of thing he would like to do with the regulations. ?Before the election, if at all possible. ? Because I think this is one of his other fence-sitting-sound-one-way-act-another type of public announcements.

It’s all hot air. ?On one side he’s trying to make it sound like he’s on the side of the Green Taliban and will shut down any unsafe drilling, and on the other side he sounds like he’s protecting jobs and looking after his union mates by not damaging a very profitable employer and potential royalties payer.

My predictions is that apart from talk, there will be no change at all.


Source: ?3 News

Greenpeace Ratbags and Hippy-crites protesting progress


I was just having a look through the photos of the hippy protestors. There are loads of plastics, which are made with oil, plenty of metals, obtained via mining, not to mention their native timber boats and petrol driven engines.

In Video Blog 10, by the skipper?s admission at about?50s, it would seem they managed to get to the protest location through the use of an internal combustion engine, fuelled with diesel.

Check this out.

One of the boats is called SV Ratbag…which is hilarious and appropriate.

SV?Ratbag?is 43-foot gaff-rigged topsail schooner, a traditional wooden classic. Built in the traditional manner by the late Curtis Ashford.

That would be the traditional manner of cutting down trees and sawing them into planks?

SV?Tiama?is a 15.15 metre steel cutter, designed???by Alan Mummery, built by Henk Haazen.? Read more »


A message from Bill, Ctd

Russel Norman again attacked the government over drilling and mining. Bill from the EPMU is very upset.