Perhaps the Police should form a political party

The Police are becoming political activists. They are lobbying to have guns that were previously legal removed from owners, and they are lobbying to have drinking laws changed.

They have, however, gone a step too far by using a scumbag who killed someone when he was pissed to lay blame on pubs serving alcohol after midnight.

Police have recruited a?former Navy sailor who killed a?stranger?with a punch?to the head to testify of the dangers of?late night bars.

Grenville McFarland, 30, was jailed for the manslaughter of Tarun?Asthana, who?he killed with a blow to the head in November 2013.

Police approached McFarland to give?evidence to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority that?bars should close earlier to prevent similar tragedies.

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Photo Of The Day


Baghdad Country Club

It takes Real Balls to Play here

?The Who?s Who of Baghdad?s Green Zone Ate Steak and Drank Fine Wine at a Bar that Billed It?self as??An Oasis of Calm.?

So, many?Western visitors to Iraq in the past decade have thrown their heads back after a near-miss with a roadside bomb and thought,?I need a drink right now.?That was where the Baghdad Country Club came in.

?The management is happy to secure any firearms, grenades, flash bangs or knives in the club armory.”

Saturday night in Baghdad, and Heidi, the barmaid at the Baghdad Country Club, is worried about the beer. On a busy night, she might serve 800 cold ones to the diplomats, security guards, and construction workers who frequent the Country Club, a white cinder-block house with blue trim on a residential street in the Green Zone.

The BCC, as its known, gets its alcohol from suppliers outside the walls, but insurgents are targeting the crossings on either side of the Tigris River. On this Saturday, a truck bomb on a bridge has locked up traffic on the west bank of the Tigris, delaying the delivery of the night’s beer supply. Heidi, a recent college graduate from Florida, wonders whether the war will eventually collapse on the Green Zone, the way it did on the U.S. embassy in Saigon. But she doesn’t let that occupy her for long. Looking down at the empty glass in her hand, she smiles and says, “Let’s do a shot…

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BREAKING: Internet censorship of 9 year old drunk [UPDATED]


Of course, trying to censor the Internet doesn’t work. ?The video is up all over the place in various incarnations. Read more »

Our Pinko Mate on Socialist Bars

David Farrar interrupts his travel blog to have a sook about police not wanting to waste resources on policing drunken bogans after?3am. The rest of us have to subsidise him and his mates if they want to stay out to?3am?boozing.

I wish the Police would stick to their jobs and not try to become like the Mutaween. It is not their job to decide people must stop dancing in town by?3 am.
I?ve often been in town after?3 am. You may be at a function until around?11 pm, and then want to head out with a few friends to carry on talking and drinking. We?re not being rowdy, not drunk, not causing problems ? just enjoying some drinks and conversation. On other occasions we may mix that in with some dancing, which you know is legal and okay to do after?3 am.? Read more »

Is this for real! Wasted 9 y.o. kid who smokes weed, drunk at Skatepark [UPDATED]

If this video is real it is astonishing. ?[THE VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED – ALTERNATIVE SOURCES CAN BE FOUND HERE]

What is more astonishing though is First Union organiser and Labour party candidate Jerome Mika saying that someone needs the bash.? Read more »


Which country has the worse drinking problem?


You’d think the Herald could find their own lines

Yesterday Judith Collins commented to the DomPost about opening hours for drinking establishments.

Responding to The Dominion Post yesterday, Ms Collins said 4am was a reasonable hour for people to go home.

“Nothing good is going to happen with people drinking in bars at 5am.”

The council will now look at extra overnight trains or buses so people can get out of the city after 4am.? Read more »

World’s most liveable city? How is that working out for us?

Len Brown claims to want the world’s most liveable city, it is his mantra, it is his catch cry, he repeats it over and over and yet what has he delivered after 3 years as Mayor?

Well the headlines tell us clearly that Len Brown has delivered something else, that is a far cry from the world’s most liveable city.

He has delivered corruption:

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Was he sober?

Watch this.

Winshinston Petersh?wurrs his slurds, seems to lose track of his questions and then has a memory lapse. Oh and his wig appears to be discolouring and was?definitely?askew.

Not to mention the rambling, flapping arms and his in ability to stand without assistance.

What do you reckon?

Only in America

This is quite unbelievable…drinking, dak smoking workers getting their jobs back after getting busted by a tv channel:

In 2010, more than a dozen Chrysler workers were?caught on camera?drinking and possibly smoking some sweet, sweet Mary Jane during a lunch break.

Naturally, they were fired, because that’s the sort of thing that you can’t really do at work outside of Amsterdam these days. Now those party boys are back on the job.

Once they were fired for the negligent behavior, they filed a grievance and entered arbitration. For some reason, the arbitrator?gave them their jobs back.

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