drunk driving

Man dies while driving drunk and somehow it is the cop’s fault

This guy was plastered and drove drunk, it was no surprise that he subsequently died as a result of HIS actions.

Except the Herald on Sunday blames the cops…because a device failed to detect his excess breath alcohol levels properly.

A drunk driver breezed through a police breath test despite being almost four times over the drink-drive limit – and was killed in a crash shortly afterwards.

After the death, police have issued a notice to all staff reminding them to hold the device close to a person’s mouth to ensure a good sample is captured.  Read more »

You flee, you die

I see the Herald is once again through headlines and the way they word the articles laying the blame of the death of  munter who fled the cops onto the cops for chasing her.

Bottom line is this..if you don;t flee from the police then you don’t die.

A woman killed in a crash after a police pursuit in Wanganui last night was caught driving drunk earlier in the evening, police say.

The 21-year-old learner driver died instantly and six passengers were injured when the car crashed into a tree at an intersection in Gonville about 11.45pm.

Central District police commander Superintendent Russell Gibson said the woman had been stopped by police and processed for excess breath alcohol earlier in the evening.

“She was forbidden to drive for 12 hours and her car keys were also taken off her and held at the station until a sober person could retrieve them,” he said.

“The woman has somehow got hold of another set of keys later in the evening and driven her vehicle.”  Read more »

I bet he was registered

The Labour party and teacher unions oppose charter schools because there is no mandatory requirement for all teachers at the schools to be registered.

They maintain that registration will protect kids. Yet day after day we see registered teachers before the courts for everything from kiddy fiddling to drink driving to fraud.

I wonder how this guy kept his registration…probably the union rep is my guess.

A teacher who was found driving so drunk he was off the scale of police breathalysers has been told he can continue in the classroom.

The Teacher’s Council released its decision today on whether to allow the American-born man to continue teaching today, following a disciplinary tribunal hearing..

His convictions came to light after a background check when he applied for a teaching licence in August last year, and was referred to the Council complaints committee.   Read more »

Drink Driving limit to be lowered

The government has announced that they are going to lower the drink driving limit.

Prime Minister John Key says cabinet has agreed to lower the blood alcohol limit for all drivers.

The limit will fall from 0.08ml per 100ml of blood to 0.05ml.

Key said the new lower limit would give fines to drivers caught between the old limit and the new one.

He said the government had a strong track record for road safety, with the road toll falling by about 100 deaths a year while in government.

“The work is not over, no death is acceptable.”

Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee said the decision was striking a balance of showing that the government was serious about alcohol in driving, while deciding whether drivers were criminals.   Read more »

I bet they are all still registered

Labour and the teacher unions all oppose partnership schools on the basis that not all teachers a required to be registered. Apparently this is to protect the children.

Meanwhile ratbag registered teachers continue to parade through the courts. And look they  really are still registered, and still teaching too.

A four-time drink driver is among three teachers convicted of criminal charges who have been allowed to remain in the classroom.

The Teachers Council disciplinary tribunal has released decisions in the three separate cases, with names of the teachers and their schools withheld.

The intermediate school teacher convicted of her fourth drink driving charge had been already been censured after a third offence.

Her latest conviction in February 2012 came after she was seen driving into a traffic island in October 2011. She was breath tested and found to have an alcohol reading of 730mcg per litre of breath. The legal limit is 400mcg.  Read more »

A day in the life of a loser

Arrested, bailed, arrested again, bailed again…I wonder what will happen next?

An Auckland man arrested for assault and drink-driving in Whangarei found himself arrested again after being released from the police cells for allegedly driving his car in breach of his bail conditions.

Sergeant Grant Rouse, of Whangarei police, said the man, aged 18, was visiting from Auckland when he allegedly assaulted a man in the central city about 12.40pm yesterday.  Read more »


A good idea for dealing with drunk ratbags, perhaps Len will adopt it


The Poms have come up with a good idea for dealing with drunk ratbags…private drunk tanks.

Drunks causing a nuisance in towns and cities will be held overnight in privately run “drunk tanks” and charged up to £400 under police leaders’ proposals.

Drinkers who get so intoxicated they cannot look after themselves would be cared for in holding cells until they sober up and charged for the pleasure, as well as being fined for being drunk and disorderly.

Police believe a commercially run initiative would act as an extra deterrent to excessive drinking as well as free up officers from having to deal with late-night drunkenness.  Read more »

A good judge

Compare and contrast this morning’s dud judge with this judge from Rotorua:

Judge Ruth noted Mathie also had a 2010 drink driving conviction, with a reading of 1603 micrograms.

“You are an alcoholic. You are a danger on the road and you need to be kept off the road for as long as legitimately possible,” he told her.

He rejected her explanation to police she had drunk just two glasses of wine that day.  Read more »

A dud judge goes soft on drunk driver

I shake my head in wonder sometimes that dud judges deliver dud sentences like this one:

An Invercargill High Court judge has ruled in favour of a Maniototo drunk driver seeking to escape jail time for his fifth offence.

Justice Christian Whata has overturned a sentence of seven months jail for farmer Allan James Carran from Otago rural township Ranfurly, reducing the sentence to four months home detention.

Police caught Carran, 47,  with a breath alcohol reading of more than three times the legal limit, 1266 micrograms per litre of breath while he was driving to Otautau to pick up his wife around lunchtime on Sunday, March 19 this year.

Carran had previously been caught drunk driving on 1985, 1988, 1993, and 2003.   Read more »

Dud Judges, Dud Maths, Dud Reporting

On the front cover of the NZ Herald today they have a graphic that shows 100,000 or so convictions for drunk driving, 239 people have been let off.

Herald Bomb

Somehow a lawyer, and the “decent journalist, trained and skilled” who wrote the article, thought that 200 or so of 100,000 or so is 2%, and not 0.2% that you and I both know it is. A 10x multiplication in the number of people released without conviction.  Read more »