Dotcom’s poo-finger continues to strike Mega



Everything that Kim Dotcom touches eventually turns to poos.

There isn’t a single thing he has done in his life that has lasted, except of course his continued expansion of stomach and his criminal record.

Now Paypal have turned on him and Mega.

German internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has been dealt another financial blow after PayPal stopped processing customer payments for his cloud storage site MEGA. The companypublished a blog post on Thursday that said payments have ceased with immediate effect.

In the post, MEGA states that it?s aware of a recent report that claimed the business isn?t legitimate, which in turn led Visa and MasterCard to put pressure on PayPal to block its service to MEGA. It harks back to Dotcom?s previous hosting website Megaupload,?shut down in 2012?after being linked to online piracy. It was once one of the most popular websites in the world. ? Read more »

No surprises here, fans of the ban want to drop the ban hammer

The assorted state funded wowsers and finger waggers that want to tell us all what we should and shouldn’t be eating are upset because someone other than them has a viewpoint.

Like with every solution they have ever come up with they want to drop the ban hammer on Katherine Rich because she doesn’t agree with them.

They want to ban packaging for tobacco, for sugar products and for a multitude of other things. They want to ban sugar, tax this and tax that. This little bunch of state funded control freaks want to be the only voice in the marketplace.

A group of 33 senior health researchers and scientists are calling for an investigation into whether former National MP Katherine Rich was associated with attacks on public health specialists while she was meant to be promoting the Government’s health messages.

The group has signed and sent a letter to Prime Minister John Key, asking him to look into allegations contained in Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics about Mrs Rich, who is a member of the Government’s Health Promotion Agency (HPA). Mrs Rich has denied any wrongdoing.

The book raises questions about her association with Carrick Graham, a public relations specialist allegedly linked to posts on the Whale Oil blog that malign Doug Sellman, the director of the National Addictions Centre.

“Despite many opportunities to refute the allegations, Mrs Rich has chosen neither to deny nor to disprove these,” the letter says.

The group wants Mrs Rich to be sacked from the HPA if there is any truth to the allegations.

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Ugly couple use nicked phone to out themselves as dud roots


Someone nicked a cellphone in the US and it has ended up in the possession of this couple, who are now remotely uploading photos and videos of their dud root sessions to the Dropbox of the original owner of the phone.

A WOMAN is trying to track down the couple that is using her stolen phone after she found their raunchy selfies uploaded to one of her online accounts.

Victoria Brodsky, 39, from Brooklyn in the US, found naked pictures of the couple and even found a video of them engaging in a sex act.

“It seemed like they were getting off after taking the phone,” Ms Brodsky told?The New York Daily News?. “I would love it if they were caught. It’s one thing to steal, but they’re celebrating.” ? Read more »

Why don’t most schools teach this?