Are tailgaters YOUR biggest road rage trigger?


I can’t stand road maggots, gay fricken Prius cars?and slow cars holding everyone up.

I don’t really mind tailgaters, mainly because I drive a truck with a bloody big strong towbar and a tailgater runs a massive risk following closely behind me.

But clearly they annoy other road users.

Drivers that follow closely behind the car in front are the most likely to be annoying their fellow motorists, according to a national poll.

A Colmar Brunton poll of 1000 New Zealand drivers asked what habits were found to be the most annoying in other drivers, with tailgaters the most common cause of road rage.

Tailgaters, drivers that don’t use indicators and texting drivers were the three most annoying habits.

Crawlers, or people who drive slowly, were also considered annoying, and people who use their cellphone for calls rounded out the top five most annoying.

Colmar Brunton chief executive Jacqueline Farman said the survey results indicated drivers found it a lot easier to identify shortcomings in other drivers than in themselves.

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How many of our own killer drivers get jail? Is this consistent?

A tourist who killed someone on our roads has been sent to jail.

But how many of our own drivers get sent down for killing on our roads? This seems inconsistent.

The tourist responsible for the death of Oamaru 5-year-old Ruby Jay Marris has been jailed.

Jing Cao, 32, of China, was sentenced to 18 months jail by Judge Kevin Phillips for causing the crash which killed Ruby and put the rest of her family in hospital.

Cao had travelled more than 1300km from Auckland in the four days before the crash, the Dunedin District Court heard during an emotional sentencing this afternoon.

By his own admission, Cao was tired at the time he crossed the centre line on State Highway 1 in his rented four-wheel-drive and smashed into the Marris family’s station wagon near Moeraki on February 21.

Ruby died at the scene and her parents, Tristan and Kimberley, suffered serious injuries.

Mr Marris stomped his feet and sobbed in anguish at times while reading his victim impact statement to the court.

“You were doing something with your phone, people were seriously hurt and crying around,” he said, recounting the day of the crash. ? Read more »

An interesting incident

Just been sent this from Facebook…


If true I hope he hasn’t talked himself out of a deserved ticket.

I look forward to his explanation. ? Read more »

Can anyone beat this?

My grandfather was a cool cat…if he could have he would have been a beachcomber but my grandmother had other ideas.

He taught me to drive…amongst many other things. A panel-beater by trade he made me trolleys, army helmets, and loads of other toys and stuff.

Driving with him was hilarious, especially on long trips.

He hated mynahs. He thought they had a bloody cheek to be here in the first place and then when driving towards them they arrogantly just shuffled off to the side to avoid getting hit, when other birds get moving quickly and fly away.

He spent his lifetime trying to run the buggers down.

The other day my Hawkes Bay mate sent me this pic…he, like my grandfather and me, hates mynahs. He nailed this one.

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Just stupid, they need to be made famous in a bad way

What sort of a moron puts 10 kids in a trailer then speeds down the highway?

Imagine what would have happened had there been an emergency or an accident.

A motorist near Bulls couldn’t believe his eyes when he noticed young children riding on a trailer being towed by a car travelling at more than 100 km/h.

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon on SH3 a few kilometres north of Bulls.

The father of the motorist, neither of whom wanted to be identified, said his son called *555 to alert police.

He said his son was driving north when he was passed by the car and towing a tarpaulin-covered trailer. He got the shock of his life when the tarpaulin flapped open to reveal at least three children in the trailer.

The vehicle then headed toward Marton before police stopped it. ? Read more »


Rodney Hide shows us why we should learn algebra at school

I was dreadful at algebra at school, still am.

I could never see any point to it, especially with the stupid questions like “if train A travels at 90km/h and train B travels at 100km/h and train A leaves station C and train b leaves station D at the same time will they both reach station e at the same time” or some other crap like that.

My answer, which turned out to be wrong every time, was “Check the timetable”.

I digress…Rodney Hide has shown proper use of algebra in slamming the Police’s stupid insistence?on zero tolerance of exceeding the speed limit.

Overtaking on the road safely and within the law is now all but impossible.

The speed limit on the open road is 100km/h. The police are applying zero tolerance. You can now be ticketed at 101km/h. The speed limit for heavy vehicles and cars pulling caravans, boats or trailers is 90km/h. ? Read more »

Contrary to popular belief, public transport doesn’t help the poor

One of the main reasons the left wing loves public transport is the belief that the poor will be assisted.

Unfortunately that is a bit of ?myth.

Access to public transit helps, but it?s not enough to connect workers with economic opportunity in the form of jobs.

Buses stop right outside LaToyia Newman-Gross’s apartment in suburban Columbia, Md. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to get around by public transit. “They run every hour,” says Newman-Gross, 32. If you miss a bus, you’re stuck. Waiting out in the sun or snow with her four children beside her usually isn’t a great option.

Americans are driving shorter distances, buying fewer cars, and are less likely to apply for a driver’s license than?just a few years ago. This might be due to the recession?owning a car is expensive?or it might be due to a cultural shift in favor of urban living.

But almost all households, regardless of socioeconomic status, own at least one vehicle. In 2009, more than three-quarters of workers commuted by driving alone. Recent research suggests that, particularly for single moms like Newman-Gross, owning a car can mean access to better jobs and safer neighborhoods.? Read more »


If you get into a car with a drunk behind the wheel there is a good chance you are going to die

I think in my life I have only ever once driven after drinking, and that was when I was 17…it was stupid and it has never happened since.

But all too often we are hearing about people getting into vehicles where the driver of the vehicle is legally drunk and subsequently smashes the vehicle and kills one or more of the occupants while surviving themselves.

We have a culture of calling the victims ‘innocent’ because they were passengers, but the reality is that people make choices, often poor ones, without realising that the cascading events can all combine and result in their death or serious injury.

The mother of a young woman killed in an alleged drink-driving accident is calling for a zero tolerance approach towards drink driving.

Ngaire Parker’s daughter Ashley Walsh and fellow passenger Tye Gibbs died after the van they were travelling in crashed on Old North Road, Kumeu, last August.

The 22-year-old driver Joel Bowlin was charged on Friday with two counts of driving with excess blood alcohol causing death. ?? Read more »


I knew there was a reason women shouldn’t drive

Driving is a multi-tasking situation that few women do well at…take my missus for instance…she has managed to learn how to do two things at once….talk and drive badly.

Now there is a new theory as to why women shouldn’t drive….it is bad for their health…perhaps even leading them to?turn to homosexuality and pornography.

A Saudi sheikh has warned women that driving could affect their ovaries and pelvises.

Women are currently banned from driving in Saudi Arabia and many have protested against the statute.

However, Sheikh Salah al-Luhaydan has warned them that their health could be at risk if they get behind the wheel.

He told Saudi news website sabq.org: ‘[Driving] could have a reverse physiological impact. Physiological science and functional medicine studied this side [and found] that it automatically affects ovaries and rolls up the pelvis. ? Read more »

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