Drink driving

Media break story they broke 34 years ago in attempt to take out Police Commissioner

The media have gone all in on Mike Bush and a drink driving story written about in the Auckland Star 34 years ago when Paula Penfold worked for them.

Paula Penfold has made out that they broke the story just yesterday in a gotcha sting against Mike Bush.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush has admitted a?historical drink driving conviction.

Under existing recruitment policies, the conviction would prevent Bush from ever even applying to join police, but he is protected by how long ago it happened.

“The incident happened 34 years ago while I was an off-duty detective constable in Auckland in 1983,” Bush said in a statement.

“I was 23 years old at the time and had been in Police for five?years.?I pleaded guilty and was convicted. I received a $250 fine and was disqualified from driving for six months.”

Bush released a public statement on Friday morning after months of questioning by the?Stuff Circuit?investigation team. ? Read more »

Interesting information on the road toll, lower drink driving limits and policy

Karl du Fresne has an interesting column about the road toll, lower drink driving limts and policy directions which don’t seem to match political and Police rhetoric.

I checked the latest road toll statistics a few days ago. Interesting.

I checked the latest road toll statistics a few days ago. Interesting.

For the year from January 1, road deaths were up from 291 last year to 300. For the 12 months to Tuesday, they were up from 315 to 328.

For driver fatalities, the figures were up from 138 to 151 (for the calendar year to date) and from 146 to 170 (over 12 months)

These are not big increases, but they appear to be more than mere statistical blips.

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That didn’t last long – she said something stupid again

Sue Moroney must be making a bid for leadership or something because she is in the news a lot at the moment.

I’ve slated her for her wrong statistics, and praised her despite her rank hypocrisy over the reduced drink-driving limit.

But I can’t let her get away with her latest?stupidity.

Ms Moroney said she was driving between Hamilton and Tauranga on the weekend and saw a dangerous driver ignored by a police car, which pulled up somebody else on a minor infringement.

I think the focus should go on the people who are well past the drinking limit, and well past the speeding limit as well.

“What we need to do is to make sure that the police aren’t spending their time or resources pulling up people who are going two or three kilometres over the speed limit, while the dangerous driver continues on the road.”

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Anecdotal evidence is just hearsay

The lower drink-driving limit has netted $1.6m in fines last year. ? But, that’s not the point.

More than 8000 drink-drivers were caught in the first year of New Zealand’s lower alcohol law – and issued fines totalling more than $1.6 million.

Police figures …?reveal 8155 lower-level drink-driving offences were handed out between December 1, 2014 and November 30, 2015.

Before tougher legislation came into force in 2014, those offenders could have legally carried on.

The new law cut the alcohol limit for drivers 20 and over from 400mcg of alcohol a litre of breath to 250mcg, and the blood alcohol limit was lowered from 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood (0.08), to 50mg (0.05).

And all this on a backdrop of an increase in road fatalities. ? So how is his being spun now then? ? Read more »

About time: jailing recidivist drunk drivers

And on the feral West Coast too

A West Coast man has been sentenced to five months’ jail after being convicted of his seventh drink-driving offence.

Martin John Coghlan, 56, of Granity, appeared in Westport District Court yesterday. He had admitted the offence at an earlier appearance.

According to the summary of facts, police pulled Coghlan over on Palmerston Street, after a member of the public noticed him swerving on the Coast Road and called *555. A breath test revealed Coghlan was nearly four times the legal limit, at 1462mcg per litre of breath.

Defending, Marcus Zintl said he accepted the starting point for Coghlan’s sentencing was imprisonment. However, he asked the court to consider Coghlan’s age, and the fact he’d made genuine attempts to address his alcoholism.

Mr Zintl sought a sentence of home detention, community work and indefinite disqualification of Coghlan’s driver’s licence. ? Read more »

Why is this guy still driving after nine drink driving convictions?

Some people are born stupid, others really work on it.

But it takes a special kind of stupid to get nine convictions for drink driving and score the last one by ploughing into a cop car while pissed.

A Westport man has been convicted of his ninth drink-driving charge after he collided with a police car while driving on Stout Street.

Colin Moir, 62, pleaded guilty to drink driving and driving while disqualified in Westport District Court last week.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Wayne Corbett said Moir was driving on Stout Street, Westport at about 2.40pm on Sunday September 20. He then drove through an intersection, and collided with a marked police car, causing minor damage to its left rear guard. In the subsequent breath test, Moir blew 842mcg per litre of breath. Moir stated at the time he knew he shouldn’t have been driving, Mr Corbett said. ? Read more »

Introduction of lower alcohol drive limits not responsible for conviction drop

It?s a pleasing trend, but clearly there is no ?bump? due to the limits having been tightened.?

The number of people caught driving drunk is continuing to plummet according to latest figures.

Convictions for drink-driving, or refusing to supply a sample, have decreased steadily in the country’s 64 district courts between 2009 and 2015, according to information released under by the Justice Ministry under the Official Information Act.

In the 2014/15 year there were 18,062 people convicted; a more than 14 per cent drop on the 21,107 in the previous year and a whopping 40 per cent drop since 09/10.

Road policing national operations manager Inspector Peter McKennie acknowledged the latest reduction was partly due to the fact there were nearly half a million fewer breath tests carried out. But the 2,555,957 tests carried out last year was similar to the 2,548,469 carried out in 2010/11, when there was a much higher number of convictions.

“The key is to look at it over a number of years and we are seeing a steady trend downwards. Drink driving is more socially unacceptable. As always police can do so much in terms of publicity and education, but at the end of the day it’s about getting road users to improve their attitudes and behaviours. And I think that’s working,” McKennie said. ? Read more »

The Bully Brigade, Ctd – Latest round of bullying exposed


Over the past few months a series of posts have exposed?significant issues of bullying within the New Zealand Fire Service. And the?problems go right to the top of the Fire Service.

Now while the bosses think that there?s nothing to worry about, they?re in for a rude shock as information continues to flow into the tip-line.

It?now?appears that Brad ?the Munter? Mosby and his sidekick Tim ?the Tool? Evans have actively been working towards disbanding the Kaiapoi Volunteer Fire Brigade, a brigade which has operated for over 146 years. Kaiapoi is one of the oldest Brigades in New Zealand. Read more »

The Bully Brigade, Ctd – Crisis meeting in Wellington


Looks like the boys at the New Zealand Fire Service are reading Whaleoil.

There is a ?crisis meeting? in Wellington today to talk about the serious issues raised on the blog.

The NZFS Strategic Leadership Team and the Operational Leadership team know they have a problem.

Are they worried? They should be.

The tip-line has received numerous emails from people within the NZFS very keen on airing their stories about the bullying behaviour by the likes of Brad ?the Munter? Mosby, Tim ?The Tool? Evans, Brendon Nally, Ron Devlin, Stu Rooney?

Whaleoil?s investigation into these allegations has opened a floodgate of people wanting to have their say. ? Read more »

The Bully Brigade – Who’s Who, Ctd


L-R Brendan Nally, Ron Devlin, Brad ?The Munter? Mosby

On Saturday I posted about the level of noise being generated from the dodgy bullying that is happening within the New Zealand Fire Service.

A few key names keep reappearing on the tip-line. But the problems don?t just sit with Brad ?The Munter? Mosby, or Tim ?The Tool? Evans at Kaiapoi. They go much deeper, right into the halls of power at NZFS HQ. ? Read more »